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Mouse pads and hand rest

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Mauspad Basic, 25 x 22cmx 3mm, blau

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Der sichere Spielplatz für Ihre Maus

Krümel, Kaffespritzer, und - zumindest zu Hause - auch einmal Zigarettenasche machen PC-Tastaturen schon genug zu schaffen. Damit nicht auch noch die Maus zum Opfer dieser Alltagsgefahren wird, sollte sie nicht auf der blanken Tischplatte benutzt werden. Das geht in vielen Fällen auch nicht, denn speziell optische Mäuse benötigen einen geeigneten, nicht-spiegelnden Untergrund, da der Sensor sonst fehlerhafte Werte liefert. Die mattierte Stoffoberfläche unserer Mauspads schont die Gleiter des kleinen Arbeitstiers und bietet ausreichend Reibfläche für ältere Mäuse mit Kugel. Eine 3mm Gummimatte unter dem Microfaser schützt vor Stößen und Schlägen - und bietet gleichzeitig noch eine bequeme Handballenauflage.

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Playground for mice: the mouse pad

Anyone who can still remember the old PC mice with scanning balls knows how annoying it could be to work with a mouse: Not only could the ball pick up dirt and sweat and thus massively impair its function - it also did not want to roll reliably and evenly on every surface. This then led to the mouse pointer either not moving at all, or bouncing wildly across the screen.

These problems were so annoying that resourceful manufacturers soon offered a solution in the form of the mouse pad: The mats, usually made of sponge rubber and often covered with velvety fabric, ensured even adhesion for the ball and also alleviated the problem of frequent soiling in the mechanism. At least, if you kept the mat itself reasonably clean - which, however, was far less effort than disassembling and cleaning the mouse.

Mouse pads also make sense for a modern mouse with optical scanning unit: especially with cheaper mass-produced models, the "laser" does not really work as reliably as hoped on every surface. Particularly highly reflective surfaces (for example, a high-gloss lacquered desk) or extremely contrastingly patterned surfaces can confuse the diode and lead to problems when controlling the mouse pointer. In addition, a mouse pad also protects the desk from otherwise unavoidable signs of use.

A mouse pad therefore belongs at every PC workstation!