Adhesive Tape
  • Adhesive tape / packing tapeDimensions: 50 mm x 66 mCore diameter: 76 mmUnwinding behavior: Loud unrollingColor: Brown
  • max. per parcel: 180
  • max. per pallet: 3024
Bulk Prices:
From 6 pcs :€1.45*€0.02* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€0.65*€0.01* / 1 m
From 180 pcs :€0.60*€0.01* / 1 m
From 720 pcs :€0.58*€0.01* / 1 m
From 3024 pcs :€0.51*€0.01* / 1 m
Variants from €0.50
From €0.50 pcs
Content: 66 (€0.02 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 pcs step : 6 pcs
Total: 6 x €1.45 = €8.70*

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  • Adhesive tape "Vorsicht Glas" (caution glass)
  • Dimensions: 50 mm x 66 m
  • Core diameter: 76 mm
  • Unwinding behaviour: Standard
  • max. per parcel: 180
  • max. per pallet: 3024
Bulk Prices:
From 6 Pcs :€1.70*€0.03* / 1 m
From 36 Pcs :€0.83*€0.01* / 1 m
From 180 Pcs :€0.75*€0.01* / 1 m
From 720 Pcs :€0.68*€0.01* / 1 m
From 3024 Pcs :€0.62*€0.01* / 1 m
Variants from €0.62
From €0.62
Content: 66 (€0.03 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 Pcs step : 6 Pcs
Total: 6 x €1.70 = €10.20*

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  • Paper adhesive tape, brown
  • Roll: 50m x 50mm, thickness 0.3mm
  • Core diameter: 75mm
  • Compatible with all hand dispensers
  • Adhesive: natural rubber
  • Disposal: waste paper, recyclable
  • max. per parcel: 108
  • max. per pallet: 1944
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€5.45*€0.11* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€2.94*€0.06* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€2.04*€0.04* / 1 m
From 108 pcs :€1.93*€0.04* / 1 m
From 324 pcs :€1.74*€0.03* / 1 m
From €1.74 pcs
From 324 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.03 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €5.45 = €5.45*

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  • Adhesive tape High-Tack brown 150m
  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 150 m
  • Core diameter: 2 inch core
  • Total thickness: approx. 38 my
  • max. per parcel: 72
  • max. per pallet: 1944
Bulk Prices:
From 6 pc :€2.02*€0.01* / 1 m
From 36 pc :€1.35*€0.01* / 1 m
From 144 pc :€1.28*€0.01* / 1 m
From 756 pc :€1.26*€0.01* / 1 m
From 1944 pc :€1.16*€0.01* / 1 m
Variants from €1.16
From €1.16 pc
Content: 150 (€0.01 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 pc step : 6 pc
Total: 6 x €2.02 = €12.12*

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  • Warning tape in various designs
  • Roll with 66m on 75mm core, 50mm wide
  • Quality: adhesive film 45 mµ, thickness 0.3 mm, quiet unwinding
  • max. per parcel: 144
  • max. per pallet: 2592
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€4.39*€0.07* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€2.19*€0.03* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€1.53*€0.02* / 1 m
From 144 pcs :€1.21*€0.02* / 1 m
From 360 pcs :€1.17*€0.02* / 1 m
From €1.17 pcs
From 360 pcs  
Content: 66 (€0.02 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €4.39 = €4.39*

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  • Quality adhesive tape from the EU
  • quieter unrolling than conventional adhesive tapes
  • for more comfortable wrapping of packages
  • can be used with any standard hand dispenser
  • color: transparent
  • film thickness: 0,028 mm
  • Adhesive: acrylate (water soluble)
  • Ageing and UV stable
  • max. per parcel: 144
  • max. per pallet: 2592
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pc :€3.59*€0.05* / 1 m
From 6 pc :€2.08*€0.03* / 1 m
From 36 pc :€1.43*€0.02* / 1 m
From 144 pc :€1.14*€0.02* / 1 m
From 2592 pc :€0.85*€0.01* / 1 m
Variants from €0.84
From €0.84 pc
Content: 66 (€0.05 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €3.59 = €3.59*

