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Automatic Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard boxes series MAIL-BOX

MAIL-BOX is a set of shipping boxes, especially designed for dispatch via parcel or postal services. The single wall cardboard is of extra high quality for best protection of you goods, but still lightweight enough to save you postal fees.

All boxes can be set up quickly and feature a hinged lid, which - in combination with the available colors - gives them an attractive look. These cartons are representative and show your recipients that you care about every aspect of your delivery - not just the price. Everybody can dispatch for cheap, but not everybody pays enough attention to the first impression on the customer - this can decide wheter to order goods from you aagain.

The available sizes of the MAIL-BOX cartons are based on the DHL recommended sizes XS - XL, but they will of course work great for any other parcel service as well.

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Hinged carton with automatic bottom 160 x 130 x 70 mm

'Automatic' boxes are immediately ready for use thanks to the pre-glued bottom: Simply open it up, insert the goods, press on the self-adhesive lid and you're done!

The corrugated cardboard boxes are delivered flat folded and take up very little space during transport and in the warehouse. They are slightly more expensive than normal folding cartons, but in return they save a lot of time at the packing table and allow your goods to be shipped more quickly.

These cartons are therefore particularly suitable for online retailers with high shipping volumes. Major customers will be pleased about our favourable graduated prices!

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Hinged carton with self-adhesive lid, 195 x 95 x 90 mm

Thanks to the ready glued bottom these boxes are ready for use immediately after unfolding. Since nothing has to be fixed, these boxes are also called 'automatic boxes' or boxes with 'automatic bottom'. The self-adhesive lid also allows the packaging to be closed without the need for adhesive tape or strapping.

The convenient handling saves a lot of time at the packing table; this is practical for all retailers who have to ship many boxes in a short time. This time saving and our favourable graduated prices are plus especially for major customers.

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from 5760 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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Hinged cardboard box with self-adhesive lid, 194 x 194 x 87 mm

The ready glued bottom of these boxes allows for immediate use without additional aids. Since the cartons only need to be unfolded, they are also called 'automatic boxes' or 'boxes with automatic bottom'. The self-adhesive lid is an additional bonus: No tools, tape or strapping required at all!

The advantage of these cartons is the great time saving at the packing table: Especially retailers with high shipping volumes appreciate this, because the faster their goods can be packed, the faster they reach the customer. And, of course, the more packages can be sent!

Our favourable graduated prices for cardboard boxes are also convenient for these merchants!

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from 2880 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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103,25 €
201,97 €
401,33 €
1200,95 €
14400,80 €
28800,74 €
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Hinged cardboard box with self-adhesive lid, 213 x 153 x 109 mm

The so-called 'automatic cartons' or hinged cardboard boxes differ from normal folding cartons in that the bottom is already glued. The carton therefore only needs to be unfolded and is ready for shipping. In these boxes, the lid is provided with a self-adhesive strip, so that you can do completely without any auxiliary means.

The time saving at the packing table is enormous, so one can pack more boxes in the same time. Therewith, one can send more parcels and the goods are faster at the customer.

Large retailers appreciate this advantage as much as our low sliding-scale prices. But of course, private customers are also happy about the easy and convenient use of boxes.

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Hinged cardboard box A5+ with self-adhesive lid, 230 x 165 x 50-115 mm

This hinged carton with ready glued bottom is based on the DIN A5 format. Its height is variable from 50 to 115 mm. The carton is delivered flat folded and can be unfolded in no time. No further steps are necessary - in contrast to normal folding cartons where you have to tape the bottom first.

This type of cardboard box is popular with private customers because of its easy handling. For online retailers it pays off because of the time saved in the warehouse: Packing is much faster than with other types of cardboard boxes; this makes it possible to deliver more packages to customers faster.

In combination with our favourable graduated prices, automatic cartons pay for themselves quickly!

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from 3000 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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103,18 €
1200,73 €
15000,73 €
30000,67 €
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Hinged cardboard box with self-adhesive lid, 260 x 200 x 160 mm

In contrast to folding cartons, the corrugated cardboard of cartons with automatic bottom is already glued, so the carton can be set up and packed without the need for aids such as adhesive tape. The self-adhesive lid also contributes to this. This simplicity of use is the reason for the designation automatic carton, but of course 'hinged box' is more common.

These cardboard boxes are mainly used by retailers with large shipping volumes; after all, they depend on packing as many packages as possible in the shortest possible time. Hinged cartons fulfil this requirement effortlessly! But also private customers like to buy this packaging because its handling is so easy and uncomplicated.

Merchants do not only benefit from the time saved at the packing table with these cardboard boxes - but also from our favourable graduated prices.

