Cardboard Boxes single wall from 200 mm length

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Cardboard box, single wall, 200x150x90 mm - KK 10

starting from 0,14 €
From 3500 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Cardboard box, single wall, 212x140x280 mm - KK 15 white

starting from 0,20 €
From 400 units, excl. tax, plus shipping

Cardboard box single wall 217x170x110mm

starting from 0,22 €
From 3520 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Cardboard box single wall 217x170x110mm, white

starting from 0,24 €
From 3520 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Cartons made of single wall corrugated board from 200 mm length

These single-wall cartons are folded in accordance with FEFCO Standard 0201, so that they can be stored very flat and opened up ready for dispatch in a flash.

Any parcel tape (adhesive tape with a width of 50mm) or strapping tape is suitable for sealing. For padding, air cushion foil, baffle paper or air cushion padding, such as the AirMove system, is suitable.

Most cartons are indicated at the factory with a load capacity of 15-20 kg; in practice, however, we recommend the 2-walled version for such loads. Single-wall boxes are ideal for shipping as Hermes, DPD or DHL parcel, and this should not exceed 10kg - otherwise the postage will be too expensive.

Single wall carton can be purchased from us starting at a quantity of 50 pieces; for larger quantities you will of course receive quantity discounts. You will find the exact details with the respective product!