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Padding- and Filling-Materials

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75my Bubble wrap 100cm x 100m

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Bubble wrap 75my, 100cm x 100m

This 2-layer recycled bubble wrap is ideal as an inexpensive cushioning material and filler or as a wrapping material for shipping medium to heavy weight goods.

Bubble wrap offers good protection against breakage, scratches and damage to fragile or delicate objects such as glass, porcelain, bottles, picture frames etc. This studded film also protects against dust and moisture and is particularly suitable as surface and edge protection due to its nature.

The upholstery film is food-neutral, made in Germany (with recycled plastic) and 100 metres long.

This form-fitting and shock-absorbing bubble film is offered here in the following thickness / quality:

Freight forwarding 75 my - for heavy loads
1 my = 1 micrometer = 1/1000 mm

39,25 €
Base price: 0,39 € per 1 m2
incl. tax, plus shipping

1.000 Cardboard edge protectors L-profile 100 x 50 x 50 x 2 mm

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L-Profile edge protectors made of 2mm cardboard, 100 x 50 x 50 mm

Edge protectors are used to secure pallets or serve to reinforce cartons both on the inside (safer stacking of cartons) and on the outside (protection against impacts or dents caused by strapping). They are also used to protect furnitures while moving.

This shorter and lighter version is used for local protection of smaller parts.

Secure sensitive products by adjusting the protection angles in length: This way your products are much protected during transport.

starting from 36,96 €
From 10 units, Base price: 0,04 € per Stk.
incl. tax, plus shipping
From Price per unit Grundpreis
1 48,21 € 0,05 € per Stk.
4 44,17 € 0,04 € per Stk.
10 36,96 € 0,04 € per Stk.
incl. tax, plus shipping

234 pcs. Cardboard soft wraps 200 x 95 mm

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Cardboard soft wraps top-line

Soft wraps are flexible parts made of cardboard that can be used to protect areas and edges or to fill up hollow areas in cartons. You will find them a lot in boxes that contain parts of furnitures for self-assembly, but they can be used to cushion and protect any kind of goods: Either attached to critical points of your product, or just by filling up the box.

Soft wraps are available in three qualities:

- Base-line: Load weight up to 5kg
- Pro-line: Load weight 5 to 10 kg
- Top-line: Load weight more than 10 kg

Product properties:

- Cavity filling
- Surface, edge and corner protection
- malleable
- can be used sparingly
- versatile application

Notes for usage:

- There should be at least 30mm room between your product and the outer carton.
- Goods with sensitive surfaces should be packed in a bag or be wrapped in silk paper

Dimensions of a single wrap:

- Length: 95 mm
- Width: 200 mm
- Height: 28 mm

Full sheet:

- Length: 570 mm

- Width: 200 mm
- Height: 28 mm

Sale units:

- 234 pcs., boxed, in sheets of 6 wraps to save space
- sheets are perforated every 95mm for easy usage

starting from 71,35 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

Corrugated cardboard roll, 1 x 10m

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Rolled corrugated cardboard, 1 x 10m

This corrugated cardboard in a large household roll is the perfect packing aid, e.g. for relocations, and can be used for cushioning, securing and sorting goods:

  • No more carton for the flat screen? Just wrap it up.
  • Pictures or framed posters? Wrap them up, too!
  • The dishes slip around clattering in the moving carton? Put rolled up or folded cardboard between the stacks!

As a cushioning material, rolled corrugated cardboard solves many packaging problems for little money. It is light, but offers high protection against vibrations, shocks, blows and scratches. And it is also environmentally friendly, as corrugated board can be recycled!

starting from 5,62 €
From 64 units, Base price: 0,56 € per m²
incl. tax, plus shipping
From Price per unit Grundpreis
32 7,11 € 0,71 € per m²
64 5,62 € 0,56 € per m²
incl. tax, plus shipping

Corrugated board blanks single wall, 750 x 1180mm

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Corrugated cardboard blanks, single wall, 750 x 1180mm

Cardboard blanks acc. to FEFCO 0110 can be used as pallet mat to avoid sliding of boxes, as separating layers for products or as reinforcement for shipping boxes that need some extra protection. These 750 x 1180mm blanks are made of single wall corrugated cardboard.

starting from 0,58 €
From 1650 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
From Price per unit
550 0,62 €
1100 0,60 €
1650 0,58 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

100 Cardboard edge protectors L-profile 700 x 35 x 35 x 3 mm

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L-Profile edge protectors made of 3mm cardboard, 700 x 35 x 35 mm

Edge protectors are used to secure pallets or serve to reinforce cartons both on the inside (safer stacking of cartons) and on the outside (protection against impacts or dents caused by strapping).

Secure sensitive products by adjusting the protection angles in length: This way your products are much protected during transport.

starting from 16,08 €
From 40 units, Base price: 0,16 € per Stk.
incl. tax, plus shipping
From Price per unit Grundpreis
2 32,14 € 0,32 € per Stk.
10 22,50 € 0,23 € per Stk.
40 16,08 € 0,16 € per Stk.
incl. tax, plus shipping

252 pcs. Cardboard L-profiles 70 x 28 mm

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Cardboard L-profiles

These L-shaped profiles made from corrugated cardboard can be used to protect edges and corners of sensitive goods like furnitures, computers , or many other things that are sensitive during transport and need additional protection.