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from 2400 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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Hinged cardboard box with self-adhesive lid, 300 x 210 x 85 mm

Simply unfold, pack and send - without any adhesive tape or other aids: Only hinged cartons are this convenient!
The special feature of these cartons: In contrast to other folding boxes, their bottom is already closed. When the box is unfolded, the bottom folds out automatically - and the packaging is ready for immediate use.

This special technique of the automatic bottom is not only convenient - which is the reason why private customers like those boxes a lot. More importantly, it saves merchants who have to send a lot of parcels a lot of time when packing! Being able to pack more boxes in the same time also means that orders reach customers faster. And every online retailer knows that short delivery times are an important buying argument for their customers.

An important buying argument for the dealers to buy their automatic boxes from us are our graduated prices. Take a look around our shop! And if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!

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from 1680 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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103,76 €
202,47 €
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601,43 €
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Automatic cartons - lightning fast in use

For efficient operation, not only good employees are necessary, but also the appropriate equipment. Automated carton boxes are a great solution to speed up work processes in shipping. Especially for frequent shippers, automatic cartons are ideal. The advantages are obvious - automatically closing bottom, quick setup without many hand movements and saving valuable time. All in one a comfortable and clean solution. With no other carton can you pack your goods so quickly and safe at the same time.

Cartons with automatic bottom are easy to set up

When packing many shipments, your stock will reach a point at the packing table where your employees can no longer work faster. Errors occur very quickly if people are under stress. With automatic cartons, you can not only simplify work steps but also save time. Automatic cartons are the first choice in every company with a focus on efficiency. No other packaging solution is as practical. And the idea behind the automatic carton is easy to understand. The design of the carton has been completely rethought to make handling and assembly much easier and faster. This saves valuable time with each carton. A particularly popular carton is the automatic bottom carton, which is often also refered to as a 'lightning'-carton in Germany. In many cases there is also a self-adhesive strip on the lid, so that you can completely forget about the use of adhesive tape and tape dispensers when packing.

Customer-friendly thanks to tear-up perforation

Create a positive buying experience with automatic cartons and don't give frustration and anger a chance. This is how you ensure satisfied customers and tie your customers to your company. Automatic cartons can subtly help you to strengthen customer loyalty. For this purpose, many cartons have a so-called tear-up perforation, i.e. a pre-punched area in the carton that can be easily torn open by the customer. This not only allows the carton to be opened cleanly, but also means that no tools are required. For those who are concerned about returns, we can give the all-clear here. Many automatic cartons are reclosable. So if a customer decides to return the box, it can also be used for returns thanks to the self-adhesive strip on the lid. If you change your packaging to customer-friendly alternatives, you will soon notice an increase in your sales.

What you should know about automatic boxes

Normally, automatic cartons are made of conventional corrugated cardboard. This is mainly due to the fact that in the end the boxes have to fulfil more than just one function. Even though practicality and efficiency played an important role in the design of this packaging, it must also have the characteristics of standard shipping cartons. These include above all transport safety and the protection of sensitive goods. Automatic cartons must also be stable and must not be easily compressed. They must be easy to stack and it must be possible to store them on either side without damaging them. Since the bottom of automatic cartons closes on its own, they can be filled with the goods quickly and conveniently and sent on their way. In many cases, you can vary the height and thus the size of the box itself by cutting off excess lengths. This makes economical shipping easier for you. When sending smaller goods, you can easily adjust the box to the size of the goods and thus benefit from better shipping conditions. If the products still slide back and forth inside the carton, fillers are a useful way to reduce damage during shipping.

Automatic cartons are versatile in use

Automatic cartons have become particularly popular in companies with a high volume of shipments. Mail order companies and online shops are particularly common. Time is money and every move has to fit. Smart packaging, such as the automatic carton, not only reduces the number of work steps, but also saves a lot of time. As a real all-rounder, it combines a wide range of features so that the packaged goods can reach the recipient completely undamaged in the end. Border paper, bubble wrap, packaging chips, edge and corner protection, for example, are suitable as padding for the transport route. This reduces the risk of damage to the packaged goods. You will find high-quality packaging materials for every purpose in our shop, which makes it very easy for you to choose and buy the cardboard.

Automatic cartons: Buy inexpensive at Verpacking

Good packaging does not have to be expensive and that is exactly what we prove again and again in our large assortment. Through targeted quantity staggering, we can even lower the prices further and you get great products at the absolute lowest price. We know how important fast deliveries are in the mail order business. For this reason, orders are processed and dispatched as quickly as possible, so that there are no delays. Profit from the reliable work and the quality of our articles.

To ensure that you find the right packaging solution for every project, we at Verpacking have an extensive selection of different packaging materials and automatic boxes in stock.