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Large Letter Carton

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Big letter-sized carton 230x160x20 mm - GB 1, brown (DIN A5)

Ratings 4.5/5

Letter-sized shipping box GB-1 brown

Entire document collections in A5 format up to a height of 17 millimetres can be securely packed in the Letter-sized shipping box GB 1. In addition, the mailing carton is ideal for CDs, DVDs or brochures and other printed matter. Thanks to its height of only two centimetres, the shipping box can be sent cheaply in postage. For a secure closure, the carton is already prepared with a double postal security seal. After assembly, you can take advantage of the benefits of the cardboard box, which is manufactured according to Fefco standard 0427. Everything is ready for sending flat contents in the practical A5 format.

Product highlights

  • Letter-sized shipping box GB-1 in A5 format
  • Fefco Standard 0427
  • Carton for CDs, DVDs, documents, brochures, etc.
  • Inner dimensions: 220 x 155 x 17 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 230 x 160 x 20 mm / DIN A5
  • Cheap postage
  • Weight: 38 g
  • girth measurement: 59 cm

Send goods, documents and other printed matter in style, safely and inexpensively. The letter-sized shipping box GB-1 is a good choice. At you will receive the boxes in A5 format at a favourable graduated price in the quantity you require. The more boxes you order, the lower the price, and it makes your shipping even more efficient.

from 0,10 €
from 10800 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
500,26 €
1000,21 €
5000,13 €
15000,12 €
108000,10 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

Big letter-sized carton 230x160x20 mm - GB 1 weiss (DIN A5)

Ratings 5/5

Letter-sized shipping box GB-1 white

The letter-sized shipping box GB-1 in white is the right choice if you want to send documents or goods in A5 format up to a packing height of 17 millimetres. Optimally prepared for sending goods in postal packaging, the box has a double postal security seal. Manufactured according to Fefco Standard 0427, the robust shipping carton obtains its quality from E-flute corrugated cardboard. The low weight and compact design are advantageous for all those who regularly send large letter format mail. The white base colour is ideal for printing or applying address labels.

Product highlights

  • Letter-sized shipping box GB-1 white
  • Fefco Standard: 0427
  • Compact postal packaging for the shipment of goods
  • Also for documents and brochures in A5 format
  • Double postal security seal
  • Inner dimensions: 220 x 155 x 17 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 230 x 160 x 20 mm / DIN A5
  • Weight: 35 g
  • Girth measurement: 59 cm

The letter-sized shipping box GB 1 also supports fast shipping by eliminating the need for adhesive tape. This and our graduated prices as well as the favourable large letter postage make shipping even more effective. Order now at the letter-sized shipping box GB 1 in DIN A5 format in your desired quantity.

from 0,12 €
from 10800 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
500,27 €
1000,22 €
5000,15 €
15000,13 €
108000,12 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

Uninsured and cheap shipping with large letter-cartons

For uninsured shipments, we offer large letter-cartons, which have been specially designed for shipment via the German postal service. The second largest permissible letter format offers a number of advantages, which especially traders and entrepreneurs benefit from in their everyday work. We would therefore like to report on these excellent shipping solutions.

The large letter-carton in use

The Großbriefkarton or Großbrief is the second largest letter format that can be sent in Germany. Up to 95 Din A4 sheets can be sent in it. According to the standards of the German post office, certain shipping regulations must be observed in order to take advantage of the favourable conditions. Therefore the format 353x250x200mm must not be exceeded. The maximum weight is half a kilogram. The large letter-cartons from make optimal use of these regulations. The cardboard boxes used for production are both light and stable and can therefore be used excellently for sending flat and sensitive goods such as magazines, CDs or DVDs. But also spare parts or other products in this format reach their destination safely with the large letter-carton and ensure savings in shipping.

Save money when sending documents

Every day documents are sent out by companies. Large letter-cartones, which can be used to package documents and papers, are proving to be an indispensable solution in shipping and logistics. Large letter-cartones continue to largely dispense with the use of plastic, so that all components remain recyclable. Through the sensible combination of an ecologically as well as economically sensible shipping, large letter-cartones represent an absolutely modern shipping option. After all, the papers sent should reach their recipient undamaged. Especially when it comes to important documents such as contracts, they should reach the recipient absolutely intact. In the worst case scenario, damage to the dispatched goods can have serious consequences. In order to avoid chaos, care should be taken when selecting the large letter-cartones to ensure that the papers are the right size for shipping, otherwise even padding, slips of paper can get mixed up or crease. Large letter-cartones are not only adapted to the standards of the shipping service providers in terms of size, but also to those of A4 printed products. Compactly packed, all documents are thus safely on their way and arrive undamaged at the addressee. Of all boxes and shipping products, large letter-cartons are the most suitable for sending documents. But the cost savings of this practical format should not be forgotten either. Especially those who regularly send large quantities of paper to the post office will surely have already incurred some costs. When using the large letter-carton, one automatically chooses the cheapest shipping option for the respective format. Especially in comparison to the usual letter dispatch, the large letter dispatch is a very cheap alternative, due to the convincingly low priced conditions. The purchase of large letter-cartons for company dispatch thus pays for itself quickly.

Useful also for book shipments and alike

Large letter-cartons are not only the best choice for documents. Books can also be excellently packaged inside. The same applies to other objects in this format: magazines, leaflets, journals, catalogues, flyers, certificates or calendars. Our cardboard boxes have a correspondingly strong bend protection so that even thinner products survive shipping without damage. Smaller products and consignments of goods are perfectly suited for sending large letters. As our customers you benefit twice as much, because you can purchase the packaging at an optimal price-performance ratio. In order to purchase cheap packaging materials, Verpacking is the best place to go.

If you decide to buy a large letter-carton from you can be sure that your shipments will reach their destination undamaged. The robust design made of high-quality cardboard protects the contents against dirt and water. At the same time, the low weight of the packaging ensures further savings in postage.

Order large letter-cartones at now and actively save on shipping small goods and documents within Germany. If you have any questions, please use our contact options.