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PP Strapping

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PP strapping in selectable thicknesses

Strapping has become an integral part of packaging technology: Tear-resistant straps made of plastic or metal help to pack goods, e.g. to secure cartons; they can be used to bundle suitable products without the risk of the bundle tearing during transport, and of course they can be used to secure huge loads on Euro pallets against slipping and loss.

Strapping tape is often seen in everyday life; for example, in the retail trade, product packaging of high-quality goods is protected with plastic straps against unauthorized opening. However, the strapping used there is too small for the industry and is not tear-resistant enough; straps with a width of 12mm and a thickness of at least 0.5mm are used there.

Metal designs are mainly seen in industry, for example when machine parts and similar heavy items need to be secured. Lighter and more flexible plastic versions are used in the mail order business, mostly made of polypropylene. This material has the great advantage that the ends of the strap do not have to be clamped together, but can be welded together. This makes it possible to use semi- or fully automatic strapping machines, which allow many packages to be handled as if on a conveyor belt, even when shipping a large number of parcels - not only in the figurative sense, but also literally.

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2500m polypropylene strapping 12 x 0.55mm white

The packaging and securing of goods is part of the daily routine in mail order companies and warehousing. Without strapping, it would be almost impossible to cope with the many and varied tasks there, because not only cartons have to be packed, but also bundles have to be tied up or goods secured on Euro pallets. Strapping like this one made of PP plastic with a tensile force of 145kg at 0.55mm thickness is therefore part of the basic equipment in many warehouses.

If lots of goods have to be shipped, strapping machines are used. The technical specifications of the machines must be observed: The 2500m long strap is therefore supplied on a roll with a 284mm core and is suitable for use in both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines.

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PP Strapping

Strapping plays an important role in professional packaging technology: From small cardboard boxes to large packages to complete Euro pallets, goods can be secured, bundled and fixed with it.

PP plastic strapping is available in widths of 12-16 mm and in various material thicknesses and is therefore suitable for many applications. The use of PP straps (they are also available in sheet steel) is necessary when semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping machines are used for bulk handling: These machines not only cut and tension the strap, they fuse the ends together in an inseparable way. This means that no additional aids such as clamps or tensioners are necessary to ensure reliable and stable strapping of the goods. The strapping cores comply with common industry standards and can thus be used in all standard equipment. The possible widths, thicknesses and core diameters can be found in the instructions for your strapping machine.