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Stretch film

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Stretch film 5cm x 300m

Can be used to wrap cartons, packages, products (bundling) or whole pallets!

Length300 m
Width50 cm
Core diameter50 mm
ColorBlack or transparent, selectable
Film thickness / Weight per roll
17 my / approx. 2,30 kg
20 my / approx. 2,50 kg
23 my / approx. 3,10 kg

from 9,25 €
Base price: 0,03 € per 1 m
incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

Stretch film for securing goods in the warehouse or during shipping

Especially in the area of larger load units and goods, entrepreneurs like to resort to the practical stretch film to secure or fasten them for shipping. The annually increasing consumption of more than one million tons per year in Europe clearly reflects the need for stretch film. Whether individual packages are to be secured to a pallet or joined to other packages, stretch film is often the best choice for this purpose. When used properly, it prevents the product from tipping over as well as slipping. If the goods are properly secured with the stretch film, they will not suffer any damage during transport or handling. The film is of course suitable for protecting shipping packages: A wrapped box is more stable, small goods can no longer be lost due to transport damage, and of course the package is better protected against moisture.

Our selection of stretch film

You will find a large selection of practical stretch film in our range for use in shipping and in the factory. We offer stretch film in a wide range of sizes and variations, whether you want to use it for one-off use during a move or for daily, economical use - stretch film connects! Stretch film is particularly effective for packing furniture during transport or for securing pallets, for example when loading onto lorries. If you use a dispenser, you can pack comfortably and, above all, save time. Even with a small amount of material, you can achieve good and stable results that are ideal for transport. Even beginners will quickly get the hang of it and realise how much film they need or which type of wrapping achieves the best result. This means that the goods are protected from slipping, as well as from small knocks or the penetration of water. This applies to small cartons as well as to large corrugated containers.

The necessary quality

Especially if the stretch film is to be used regularly or even daily to reliably secure goods and products, you have to be able to rely on the quality of the product. Finding the right product often turns out to be not so easy and is associated with many wrong purchases. An inferior film does not offer sufficient protection and in the long run not only costs nerves and a lot of money, but most likely also material damage. Rely on our offer and make sure to purchase a high-quality and resilient film for your business. Our films, regardless of their design, are particularly tear-resistant and robust and can therefore withstand even greater stresses and strains. When making your choice, you decide on the thickness and suitable format and we ensure that you receive a satisfactory and high-quality product. Let our excellent price-performance ratio convince you. You will receive professional quality at a surprisingly low priced price and will soon be able to use the corresponding packaging materials as aids. Browse through our shop and you will surely discover one or the other product that will make your everyday work or your next move much easier.

Choosing the right quantity

A lot helps a lot is often the motto that is used to argue with packaging. But does a generous use of stretch film to secure goods offer more protection? It is not the quantity of film that determines the degree of protection, but rather the quality of the film and its correct use. If the wrong product is chosen, even the best wrapping will be of no use. However, the same applies if you are not familiar with the correct application. Stretch film is particularly stable if it is stretched directly during use so that the necessary restoring force is generated, which is needed for correct load securing. The best way to do this is to use an automatic stretch machine, as it is almost impossible to achieve the same force manually.

Order our professional and high-quality stretch film. We offer this in different formats and thicknesses for use in your business and as a support for the safe packing of your furniture during your upcoming move. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our contact options.