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Cargobox - moving boxes

The Cargobox moving boxes are excellently processed, easy to transport and very well stackable.

They are available in the qualities Eco, Plus and Pro - for light, medium and heavy goods to be transported. You can choose from a total of 11 sizes, so the perfect box is available for every transport problem. Of course, the Cargoboxes are also ideal for storing objects. To help you find your way around your archive - or when moving - at any time, standardized labelling fields are provided on all boxes. The question "what is where" is thus answered at a glance. In addition to the Cargoboxes, we also sell other cartons for the dispatch or storage of goods - from size XXS to XXXL!

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from 10 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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Carton for file folders, 325 x 290 x 335 mm

Depending on the width of the spine, this special shipping box holds 4-5 files of the size DIN A4. The single wall corrugated board is particularly load-bearing (max. 20kg) and the folded box can be assembled easily. The packaging allows a particularly convenient handling of the heavy files and is suitable not only for shipping but also for archiving older documents.

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from 880 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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Carrying and shopping basket 500 x 330 x260 mm

Sometimes you just have to get things from A to B - without any parcel service or forwarding agent: Shopping goods from your car to the apartment, food from the cellar to the kitchen, tools from the garage to the car - in the garden, in the household, and of course in the office.

For such simple transport purposes, there is no need for elaborate packaging; the main thing is that you don't have to carry many small parts around loose. That's exactly what this universal carrying basket is for. And despite its pretty print, it is by no means only used as a shopping basket!

The carrying basket is made of stable, single-wall corrugated cardboard, has a reinforced handle and can be stacked by placing inside each other. The corrugated cardboard is made of recycled waste paper and can also be disposed of with the waste paper. But that has time, because the robust construction promises many uses!

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from 450 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
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What makes a good moving box?

A good moving carton must be able to withstand a lot: High load-bearing capacity of the bottom and mechanical stability against impact and pressure are mandatory.

It seems obvious, but it isn't: cartons for the move are stacked high on top of each other in the truck! The lower cartons have to withstand this pressure; the stacking height is just as important as the load-bearing capacity of the bottom.

Of course, the price also plays a role: Just because of the quantity required, a moving carton should be inexpensive - but not too cheap. If you only look at the price, you have to expect transport damage.

With our CargoBox moving boxes you will always make a good decision!