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Adhesive tape

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Herlitz packing tape dispenser plastic/metal

Packing tape dispenser (adhesive tape, packing material) gray/blue for large rolls up to 66m x 50mm. For large rolls with roll core inner dimension 7,6cm for standard 3" dispenser. With pressure tab and roll brake. Material: plastic, polystyrene, PS/with metal components. Color: gray, with blue elements, blades metal color white bright.

Type and content of packaging: box with 1 piece.

8,28 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

Adhesive tape - the universal helper in the warehouse and factory

Adhesive tape in all colours and shapes is a practical universal product and a great help in the warehouse and factory. Whether for repairing tears or damage in papers and cardboard boxes or for visibly or invisibly sealing openings or packaging: Adhesive tape as an all-rounder is the best choice and helps in many situations. In our wide range, we offer adhesive tape in a wide variety of sizes so that you always have the ideal product at hand for different uses. With us, you will find parcel tape in various sizes, which is the ideal solution for a wide variety of uses and should therefore always be at hand in the company. Whenever quick help is needed, something needs to be sealed or repaired, our adhesive tapes are ideal and offer quick relief even as a permanent solution. High-quality adhesive solutions not only make a good impression on traders and customers, but also look uniform and clean after repairs and sealing.

The right adhesive tape - leaving nothing to be desired

Even if many people don't think about it - there are clear differences in adhesive tape and not every roll is suitable for every project. Adhesive tapes are available in a wide variety of designs. Should the adhesive tape be single-sided or even double-sided? Do you want strong or weak adhesive performance? Do you want a particularly strong mounting tape? At Verpacking you will find the most diverse types of adhesive tape, various colours, lengths and widths. Once you have decided for which purpose you need adhesive tape, you are sure to find the right product to make your daily work easier in the future. Whether fastening, sealing, protecting, sealing, repairing or packaging: adhesive tape is the best choice. Order immediately and benefit from our quick delivery.

Tapes and adhesive tapes for various applications

For years, we have been supplying dealers, entrepreneurs and stockists with the right products. In the course of time, this has developed into a wide and varied range of the most diverse adhesive tapes. After all, we want to meet all the demands that our customers have on us. Whether you are looking for warning, bright red "Caution glass" adhesive tape, parcel tape, table dispensers or other products, you are sure to find what you are looking for here. If you wish, you can order the matching dispenser for the adhesive tape directly from our shop.