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  • dcut tape in 48,5mm x 50m on roll
  • PE-coated top side , bottom side coated with natural rubber glue
  • robust, flexible and water-repellent at the same time
  • can be torn off crosswise and lengthwise
  • high adhesive strength
  • suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications
  • color: Silver
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€5.05*€0.10* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€3.65*€0.07* / 1 m
From 12 pcs :€3.34*€0.07* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€3.08*€0.06* / 1 m
From 48 pcs :€2.94*€0.06* / 1 m
From €2.94 pcs
From 48 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.06 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €5.05 = €5.05*

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  • tesa Adhesive tape / packing tape brown
  • Dimensions: approx. 50 mm x 66 m
  • Core diameter: 76 mm
  • Unwinding behaviour: low noise
  • max. per parcel: 180
  • max. per pallet: 2376
Bulk Prices:
From 6 Pcs :€2.91*€0.04* / 1 m
From 36 Pcs :€2.05*€0.03* / 1 m
From 144 Pcs :€1.95*€0.03* / 1 m
From 720 Pcs :€1.93*€0.03* / 1 m
From 2376 Pcs :€1.87*€0.03* / 1 m
Variants from €1.87
From €1.87
Content: 66 (€0.04 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 Pcs step : 6 Pcs
Total: 6 x €2.91 = €17.46*

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  • PVC adhesive tape
  • Roll length: 66 m
  • film thickness: 0,032 mm
  • Adhesive: natural rubber (solvent-based)
  • Transparent
  • High adhesive strength
  • max. per parcel: 108
  • max. per pallet: 2592
Bulk Prices:
From 6 pcs :€3.15*€0.05* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€2.71*€0.04* / 1 m
From 108 pcs :€2.46*€0.04* / 1 m
From 540 pcs :€2.37*€0.04* / 1 m
From 2592 pcs :€2.30*€0.03* / 1 m
Variants from €2.30
From €2.30 pcs
Content: 66 (€0.13 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 pcs step : 6 pcs
Total: 6 x €3.15 = €18.90*

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  • dcut tape in 48,5mm x 50m on roll
  • PE-coated top side , bottom side coated with natural rubber glue
  • robust, flexible and water-repellent at the same time
  • can be torn off crosswise and lengthwise
  • high adhesive strength
  • suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications
  • color: White
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€5.56*€0.11* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€4.16*€0.08* / 1 m
From 12 pcs :€3.85*€0.08* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€3.59*€0.07* / 1 m
From 48 pcs :€3.45*€0.07* / 1 m
From €3.45 pcs
From 48 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.07 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €5.56 = €5.56*

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Buy cheap adhesive tape from our online shop - for commercial and private use.


Adhesive tapes are an indispensable packaging material in our lives. They were invented a good 120 years ago, when the pharmacist developed the adhesive bandage Leukoplast. Today there are over 900 different products on the market. They provide an easy way to safely wrap goods, gifts and other items. You can buy adhesive tape cheaply at a wholesale store like Warehouse and Shipping. It doesn't matter whether it's for commercial or private use.

In which materials can adhesive tapes be ordered and what are their applications?


Adhesive is one of the most important methods of joining two components together. First of all, the adhesive should have good adhesion. This word comes from Latin and means "to adhere". Cohesion (sticking together) makes the adhesive stronger. The tape is not necessarily suitable for all surfaces. If the material used is poorly chosen, long-term adhesion is not possible. When choosing the right adhesive tape, it is therefore important to ensure that it is suitable for the material to be joined. The industry offers various special adhesive tapes for this purpose, for example for carpets, plaster or polystyrene. But where can you buy adhesive tape that is suitable for such special applications? In's adhesive tape online shop, you can order the right adhesive tape for all purposes. Adhesive tape is shipped within a few days after ordering from our online shop.
An important area of application for adhesive tapes is the reliable sealing of packaging to ensure safe shipping. One of the great advantages is the easy and quick use of the adhesive tapes, which can be made of different materials. The packaging material, the weight of the goods to be shipped and external influences play a role in the choice. The shipper must take into account climatic conditions such as humidity or temperature fluctuations as well as the stress on the material during transport.