The profiles are capable to carry the loads listed in the table below. To work perfectly, there must be approx. 30mm of space between the product and the carton. Surfaces that are sensitive to scratches should be wrapped with stretch foil or silk paper.

Cardboard L-profiles can be used sparinglyand are malleable for best fit. They are available in 3 qualities:

- Base-line: load weight up to 5kg
- Pro-line: load weight 5 - 10kg
- Top-line: load weight above 10kg


Single profile

  • Width: 98 mm
  • Length: 95 mm
  • Height: 70 mm
  • Thickness: 28 mm

Full line

  • Width: 98 mm
  • Length: 570 mm
  • Height: 70 mm
  • Thickness: 28 mm

Sale units: 252 pcs., boxed, in lines per 6 profiles. The lines are perforated each 95mm for easy separation.

starting from 71,35 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

Corrugated cardboard roll 75m, misc. sizes

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Corrugated board on 75m roll

available in various widths

Next to cartons, cushioning material is one of the most important products in the packaging industry, because without good cushioning many goods would not arrive undamaged at the recipient. Corrugated board is often used for this purpose, because the cardboard with the characteristic corrugated line is light, stable, inexpensive and can be processed in many different ways. In contrast to stiff cardboard boxes and cartons, it can also be wound onto a roll as a flexible band - thus opening up further possibilities for protecting products during transport.

Corrugated roll board is valued as a reliable cushioning material in trade and industry alike: goods can be wrapped in it, even shipped directly if necessary; cavities can be filled in cartons to prevent loose goods from slipping (and possibly colliding with each other), it can be used as a space divider for packaging, or as a separating layer to separate several layers of articles from each other. In all these applications, corrugated cardboard from a roll offers a high level of protection against vibrations and shocks; but also against hard impacts, such as in the event of a fall. And of course it protects the surfaces of the products from scratches (for particularly sensitive goods, tissue paper should also be used).

Corrugated board has proven its worth as a moving aid: Whether it is for protecting furniture, pictures or flat screens. However, it is just as popular in the industry, because just about anything with a reasonably straight surface can be wrapped and protected with it. And roll corrugated board in large formats like this is ideal for professional suppliers!

starting from 16,67 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

Fill materials, padding and upholstery

If you want to send goods, this is ideally done using a carton or parcel. Mostly the product does not correspond exactly to the size of its packaging. If you want the product to be well protected during shipping, you will need padding and filling materials to compensate for the empty space in the box and to secure the product.

Dimpled foil

Nubbed film or bubble wrap is an elastic and usually transparent and two-layer plastic film that is used specifically for packaging. Bubble wrap makes it possible to pack sensitive and easily fragile objects and can be used as padding, although an application for insulation is also conceivable.

Air cushion

Air cushions are an ideal filling material for shipping. They are particularly clean and quickly applicable filling materials with a high protective function for the goods. With very low material costs it is also possible to fill large spaces in cartons and boxes. In this way, good padding for the contents is created.

Pallet foil

Pallet or stretch film is the name given to typical hand-wrapped films that are particularly stretchy and easy to unwind. The film stretches particularly well and is therefore excellently suited for securing unwieldy loads during transport in a weatherproof manner. For example, palletized cartons or furniture can be made ready for transport during a move. The film can be removed completely without leaving any residue when unpacking. The film is specifically designed so that it adheres to the film on one side, but can also be easily removed again. Pallets can also be wrapped cleanly with the pallet film.

Packaging chips

Our BIO packaging chips are produced with a minimum use of raw materials and under the protection of existing resources. The BIO Packaging Chips consist mainly of recycled material and can be used as very light filling and padding material for shipping. Mostly the base material of these chips is corn or another vegetable starch from food production. Through a certain processing, air is added to the mixture and it gains in cushioning properties. In this way, highly functional and raw material-saving liner material is created which can be used without hesitation in the mail order business. The excellent protection and cushioning properties are proven time and again, because the packaging chips in the material protect the products shipped from transport damage.

Tissue and biblical paper

Border paper, tissue paper, kraft paper or simply wrapping paper is the term for particularly cheap and environmentally friendly paper for the packaging of goods. The paper is particularly gentle, since it is generally made from recycled paper. Available in various thicknesses for different packaging requirements, the paper is used especially for filling or interleaving in cartons and boxes or as packaging paper. The paper is not very strong and, when slightly crumpled, is easy to use for filling cavities.

Other accessories

In addition to very simple and standardised filling materials, which are suitable for various purposes and are used in the mail order business in accordance with the respective product to be packaged, we also offer other accessories. These include, for example, high-quality and stable document pouches. In these, for example, the delivery note or the invoice can be stored in order to protect the document safely from external influences such as moisture or cold. The packaging also provides an additional protective layer and ensures that the document arrives safely at the recipient. Other accessories which are very useful for the dispatch of certain products are zip bags or pressure seal bags. These are small plastic bags that can be closed well with a zip or pressure seal. They can be used to store small products such as screws or jewellery stones, which could otherwise easily get mixed up in the larger packaging. These bags are also ideal for storing small quantities. Finally, our offer also includes adhesive tapes, both noisy and quietly unrolling. These can be used to seal the cartons or boxes. If the carton is filled with the goods as well as the corresponding padding and filling materials, it can be closed sensibly with adhesive tape. Only a well sealed package will arrive safely and enable you to send the goods undamaged to the recipient.

You can see: Buying a carton is easy, but packaging and shipping management is a little art in itself. Every mail-order company should at least know the basic rules.