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Ob Weihnachten oder Geburtstag, Hochzeit, Familien- oder Firmenanlass, Mutter- oder Vatertag: die PODARI Papier-Tragetasche bietet zu jedem erdenklichen Anlass die perfekte Verpackung für Ihr persönliches Geschenk. Wem die 8 verschiedenen Farben in jeweils 3 unterschiedlichen Größen immer noch zu wenig Auswahlmöglichkeiten sind, kann jede Tragetasche auch als Bastel-Basis nutzen. Die aus 100% recycelbarem Kraftpapier hergestellten Taschen können nach Lust und Laune bemalt und beklebt werden. So wird Ihr Geschenk noch persönlicher.


  • Tragkraft: max. 10 kg
  • Größe S: 3,2 Liter, 22 x 18 x 8 cm
  • Größe M: 7,5 Liter, 31 x 24 x 10 cm
  • Größe L: 17,4 Liter, 34 x 30 x 17 cm
  • Farben: Weiß, Schwarz, Grün, Hellgrün, Gelb, Blau, Rot, Braun
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Diese Verpackungen aus Premium-Papier haben einen flachen Boden, sodass sie aufrecht stehen können. Sie lassen sich kinderleicht befüllen und mittels selbstklebenden Verschluss schnell verschließen. Eine Papiertüte die sich für verschiedene Anlässe wie Partys, Geburtstage, Hochzeiten oder Geschenke eignet.

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Shipping box for beer bottles 0.3 - 0.5 litres

Number of bottles per carton: 3 - 12, selectable

Send beer bottles as a parcel? At first glance, this does not seem to make sense: Apart from the transport risk, beer is widespread and many types are available at any beverage store, supermarket or grocery store.

But that doesn't mean that you can necessarily get your favourite beer there - not to mention regional specialities or craft beers! So you can get any "beer" almost everywhere; but if it has to be something special and you don't want to drive across the nation (or even abroad) to get a particularly noble or rare bottle, then the only thing that helps is to order it.

The online trade knows this, too: They have prepared themselves for exactly such specialities - all you need now is a suitable beer bottle packaging!

Our special cartons are designed for shipping beer bottles in the common sizes of 0.33-05l. Each bottle is protected by a separate compartment divider; this prevents glass from rattling against each other. The thick corrugated cardboard offers a high degree of protection against shocks and impacts, and the imprint on the outside warns the parcel service of the fragile contents.

For standard beer bottles in industrial format, additional padding is not absolutely necessary. Especially for craft beer and beer types that can already be recognized by the characteristic bottle shape (just think of the well-known "Flenns" with its swing stopper), the additional use of buzz paper or tissue paper per bottle is recommended. With small bottles, i.e. with all 0.33s, this padding is reuqired in any case because of the necessary height compensation.

Even if you do not want to send beer bottles, our beer shipping boxes can be useful: As a replacement for the heavy and bulky beer crates when storing or transporting the popular hop cold dish, for example in the party cellar - or on the road when camping.

So you see: shipping cartons for beer bottles are anything but a snap idea!

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Deluxe gift box for one bottle

• for 1 bottle of wine or spirits up to approx. 0.7 litres
• various colours can be ordered

General product description

Wine or high-quality spirits are popular gifts for many occasions.
But anyone who has ever tried to wrap a bottle of wine or cognac nicely will soon find that it is not so easy. It would be much more convenient to place the bottle in an attractive carton that also protects it during transport: Nothing would be more embarrassing than showing up at a birthday or anniversary party with a broken (and possibly expensive) bottle of a fine drop!

Our gift packages for bottles are designed for exactly this purpose:
The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard, which is embossed with a high-quality structure and printed in one colour over the entire surface. Thanks to the hinged lid, packaging is child's play, and the exterior looks so high-quality that all you have to do is decorate the box with a decorative ribbon or bow - and you have an impressive gift!

If you treat the contents to some tissue paper and wrap them in an outer carton, the bottle gift box not only offers excellent protection for shipping by parcel, but also guarantees the desired wow effect when unpacked!

Specific product features:The gift packaging is available in several colours and offers space for 1 bottle in usual size up to 0.7 litres. It is not suitable for pot-bellied shapes, which are typical for some liqueurs or whisky types.
For smaller bottles additional padding material such as tissue paper should be used.

