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Bubble envelopes white

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200 A1 Bubble mailers white 120 x 175 mm - officeking

Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope A-1 120 x1 75 mm, white

The A1 bubble mailer offers space in a small format for the protected shipment of, for example, jewellery, memory cards, electronic components and other small items. The bubble wrap envelopes consist of a water-repellent coated, strong paper and a cushioning inner foil in 50 mµ thickness. The shipping bag A-1 is completed by the practical TRIFIX closure system, where you decide how you want to close the packaging: Either with the classic self-adhesive closure; with a postal-secure adhesive closure for goods consignments or with flat head clips for which the envelope is already prepared. With internal dimensions of 100x165 millimetres, there is room for many things from office supplies to craft accessories and other products.

Product highlights

  • Bubble wrap envelope A-1, DIN A6, white
  • for the protected dispatch of smaller products
  • Bubble mailers with TRIFIX closure system
  • Inner dimensions: 100x165mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 120x175mm (unfilled)
  • Air cushion mailing bags easily recyclable delivers the cushioned envelope A-1 in quantities starting from 200 pieces/packaging unit. Our low graduated prices ensure that the more air bubble bags you order, the more cost-efficient the shipping will be. The environmentally friendly product features ensure that you can easily separate the bubble wrap from the paper envelope and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way. The white colour stands for high quality packaging with high quality contents.

from 9,28 €
from 72 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
112,37 €
611,83 €
1210,35 €
249,57 €
729,28 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

200 B2 Bubble mailers white 140 x 225 mm - officeking

Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope B-2 140 x 225 mm, white

With internal dimensions of 120 x 215 mm, the B-2 bubble mailer offers a comfortable packaging for shipping electronics, jewellery, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, office supplies and other sensitive products. The protective padding of the bubble wrap with the special 50 mµ thick film is complemented by the robust strong paper with a water-repellent coating. The TRIFIX closure system proves to be particularly convenient, allowing three types of closure: with adhesive tape, with flat head clips or with a practical adhesive closure. In white, the B2 bubble envelope gives the impression of high quality, which is a good solution for mailing bags, especially for higher quality goods.

Product highlights

  • Cushioned envelope B-2, DIN A6+ C6+
  • Manufactured by officeking
  • Water-repellent coated, strong paper in white
  • High protective bubble wrap inlay, removable for easy disposal
  • For small goods such as electronics, jewellery, spare parts, office supplies etc.
  • Inner dimension: 120x215mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 140x225mm (unfilled)
  • TRIFIX locking system

You can order the B-2 air bubble bags in white at in practical units of 200 pieces each. This way, even large requirements can be easily covered at a favourable graduated price. The decision for the air cushion envelope is also facilitated by the environmentally friendly recyclable properties: simply separate the air cushion bags into their components and then send the air cushion envelope for recycling. Order B-2 Air Cushioning Bags now - easy and cheap at

from 11,00 €
from 49 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
114,75 €
414,16 €
1212,37 €
2411,12 €
4911,00 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 C3 Bubble mailers white 170 x 225 mm (DIN A5) - officeking

Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope C-3 170 x 225 mm, white

The bubble wrapped envelope C-3 offers space for a lot of things. Particularly for sensitive goods measuring up to 150x215 millimetres you will find a good packaging here for shipping. Well-protected, A5, B6+ cushioned envelopes may contain jewellery, electronic components, stationery and office supplies. The padding of the C-3 mailing bag consists of a 50 mµ thick film and is supplemented by A white, strong paper with water-repellent coating. The TRIFIX closure system allows the choice between self-adhesive closure, adhesive tape or closure with flat head clips. Thus, the C-3 bubble mailer offers good conditions for the safe and protected dispatch of different products.

