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Wrapping paper

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250m Bogus paper, 50 or 100cm width

Bogus paper is a classic padding material and perfectly suited as an inexpensive cushioning or filling material for cavities. Used as wrapping, the paper protects particularly sensitive or fragile goods such as electronic devices, glass, porcelain, bottles, picture frames and much more.

Dimensions: 50cm x 250m or 100cm x 250m

Paper weight: approx. 80g/sqm

Color: grey

Properties: shock absorbing, form-fitting

Sale units: 1 roll (250m)

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Ratings 5/5

1kg Silk paper 25g/sqm

Silk paper is a very thin and soft type of bogus paper that can also be used as a cusioning material just like you would do it with regular wrapping paper. Howerver, it is very thin and has a soft and smooth surface which makes it extremely usefull to protect things that are sensitive to scratches or chipping; esp. glass, ceramics and porcelaine. Silkpaper is often used to wrap tableware, which you may have seen in many household shops.

The lightweighted bogus paper comes in packages of 1kg, the dimensions of a single sheet are 50 x 75cm.
The paper weight is approx. 25g/sqm. For comparison: Regular writing paper weights 85g/sqm!

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Shipping goods safely with packaging paper

Not everyone is familiar with packaging paper. But pretty much every shipping employee or online customer has certainly held the product in their hands. packaging paper is a padding and filling material. The brown, almost greyish paper consists entirely of unsorted recycled paper and is thus an extremely ecological solution for all retailers. This particular paper is characterised by the fact that, unlike conventional paper types, it does not have too much strength. It is not only suitable as a filling material, but also as an intermediate layer for separating products or as wrapping paper. Thanks to its composition, the paper is particularly easy to crumple up and can be used to fill any cavity. Because it is made from recycled paper, it is particularly low priced.

Wrapping paper has many special features

Packaging paper is not only in frequent use as a filling material, but also characterises the mail order business in other ways. In many cases it is the basis for the production of cardboard and corrugated board. For example, the paper can make up the partitions of the cardboard or even the flute. However, packaging paper represents a relatively low level in processing and does not exactly make for a high-quality board. packaging paper works much better unprocessed when it is used to pack items for shipping or transport.

Multiple uses

Almost every shop and mail order company uses wrapping paper. This applies to both brick-and-mortar and online retail. If sensitive products need to be protected from damage during transport, packaging paper is a great choice. The paper is not only inexpensive, but also extraordinarily efficient in processing. The paper comes flat and in many layers. When packing, the layers can be taken out individually and wrapped around the respective item. If larger cavities need to be padded, the packaging paper can easily be crumpled up for this purpose.

Packaging paper is practical in use

The reason why packaging paper is so popular in warehouses and at the packing table is that it is so extraordinarily quick to handle. Wrapping paper absorbs shocks and falls during shipping. This is why it has become so popular for fragile items such as porcelain or glassware. But the paper can also be used for many other products. Wrap items that need protection in the paper and then fill any voids in the box between the individual items.

Wrapping paper at the packing table

If you want to further optimise the packaging process at the packing table, you should not buy the packaging paper folded, but rather rolled up. The pressed waste paper can now also be purchased in roll form. With a so-called unwinding machine, you effectively facilitate the individual work steps for your employees. At the same time, you waste less material this way than if you use prefabricated blanks. However, such blanks can pay off if you only send items of similar size. Then you save the step of cutting. With wrapping paper you can pack any goods safely, whether from home, industry or retail. Environmental friendliness, high efficiency, low prices and practicality are the advantages of packaging paper that convince everyone.

There is a big demand for wrapping paper

Packaging paper and other types of wrapping paper are always needed, especially in business. For online retailers, secure shipping is essential. Only those who can transport their articles safely to the customer have a chance of receiving further orders. Transport damage has already catapulted many traders into premature ruin. packaging paper can be used in many ways. Users always have the option of adapting the functionality to their needs by using the paper more as a separating layer between products or as padding for heavier items. Hardly any other filling material offers you more flexibility.

Buy low priced packaging paper online

In our shop you can buy low priced wrapping paper online and order directly. We guarantee prompt delivery so that you can start using it without further delay. You can order the wrapping and filling material in different formats and thus skilfully optimise your packaging process. However, at Verpacking you will not only find cushioning material. Our range also includes many other types of packaging that are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Please feel free to take a look around our shop.

Are you interested in the advantages of wrapping paper in packaging technology? We will be happy to answer your questions about our products. You can reach us during our regular business hours via our contact options. In the meantime, take a look at our products.