Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard box single wall 150x150x80 mm - KK 05

starting from 0,15 €
From 4200 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Cardboard box single wall 150x150x150 mm - KK 06

starting from 0,18 €
From 2800 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Cardboard box single wall 190x150x140 mm - KK 20

starting from 0,17 €
From 2800 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Cardboard box, single wall, 200x150x90 mm - KK 10

starting from 0,14 €
From 3500 units, incl. tax, plus shipping

Single wall folding cartons for your shipping or storage needs

For light to medium-heavy goods, we recommend single-wall folding cartons. Whether Hermes, GLS, DPD, DHL Paket or Päckchen, we have the solution for your shipping needs.

The single wall folding boxes from the assortment of are the ideal solution for shipping or storage. We offer the single flute boxes in many practical designs so that you can quickly find folding boxes in the right size for your products. Even with only single wall thickness, the cartons are stable and can be used safely for shipping light to medium weight goods. Additionally, supported by the use of protective filling materials, such as packaging chips or bubble wrap, each item can be shipped safely. Cardboard is simply indispensable as the basis for packaging!

Safe shipping for lighter goods

All products that can be assigned to the lower weight classes can be optimally packed with single-wall folding cartons. In practice, single-wall cartons can carry a load of up to 20 kg, but this depends on the distribution of the mass over the surface of the carton. However, lighter products can easily be loaded for shipping with single flute cartons. The cartons are stable and withstand even longer transport distances without problems. Folding cartons are particularly suitable for shipping products such as software or CDs, textile products, consumer goods or even toys. A dispatch is then quite simply possible via transport service providers such as DHL, DPD or Hermes, as well as many other service providers. Our parcel sizes therefore comply with the usual parcel standards, in order to make shipping particularly inexpensive for you - making buying a carton child's play.

Quickly assembled and ready for immediate use

The single wall folding boxes from have many advantages. They are incredibly practical in space-saving storage and yet very easy to assemble. With a wide range of products, cardboard boxes can be ordered directly from us in different sizes. Our cardboard boxes reach you folded flat to save space. The assembly and unfolding takes place on your premises. The process is very easy and time-saving. Thus your products are packed and ready for dispatch within a few seconds. You have unexpectedly run out of shipping materials? No problem at all! Order immediately and benefit from our fast delivery. The high quality of the cardboard boxes from Verpacking is guaranteed to impress you.

Excellent solution also for storage needs

You don't need cartons for shipping your own products, but want to reorganize your warehouse instead? Single-wall cartons are also ideal for this case. The thin walls provide little unnecessary space. This means that the cartons are not only folded, but also filled with the products to be stored in a very space-saving manner and can be easily arranged on shelves. If the cartons are to be closed and sealed to protect them from dust and other contaminants, they can be easily labelled. Thanks to the new order you always keep track of your warehouse size and find what you were looking for in no time at all.

Folding cartons are always the right solution

Good folding cartons are real all-rounders and have become indispensable in online trade. But they support retailers not only as shipping cartons, but are also much more versatile. As a support in the archive, important files can be archived in folding cartons. Cartons can also be used to protect sensitive goods that need to be transported from one place to another. Even if the strength of single wall folding cartons is not as high as that of double wall or even triple wall models, countless products can still be shipped safely with this packaging method. The folding carton is therefore used in a wide variety of areas and industries. In our wide range of different sizes and variants you are guaranteed to find the right folding carton for your individual needs. Folding cartons are a good solution for shipping by post or parcel service, as they combine many practical features. They are inexpensive, environmentally friendly and despite their low weight, extremely stable. Folding cartons reliably protect your goods from transport damage and all kinds of external influences.

Order suitable 1-flute folding boxes in our assortment now and discover your desired product. We offer the appropriate packaging for each article. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use our contact options and we will be happy to help you.