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Bio packaging chips Pelaspan 215l in a carton

Packaging chips are the safe, efficient and versatile all-round padding for all purposes. Your products can be protected by the packing chips regardless of their shape, and cavities can be closed reliably. This cushioning material is inexpensive, light and immediately applicable without training.

The packaging chips are made of pant starch. The packaging chips are not only recyclable, they are compostable!

The typical S-shape of the Pelaspan chips improves interlocking of the chips, fixing your goods in place.

1 Sale unit = 1 carton / 215 litres

25,95 €
Base price: 0,11 € per 1 l
incl. tax, plus shipping

Light, safe, quick: packaging chips for sensitive goods.

These packaging chips are ideal when large cavities have to be filled in packaging to protect sensitive (e.g. fragile) goods; bubble wrap is often not sufficient here. It couldn't be simpler if sensitive goods have to be shipped:

  • Fill a layer of chips into the box.
  • Store the goods carefully
  • Fill up to the edge of the box with chips
  • Close the carton - done!

Due to the S-shape of the packaging chips, they interlock with each other and thus ensure that the goods to be transported are fixed in place; high restoring forces guarantee optimum cushioning.

Packaging chips can of course be used several times: After removing the goods, simply place them in a collection container - and they can be used again!