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Deluxe gift box for two bottles

• for 2 bottles of wine or spirits up to approx. 0.7 litres
• available in various colours

General product description

For many celebrations, from birthdays to anniversaries, good wines or high-proof, noble wines are often given away as gifts.
Unfortunately, packing bottles is not everyone's cup of tea: paper creases quickly and tears easily; and even the use of the popular transparent films requires some practice and fingertip skill. A cardboard box would of course be much more convenient, but the usual dimensions are often too small or too large - and cardboard boxes don't look particularly attractive either. Although the extra protection when transporting expensive wines or other alcoholic beverages would certainly justify a cardboard box - because nobody wants to go to a party with a broken bottle.

This is exactly where our gift boxes for bottles come into play!
They are made to fit 2 bottles in the usual size of 0.7l, divided into compartments (so that the glass cannot bang against each other) and so representative that you only have to tie a bow around it to be able to present a perfect gift.

The cardboard is provided with an elegant structure embossing and coloured over the entire surface; the predominantly dark shades additionally emphasise the elegant exterior. And thanks to the hinged lid, packing the bottles is done in no time at all.

The bottle cartons are also ideal for parcel delivery; however, the valuable contents should be treated to an outer carton and some additional padding material (e.g. tissue paper). Protected in this way, the risk of glass breakage is minimal - and shining eyes of the presentee are guaranteed when unpacking!

Specific product features:

The gift packaging is available in different colours and offers space for 2 bottles in standard sizes around 0.7 litres. It is not suitable for pot-bellied bottles, such as some liqueurs or whiskies.
For bottles well below 0.7l the use of additional padding material is recommended.

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Deluxe gift box for three bottles

• for 3 bottles of wine or spirits up to approx. 0.7 litres
• available in various colours

General product description:

Noble, mostly alcoholic beverages are among the most popular gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. But packing these delicacies is not easy and requires some practice and dexterity. How easy it would be to simply pack the bottles with their more or less high-proof contents into a carton. Unfortunately, the usual cardboard boxes are not very attractive; and finding a suitable size is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Cardboard boxes would be perfect for this purpose, as they offer additional protection for the transport of the fragile goods.

This is exactly why we have gift boxes especially for bottles!
Sturdy cardboard protects the bottles during transport; and the attractive colouring with the additional structure embossing transform the plain cardboard box into a high-quality gift box. The practical hinged lid makes storing the bottles child's play; tie a bow or decorative ribbon around it - and you can be sure that your gift will be a real eye-catcher!

Since the bottles are stored in separate compartments in the gift box, nothing can rattle or break even when sent as a parcel. In order to avoid damaging the gift box during transport, we recommend the use of an outer carton; and a little tissue paper as additional cushioning material for the glass bottles can certainly not damage them either. However, this does not harm the elegant, high-quality design of the bottle box!

Specific product features:

The gift packaging is available in different colours. There is space for 3 0.7 litre bottles in the usual size. Spherical bottle shapes, which are common for some liqueurs or whiskies, unfortunately do not fit.
If the bottles are smaller than 0.7 l, cavities in the bottle compartments should be filled with e.g. tissue paper.

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Mini carrier bag as gift packaging for 2 bottles

Wrapping bottles as gifts is fiddly enough. If you're still under time pressure or have decided to bring a present along, good advice is expensive - or not:

Our gift bags for bottles are inexpensive, look high quality, are processed in the same way - and offer space for 2 small bottles up to about 0.5 litres!

The sturdy cardboard shows its wave openly and gives this gift packaging a concise look, which looks particularly noble due to the colouring. A viewing window allows a preview of the delicacies contained in the box, and the paper carrying cord ensures safe transport.

But the best thing about this bottle bag is: Packing the precious drops takes less than 10 seconds! With this bottle gift bag, even the biggest packaging muffle will fall in love with packing gifts.

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Carrying bag as gift packaging for 1 bottle 0,7l

Now you can save yourself this trouble with our gift bags: With them you can pack every bottle in the usual 0.7 litre size in no time at all!

The carrier bag is made of high-quality corrugated cardboard, and it shows this characteristic open-heartedly: The corrugation is intentionally on the outside and transforms the otherwise boring cardboard into a rustic, but noble design object. The dignified look is further underlined by the colour scheme.

The gift packaging can be carried comfortably on a paper cord; a window on the side makes you curious about the contents of the bottle bag. The gift bag is extremely stable, protects the contents during transport - and is an eye-catcher on every gift table!

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