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Cardboard box series MAIL-BOX

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Cardboard boxes series MAIL-BOX

MAIL-BOX is a set of shipping boxes, especially designed for dispatch via parcel or postal services. The single wall cardboard is of extra high quality for best protection of you goods, but still lightweight enough to save you postal fees.

All boxes can be set up quickly and feature a hinged lid, which - in combination with the available colors - gives them an attractive look. These cartons are representative and show your recipients that you care about every aspect of your delivery - not just the price. Everybody can dispatch for cheap, but not everybody pays enough attention to the first impression on the customer - this can decide wheter to order goods from you aagain.

The available sizes of the MAIL-BOX cartons are based on the DHL recommended sizes XS - XL, but they will of course work great for any other parcel service as well.

starting from 1,02 €
From 20 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

Quickly assembled, safely shipped - and postage saved!

The postal shipping boxes are available in 5 different sizes for different shipping requirements. They are delivered folded to save space, can be opened with a few simple steps, and securely closed with a pluggable lid and adhesive tape. The perfect carton for mailing, in every size. And to fit your needs and taste, the boxes are available in brown, white and postal yellow.
By the way: The MAIL-BOX-XS is approved as a maxi letter-carton, which is important for German customers that want to save on postage.

Practical for resellers: The Euro-hole punching for hanging on the sales shelf allows a comfortable presentation of the postal boxes at your local store.