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Customize Boxes Individually

There are many reasons for individually customized boxes:
Tailor-made sizes help with packing items that don't fit into a standard box - this saves labor and padding material. And of course, a printed shipping box is an excellent advertising medium!

Create custom-sized boxes with your own print quickly and easily in our configurator.

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Tape with Your Company Logo

Tape is a universal tool for shipping.
Printed with your company logo (even in multiple colors!), it becomes a promotional tool with brand recognition! Show your customers who the package is from and make your shipments distinctive.

Design your own tape easily: Here you will find all the necessary information.

Design Tape

Packaging Already Licensed?

With the replacement of the Packaging Ordinance by the new Packaging Act in 2019, new regulations apply to the distribution of packaging materials. The goal of the Packaging Act is to further expand the recycling of cardboard, among other materials; and now all packaging must be licensed in a central register.

Find out more about packaging licensing here:

License your Packaging


Packaging solutions are especially essential for online commerce. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of ignorance about the diverse options available in this industry. In our blog, we therefore regularly share exciting ideas and new trends about packaging and office supplies with you.

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Packaging materials for the wholesale trade (DHL packages, cartons, boxes and more)

At verpacking.com you will not only find boxes and cartons but a wide variety of packaging materials and accessories:
If you are a retailer looking for appropriate shipping means, you can get everything practically and economically from one source. We offer a wide variety of cartons from corrugated cardboard to folding cartons but also high-quality shipping packaging. In smaller sizes for fragile goods consignments you will also find extensive filling material from typical bubble wrap to packaging chips. From simple shipping to warehousing, we are familiar with the requirements for professional use. The cartons in our comprehensive range are designed for various purposes: They are stable and stackable. Some of them are particularly suitable for storage and archiving, while others provide optimum support for professional shipping. With verpacking.com you can easily pack your goods well and find the ideal packaging solution for your needs and your products. As a wholesaler the delivery takes place within Germany (to major German cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Dortmund and many more) and into many countries.

High-quality packaging for private customers

But not only dealers will find what they are looking for here: Most of our packaging materials are also the optimal and inexpensive solution for private customers. For example, our range of products includes not only folding cartons, which are predestined for mail order or online trade.

As private individuals also regularly have a need for high-quality cardboard goods, you are sure to find something suitable in our range. An important use for high-quality cardboard boxes is shipping with Deutsche Post and the use as removal cardboard. If a move is imminent, a wide variety of items must be packed sensibly and securely. After all, you don't want to arrive at your new home after all this stress and find that a large part of your belongings have been damaged. That is why moving boxes must be available in different sizes and above all in the appropriate stability and quality. With us you will find inexpensive moving boxes and appropriate accessories that make the move easier.

Office accessories such as stationery and electronics are also part of our range. From stationery and tools to small electrical goods, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

An individual shipping package for your product: The carton made to measure

Buying the right packaging for an individual product: Many online retailers are faced with this task and then quickly realize that there is no standard solution to help them. Perhaps the product's shape or other properties outside the standard make new demands on packaging, and so far nothing has met their expectations. Because we know very well that standard packaging does not always get you anywhere, we offer our customers the possibility of having boxes made to measure. They have an absolutely free hand and can determine the characteristics of the packaging boxes themselves down to the last detail: They decide on the type of carton, define the inner goods and the quality. Here, for example, you can choose single-wall or double-wall carton, the latter being particularly suitable for heavy products. But your custom-made carton can also be further individualised: We offer you the possibility to additionally apply an individual print to your self-designed cardboard according to your specifications.

We know the requirements for professional use. The cartons in our comprehensive range are designed for various purposes: They are stable and stackable; some are particularly suitable for storage and archiving, while others are ideal for professional shipping. With verpacking.com you can easily pack your goods well and find the ideal packaging solution for your needs and your products.

The first impression: Gift, CD, bottle or book shipment optimally packaged

Especially for online and mail order companies, the packaging carton of their own products, be it jewellery, a bottle, food, CD or book shipment, is more than just a convenient container to secure an item during the shipment of goods. Instead, the carton or shipping packaging becomes part of the first impression a customer gets of the company. This is precisely why no compromises should be made here: The goods must not only be packed safely and properly, but to a certain extent the visual appearance also plays a role. Only with safe and high-quality packaging will your goods reach their destination safely. Packaging board and other packaging materials become to a certain extent the first figurehead of your company and as such have a representative effect. Hardly anything makes such a good impression as individualised and high-quality packaging. For example, if your packaging boxes are printed with the logo of your company or receive visible contact information, this also has an advertising effect that should not be neglected.

You need an individual box and crate made of corrugated cardboard to send it or to store your own products: At verpacking.com you will get the optimal solution.