Product highlights

  • Bubble mailing bags C-3 in the format DIN A5, B6+, white
  • Air cushioned envelope for shipping sensitive products
  • Made of durable, water-repellent coated, strong paper
  • With padded inner foil
  • Inner dimensions: 150x215mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 170x225mm (unfilled)
  • With TRIFIX locking system
  • Recyclable

You can order 100 C-3 air bubble bags per shipping unit at This way you always have sufficient quantities of the A5 mailing bag available and you can equip the dispatch of sensitive small goods in an air cushion envelope. For larger order quantities you also profit from the graduated prices which make the shipping in air bubble cushined shipping bags even more cost effective. Separated into paper and inner foil, the padded shipping bags can also be recycled easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

from 7,37 €
from 70 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
111,18 €
49,99 €
88,74 €
247,61 €
707,37 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 D4 Bubble mailers white 200 x 275 mm - officeking

Ratings 5/5

Bupple wrap envelope D-4 200 x 275 mm, white

Flat and sensitive products up to a size of 180x265 millimetres can be shipped comfortably and well protected in the D-4 air cushion envelope. The white shipping bags are ideal for goods such as DVDs, CDs, electronic components, stationery and office supplies, jewellery, decoration or hobbyists' supplies. Collector's items can also be shipped excellently padded in the mailing bags. The hard-wearing quality made of strong paper with water-repellent coating and inner bubble wrap foil in 50 mµ thickness makes the D-4 packaging especially attractive for commercial use. With the TRIFIX closure system, you can decide for yourself how you want to close the D4 air-cushioned envelope. Last but not least, it is the white colouring that makes this bubble envelope a very attractive packaging, too.

Product highlights

  • Air cushion pockets D4, DIN B5 C5+ in white
  • Comfortable size for many sensitive goods
  • Made of water-repellent coated strong paper
  • Padded with bubble wrap, foil strength 50 mµ
  • Inner dimensions: 180x265mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 200x275mm (unfilled)
  • TRIFIX closure system self-adhesive closure, adhesive tape, flat head clamps
  • affordable scale prices

You can order the air cushion envelope D-4 in a quantity of 100 pieces/package and more. Depending on the quantity ordered, you will also benefit from our graduated prices. The recycling of the padded envelopes is supported by the easy separation of paper envelope and bubble wrap. Order the white bubble mailers D-4 now: Reliable, quickly and easily at!

from 8,98 €
from 54 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
111,42 €
510,35 €
1010,17 €
259,57 €
548,98 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 E5 Bubble mailers white 240 x 275 mm - officeking

Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope E-5 240 x 275 mm, white

You can order the white bubble wrapped envelope E5 easily and quickly at You can buy the comfortable bubble mailers ready for shipping in units per 100 pieces. The shipping bags size is suitable, for example, for valuable jewellery, flat electronic components, office supplies and all other goods in a flat form that fit into the 240 x 275 millimetre format. The E-5 bubble wrapped envelope is made of water-repellent coated, strong paper. The interior bubble wrap made of 50 mµ thick film offers protection for fragile goods and can be easily separated for recycling. The bubble mailers in white are your good way to send valuable products safely and perfectly shaped.

Product highlights

  • Bubble wrapped envelope E-5, format: DIN B5+, white
  • Excellent for fragile goods
  • Practical closure options already prepared
  • Inner dimensions: 220x265mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 240x275mm (unfilled)
  • TRIFIX locking system

For easy handling the air cushioned shipping bags are prepared with the TRIFIX closure system. Adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive closure or flat head clamp closure make shipping quick and easy. Separation for recycling is also simple and environmentally friendly. You can order the shipping bags size E-5 here at in your desired quantity. Use the bubble mailer E-5 as a simple and safe solution of your shipping tasks.

from 10,59 €
from 46 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
112,97 €
412,24 €
1211,18 €
2410,94 €
4610,59 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 F6 Bubble mailers white 240 x 350 mm (DIN A4) - officeking

Ratings 4/5

Bubble wrap envelope F-6 240 x 350 mm, white

The F-6 bubble mailer can hold delicate and fragile items up to a size of 220x340 millimetres. The F-6 air cushioned envelopes offer room for small enamel signs, framed pictures, printed circuit boards and other electronic components or for sensitive craft materials. This makes the DIN A4 format shipping bag one of the larger bubble mailers. The F-6 bubble wrapped envelope gets its good product characteristics from the strong paper in white, the water-repellent coating and the protective, inner bubble wrap made of film in a thickness of 50 mµ. Ease of use is also ensured by the TRIFIX closure system, which is prepared for self-adhesive closure, adhesive tape and closure with flat head clips.