Adhesive tape essentially consists of five components: the core, the release coating, the carrier
the backing material, the bonding agent and the adhesive mass. If you want to protect the environment, you should use cardboard for the roll core and avoid plastic cores. The release coating prevents sticking together on the adhesive tape roll and thus facilitates unrolling. Many materials are possible for the backing material. The choice of the right material depends on the requirements for tear resistance and flexibility. Paper is considered to be particularly sustainable for the environment and, depending on how it is processed, it can be stretched. However, it tears more quickly compared to other backing materials. One of the advantages is easy marking of paper. This is more difficult with polypropylene (PP), but it has a high tear strength. PVC is particularly stable and also has a high degree of flexibility. In combination with a natural rubber-based adhesive, it can be unrolled particularly quietly. PVC is easy to print on, which is why it is often used for decorative purposes.

The bonding agent ensures that the adhesive sticks to the substrate. The adhesive itself consists of different materials. A natural and high-quality adhesive is natural rubber. In addition to its good adhesion to packaging material, it is also convincing due to its high temperature resistance. HotMelt is a synthetic rubber that adheres quickly and is easy to roll off. Acrylate is a water-based synthetic adhesive. In addition to good permanent adhesion, it has high UV and ageing resistance and makes the transparent tape rolls perfect.

The two different types of parcel tapes and how they guarantee a secure closure of the parcel

Parcel tape protects goods from being lost in transit. In addition to securely closing a box, it also serves to ensure its stability. It thus plays an important role in ensuring that the goods reach the recipient safely and undamaged. There is a large selection of parcel tapes from which the appropriate one for the intended use must be chosen.

One of the most commonly used tapes is PVC packing tape, which is characterised by its high tensile strength. Good adhesive strength also ensures a secure seal for all types of packaging material. This packing tape is a good choice for medium to heavy shipments. It is mainly offered in transparent or brown. Another benefit is its resistance to moisture. Light to medium weight boxes can be sealed with PP packing tape. The tear resistance and adhesive strength are not as good as PVC, but this is not necessary for light shipments. Polypropylene tape is available with acrylic, hotmelt and natural rubber adhesives. The disadvantage of hotmelt is that parcel tape cannot be unrolled quietly with this type of adhesive. This is where the other two substances have advantages.

Wet adhesive tapes have an extremely high adhesive strength and tear resistance, which protects the contents from unauthorised access during shipping. The tape also sticks to dusty surfaces and cannot be removed from the box without damaging the surface. Wet adhesive tape is made of kraft paper and is derived from renewable raw materials. It is therefore kinder to the environment than material made of PP or PVC. Filament tape guarantees the secure closure of packaging material for heavy shipments or hazardous goods. It has a reinforcement of glass fibres that are worked into the parcel tape lengthwise or crosswise. This gives it an extremely high tensile strength. When transporting hazardous goods, securing with filament tape makes an important contribution to protecting the environment. Almost every online shop uses this adhesive tape Where to buy it cheap?

The adhesive tape roll made of crepe is the environmentally friendly helper for painting work and in logistics.


Adhesive tapes are not only used for closing cartons and other packaging materials. Adhesive tape made of crepe is used in many areas. One area is painting and varnishing work. Craftsmen use it not only for interior and exterior painting. It also serves well for refurbishing furniture, window or door frames. When painting, it is used to precisely delineate different colours or varnishes. It can also be used to prevent colour transitions from running into each other during renovation work. In the car paint shop, masking tape prevents the spray gun from spreading the paint to unwanted areas of the vehicle. The tapes are flexible and can also be applied to curved parts without any problems.

