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STAEDLER FIMO soft modelling clay 12 Colours

STAEDLER FIMO soft modelling clay 12 Colours

starting from 10,24 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
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STAEDTLER® Fimo soft Modelliermasse 12 Farben Natural

STAEDTLER® Fimo soft Modelliermasse 12 Farben Natural

10,24 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

Individual goods - goods by measure

In the online and mail order business, the pressure of competition is higher than ever before. Every retailer has a large number of suppliers who have a similar product in their range and are therefore targeting the same target group. At this point it is therefore important to stand out from them and find your own niche. This requires not only an individual USP, but also additional commitment. Marketing and brand building measures are essential. Ideally, your sales concept should be well thought out and convince your customers all along the line. Of course, we would like to support you in this and have therefore included products in our range that can be used specifically for differentiation and for further individualisation of the offer. Individual goods can be purchased from us, which we will print individually with your logo or a self-chosen inscription. We offer this service for standard cardboard boxes and bubble wrap bags, for example. However, we can also finish adhesive tape according to your corporate design, as well as pens or file folders.

Standard cartons with individual printing

As a mail order company, cartons are the first thing a customer holds in his hands. This means that the packaging of your goods also becomes the business card of your offer. The differences here are enormous and it becomes clear at first glance which retailers focus on cartons and boxes and which do not. Cartons that are individually printed with the logo of the brand, maybe even sealed with matching individually printed adhesive tape, make a much more professional and high-quality impression than the plain variants that are simply sealed with brown parcel tape. With your logo you arouse the customer's desire for your product from the outside and stand out from the flood of parcels. We would be pleased to print your logo on selected boxes, whether single-coloured or multicoloured. In this way you can easily raise the quality of your packaging to a new level.

Print adhesive tape

We have already pointed out that we also offer the possibility of individualisation for parcel tape and adhesive tape. According to your ideas and wishes, we design adhesive tape that fits your brand and design so precisely. This way you can seal parcels and packaging in an attractive and highly professional way.

Design your own individual ballpoint pen

Whether for in-house use or for marketing purposes at trade fairs etc. - individually designed pens are extremely popular items that no company should be without. Not only do they offer your employees the ideal working tool, they also strengthen the bond with the company. Distributed at a suitable occasion, pens with your logo and, if necessary, a web address or telephone number, represent a powerful advertising medium. Whether you distribute the pens intentionally or simply help out when someone asks for a pen is of secondary importance. At some point, the viewer's gaze falls on the logo. This creates an awareness for your brand. This can still lead to a purchase months or even years after distributing these promotional items, which is why individually printed pens pay off, especially in the long run.

Print bubble wrap bags

Large cartons and boxes are not always the best choice for shipping. Small products or even books and papers are still best shipped with bubble wrap and mailing bags. We can also print these individually and on request in several colours. With individual shipping packaging, you can clearly stand out from the competition and create an even better shopping experience for the customer.

Individual design of lever arch files

Do you increasingly work with file folders in your company or office to store or archive records or documents? In this case an individual design of the goods is advisable and can lead to positive effects. On request, we can print file folders and other individual goods with your logo or a motif of your choice. This ensures a more uniform and professional look in your daily business.