Product highlights

  • Bubble wrapped envelope F-6, fromat: DIN A4+, white
  • Comfortable size for many fragile products
  • Easy closure due to prepared TRIFIX closure system
  • Inner dimensions: 220x340mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 240x350mm (unfilled)
  • Easy handling and attractive colour

You can order the bubble mailer in DIN A4 format in quantities of 100 pieces/unit at The favourable graduated prices are especially worthwhile for larger orders in a commercial environment. Last but not least, the air bubble wrapped shipping bags F-6 convince by the easy recycling, which is possible by separating the material components. Order the bubble mailer F-6 now at and benefit from the advantages of good packaging for sensitive and fragile goods.

from 12,13 €
from 30 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
115,45 €
314,75 €
913,56 €
1512,73 €
3012,13 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 G7 Bubble mailers white 250 x 350 mm - officeking

Ratings 0/5

Bubble wrap envelope G-7 250 x 350 mm, white

The G7 air cushion envelope is the convenient solution for all those who regularly send large quantities of fragile flat products. Electronic items, signs, fragile pictures and many similar goods are well packed for shipping in the bubble wrapped shipping bags. The shipping bags in DIN C4 format have a footprint of 230x340 millimetres and offer space for shipping goods with low height. Decisive for the protection of the goods is the bubble wrap padding made of a 50 mµ thick foil. The robust quality of the bubble mailers from is supported by the water-repellent coated, strong paper. In the white version, the air cushion envelope G-7 shows itself as valuable and neutral.

Product highlights

  • Air cushion envelope G7, DIN A4+ C4, white
  • Sturdy quality
  • Suitable for flat fragile goods
  • Equipped with TRIFIX locking system
  • Inner dimensions: 230x340mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 250x350mm (unfilled)
  • Environmentally friendly recycling

The C-4 mailing bags are particularly suitable for sending goods or books. They are prepared for this purpose with the TRIFIX closing system with adhesion closure and the possibility of closing with flat head clamps. The self-adhesive closure completes the system. Order the G7 bubble mailer at from 100 pieces. Our graduated prices make the bubble envelopes cheaper the more you order. Ideal for commercial shipping and efficient in costs.

from 12,37 €
from 34 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
115,94 €
315,23 €
914,04 €
1513,92 €
3412,37 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 H8 Bubble mailers white 290 x 370 mm - officeking

Ratings 0/5

Bubble wrap envelope H-8 290 x 370 mm, white

Do you regularly ship fragile goods in large quantities? Then the bubble wrapped envelope H-8 from is a good decision for your needs. The large sized shipping bags in DIN B4 format offers generous space for fragile goods with a maximum surface area of 270x360 millimetres and a flat height. For example, boards, signs, printed circuit boards, office supplies and other similar products can be shipped safely protected within air cushin envelopes. The TRIFIX closure system makes the H8 air cushion envelope even more convenient. The bubble mailers are equipped with a 50 mµ thick padding film as well as with a pressure-sensitive adhesion closure, self-adhesive closure and with the preparation for closure with flat head clips.

Product highlights

  • Air cushion envelope H-8, format DIN B4, white
  • For sensitive and fragile shipping goods
  • TRIFIX locking system
  • Inner dimensions: 270x360mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 290x370mm (unfilled)
  • Environmentally friendly recyclable

The separation of the air bubble wrap from the shipping bags for recycling is very easy. This means that the H8 air cushion envelope also meets high demands for environmental friendliness in recycling. At you can order the B4 envelopes already from 100 pieces. For the larger demand there are the practical air cushion bags at favourable graduated prices. With them you can make your shipping of fragile goods comfortable, safe and cost-efficient.

from 15,35 €
from 28 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
118,32 €
317,37 €
916,54 €
1516,12 €
2815,35 €
incl. tax, plus shipping