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Catering supplies

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Funny Soap cream, mild, canister 10 litres

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Funny soap cream, mild - 10l canister

Mild, moisturising, pink handwash soap with a subtle fragrance based on ecologically valuable raw materials (coconut oil base). It is skin-friendly and dermatologically tested. Formulated without mineral oils, parabens, fragrances suspected of causing allergies, silicone and soap-free.

16,61 €
Base price: 1,66 € per 1 l
incl. tax, plus shipping

QUICKY Dispenser for paper towel rolls MIDI, up to 22 cm

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Quicky dispenser for paper towels

This inside pull dispenser made of plastic with a transparent front is suitable for midi paper towel rolls up to max. 22 cm in diameter.

from 27,79 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

SemyTop Litter bin, foldable, white, 60l

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Semy Top - foldable waste bin for 120l waste bags

Rubbish accumulates almost always and everywhere - but only almost. That's why it's not worth setting up a stationary waste bin everywhere. If the worst comes to the worst, a lightweight waste bin such as this model from Semy Top can be used: The sturdy frame made of coated metal wire is light and can be folded up in 2 easy steps to save space. When needed, you simply unfold it, insert a 120l waste bag and place it where it is needed. Of course, the waste basket is also suitable for stationary use, for example in combination with paper towels in the catering trade - or for collecting deposit bottles in the household. The lightweight basket can also be useful in the kitchen: if the waste bin normally stands in a corner, it can be quickly pulled to the kitchen table or worktop within easy reach when preparing food, for example.

In short: the Semy Top wastepaper bin can be used wherever you need a lightweight and space-saving waste bin that is intended to be flexible in use.

33,25 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

1000 Funny coffee cups per 200 ml

Ratings 0/5

Coffee mug "To Go"

The coffee mugs in brown have a capacity of 200 ml. The design "Hot Beans" is also marked with the words "Vorsicht Heiss - Caution Hot". It was made of heat-resistant and 100% recyclable hard paper, so it is very stable. You order 1 carton a 1000 cups. Matching lids are available separately.

43,04 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

1000 Funny lids for coffee cups, white

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Lids for 200ml coffee mugs

The lids are made of white plastic and are best suited for 200ml coffee mugs.

27,92 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

5000x SemyTop paper towel 25 x 23 cm, 1-ply, recycled, V-fold

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Semy Papierhandtücher für Handtuchspender, V-Falz

5.000 Blatt 1-lagiges Recycling-Handtuchpapier in der Abmessung 25 x 23 cm, V-Falz.

18,78 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

4000 sheets Funny paper towels ZZ/V-fold, 2-ply

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4000 sheets Funny paper towels in ZZ-fold

Paper towels are indispensable in the catering industry for hygienic reasons: cloth rolls are only used when there is little demand, and it is now known that the formerly popular hot-air devices can be heavily contaminated with bacteria if they are not properly cared for and maintained. Moreover, electricity is not available everywhere.

Towels in ZZ/V folds can be stocked in large quantities, are hygienic and easy to recycle thanks to the raw materials used. Depending on the design, they are made of recycled paper or, like the Funny towel paper, of cellulose: this is softer and more pleasant on the skin and, because of its pure white colour, is preferred above all in better restaurants and the hotel industry.

from 26,28 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Please note variants/graduated prices!

Semy Top Towel roll Mini, 2-ply, white, 12 rolls

Ratings 5/5

Paper towels on mini roll

These roll towels are ideal for use in the catering trade and industry. This cellulose towel paper has particularly absorbent, embossed 2-ply paper. These towel rolls are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For indoor use, only the cardboard core needs to be removed.

23,18 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

For catering and hospitality:

Useful things and consumables

There is a high demand for consumables in the restaurant and hospitality industry. These include paper towels and towel dispensers in the restroom as well as cups for hot coffee-to-go or plain trash bags. Our range of catering supplies meets these needs and will be expanded even further in the future - so that you can always deliver the perfect service to your guests!