Masking tapes also play a role in logistics. They can be used to easily seal packaging and label it in any desired colour with a simple pen. This makes it easy to allocate specific goods in the warehouse. Cartons are easy to open and reseal with it without damaging the surface of the cardboard. The disadvantage is that the adhesive strength is weak. This means that regular re-taping is necessary during longer storage periods. Adhesive tape shows its advantages when used for short periods of time.

One of the advantages of masking tape is that it uses a water-based adhesive that is free of solvents. This means that the product can be disposed of cheaply, gently and in an environmentally friendly manner. The masking tape consists of a thin paper backing with a weak adhesive film. It is easy to tear off, which means it can be used without scissors. For outdoor use, the tape is convincing due to its UV resistance. It is resistant to all weather conditions and can withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. If it is not used for more than 15 days, it can be removed easily and without leaving any residue. Afterwards, adhesive residues may remain, but these can be easily removed with water. The properties of masking tape are not suitable for the safe and stable shipping of goods.

Wholesale rolls of armoured tape - the robust all-rounder for DIY and military use.


The term is said to originate from the German armed forces, where this special fabric tape is in use. The name says a lot about the best properties. Armour tape has good tear resistance and extremely high adhesive strength. That is why it is not only popular with the military, but also in industry. The special fabric structure gives armour tape a high degree of stability. An interesting property is that although it can be torn off by hand, it can still pull extremely heavy loads. If a sufficient amount is twisted together, the resulting "rope" can pull a small tank. The tape can be used universally, including for repairs and insulation. Its special construction even allows it to seal leaks. It is waterproof and can therefore also be used to repair a shower hose. Material fatigue, tears in the tent or broken shoes can be repaired with it. It is not advisable to repair safety-relevant parts. Even if the armour tape should be able to pull a tank if necessary, it is not advisable to repair climbing ropes.

Armour tape is very temperature resistant and can be used between -10 and +75 °C. In addition to black and white tape, the trade offers the product in silver or other colours. It also adheres to rough surfaces or stone. In order for the tape to develop its full adhesive power, the surface must be carefully cleaned. Similarly robust fabric tapes are known as Gaffa Tape or Duct Tape. Gaffa Tape is very strong and is used in stage construction and cable laying. Duct Tape is used for pipe work because it is waterproof. Unlike duct tape, however, it leaves unsightly residues that are difficult to remove. You can buy these strong, sturdy tapes at wholesale

Insulating tape makes it possible to repair cables cheaply and to mark power lines.


One of the most important features is already in the name of these tapes: It does not conduct electricity. That is why craftsmen use it for insulation. It can also be used to mark power lines. Insulating tape is available in a wide variety of colours. There are numerous applications for it in the household. Many appliances today work with electricity. A damaged cable sheath poses the risk of electric shock. A repair with insulating tape makes it possible to continue using the appliance, at least temporarily. However, there are limits to the repair. If the rubber insulation on a cable is damaged and the conductor is freely visible, adhesive tape is not sufficient for the repair. It is very flexible and therefore lacks the necessary mechanical stability of a cable. In this case, the use of a heat shrink tubing is recommended.

Normally, insulating tape should only be used to mark cables and current-carrying connections. Insulating tape means that the product does not conduct electricity. It makes sense to look for the VDE mark or similar markings when buying. They guarantee that the promised properties correspond to the fact. In addition to marking cables and other conductors, insulating tape can be used when pulling in cables to secure them to the pull-in tape. It can also be used to cover fuses that must not be switched on.

The insulating tape should be able to stretch when it is applied so that it can adapt to the objects it is wrapped around. Sharp edges of mechanical connectors must be padded beforehand. If the thickness is uneven, wrapping from the thickest to the thinnest point is useful. Insulating tape is easier to separate with a knife or scissors. It is better not to tear it off by hand because this stretches the area at the end of the cable. Repairing appliance cables is not a permanent solution. Over time, the tape loses its adhesive effect due to the stress on the cable, which creates the risk of an electrical accident again. