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Whiteboard and refrigerator magnets from Franken

The small magnets from Franken have a diameter of 24mm and hold a weight of max. 300g on a suitable surface. Enough for memos, flyers, menus or bills!

The magnets are available in various colors, also as a mixed assortment, and are suitable for your bulletin board, whiteboard presentations, and of course at home on the refrigerator.

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The practical tesa Powerstrips® Hooks Large have a strong holding power of up to 1.5 kg. They are thus ideal for hanging many items in the kitchen, bathroom and when traveling. Made of high-quality plastic, for strong hold up to 1.5 kg weight, suitable for bonding to tiles, glass, wood, plastic and many other surfaces, easy to attach without screws, dowels and nails, removable at any time without leaving a trace.removable at any time without leaving a trace thanks to tesa Powerstrips® technology, the hooks Large can be used several times with new tesa Powerstrips® Large, the Powerstrip is completely concealed by the hook body, available in many shapes and colors.available in many shapes and colors, *Not suitable for vinyl wallpaper, non-stick surfaces, Styrofoam®, foam, porous materials, Removable without a trace from smooth, sufficiently solid surfaces.
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With the transparent tesa Powerstrips® Deco, light decorative items such as window pictures, cardboard and paper decorations can be attached in no time at all - especially on glass and mirror surfaces. The specially designed tesa Powerstrips® Deco hook offers smart solutions for attaching decorations. It is suitable for attaching and fastening light decorative items, multifunctional use for hanging, clipping and hooking on walls, ceilings and windows, UV-resistant, ideal for decorating and adorning at birthdays, weddings, parties and seasonal occasions. Easy to apply, no drilling, screwing or nailing required, removes without leaving any residue and without damaging the surface. Package contents: 5 Powerstrips Deco, transparent
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Reliable cable mouse with 3 buttons and optical sensor
Pleasant haptics and best grip due to rubber side surfaces
Symmetrical design - for right- and left-handed use
High-resolution optical sensor with 1000 dpi resolution for precise and smooth control of the mouse pointer
Plug and play for easy setup
1.8 m cable with USB connector for use on notebook and pc.
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Stapling strips cardboard assorted colors 10s
Mass per unit area of paper: 320 g/sqm
Material of the stringing strip: Metal
Size (w x h): 34 x 150 mm
Hole punching: 4 hole punching
Certificates and approvals: Blue Angel
1,51 €
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Stapling strips PP plastic assorted colors 25er
Cover strip material: PP
Hole punching: 4 hole punching
Material of the stringing strip: Metal
Color: assorted colors, Size (w x h): 34 x 150 mm
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Folder maX.file nature plus a4 8cm
Material of lamination outside/inside: Special paper cover/paper grey
Quality lever mechanism with extreme locking force, red rubber tip at the lever end of the mechanism, hold-down with increased clamping force and incorporated red logo, spine embossing: Herlitz-swirl. Design: s80, lever mechanism, grip hole present, slots present, edge protection present
Use for paper sizes: a4. Size (w x h): 285 x 318 mm. Width of the spine: 80 mm.

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Herlitz Ring binder A4

easy orga to go

The Herlitz ring binder from the 'easy orga to go' line is ideal for quick take-away or mobile use: handy, light and robust, it can be taken anywhere. The stable 2-ring mechanism with 16mm filling height offers enough space for your documents, which are held securely by the sheet holder. Thanks to many attractive colors, you can always keep track of everything. Herlitz organizes your office the way you need it!

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The right office technology for your company

Our offer includes not only boxes and packaging goods. We are also expanding our range of products in a meaningful way. Especially in everyday business, many entrepreneurs are concerned with efficiency. Goals are to be achieved and at the same time daily work steps have to be carried out as simply and as time-saving as possible. But for such a method of working an appropriate equipment is essential. With us you will find the appropriate equipment and our products will effectively support your everyday work and give your staff everything they need.

Diversity of assortment for your Office

In our offer you can find modern solutions next to proven classics and everyone will find what he is looking for quickly. You have the possibility to order the suitable office material or stationery from us around the clock. We process every order as quickly as possible, in order to enable you a prompt delivery of your desired articles. Business supplies are the heart of every company and as soon as something doesn't work, e.g. the calculator gives up the ghost or you run out of files, you quickly see the chaos that would result from their absence. So don't wait until the worst comes to the worst, but instead equip your own company quickly, easily and above all cheaply with supplies to help you achieve your goals.

For more order in everyday business life

File folders and cases are ideal for keeping things in order. Punching machines and staplers also help with information collation and subsequent cataloguing. Especially when dealing with a large number of documents, part of the day-to-day work inevitably consists of looking through them, sorting them and finally organizing them. Those who do not establish a basic order in the office and develop a filing system will soon be in desperate need of chaos.

The basic equipment

Each office also includes a corresponding basic equipment of B&uuml and stationery, which always proves to be useful and therefore belongs on every desk. Here, for example, table dispensers should be mentioned. In whatever context, adhesive tape is needed if you don't want to waste minutes trying to find the beginning of the roll, only to get stuck somewhere with the adhesive or get a fingerprint on it. A table dispenser makes the use of adhesive tape easier and faster and is therefore a very worthwhile purchase. But also basic stationery like permanent markers and whiteboard markers in different colours and with different tips are in our offer. You will also find the matching whiteboards and flipchart pads, which are ideal for meetings or presentations.

Paper products for use in the office

Paper is also used again and again. From simple copy paper to gusset bags and standard envelopes, we offer all paper products that can prove practical in everyday life. The folding pockets and envelopes are designed to be absolutely efficient in terms of their size and are therefore ideal for mailing.

Electronic articles

In offices, however, not only analogue work is done and not everything is done with pen and paper. Instead, most desks are equipped with personal computers and more and more documents are worked on digitally. This inevitably requires electronic accessories. Here you will find high quality and ergonomic computer equipment as well as keyboards that facilitate the operation. Even pocket calculators are often not missing and every good office should be equipped with a device.

school supplies

It is not only in business life that one needs stationery and business articles. At school, children and young people need an appropriate supply of products early on, with which they can then work and learn at school. We therefore also offer products such as geometric triangles and erasers, which are not only useful in mathematics lessons, but also belong in any complete pencil case. Take a look at our extensive range of stationery and desk products that can make your work easier in the long term.