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Packaging knives

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Replacement blades for cutter knives

The snap-off blades are available in 9mm and 18mm. 9mm has 12 segments and 18mm 7 segments . The thickness of the snap-off blades is approx. 0.5mm. The blades are ice-hardened, long-lasting, and come in an plastic dispenser of 10 blades/each.

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Ratings 5/5
Length13-15 cm
Width2-3 cm
Blade height9 mm or 18 mm, selectable
Coloraluminium look/silver, red

- Quick release fastener
- Metal blade guide

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The warehouseman's universal tool: the cutter knife


Cutting boxes to size? Opening strapping bands? Shred rubbish? Open packaging?
Cutter knives are often used in the warehouse every minute. Their lasting sharpness is guaranteed by the special blades, which can be easily broken off when worn, so that a sharp cutting edge is always available; especially in the important, front area.

Cutter knives are sharp as hell, so absolute caution is required when handling them. To break off the blade, which comes in different sizes, be sure to use the removable handle piece that comes with each knife. If you use pliers, tiny pieces of metal can splinter and cause dangerous eye injuries.

An experienced warehouseman knows about this danger, but also about the benefits of always having a sharp blade. To ensure safe handling of these knives, the handle should be made of metal, and of course equipped with a stable blade lock. Such a cutter knife is sure to give you pleasure for a long time!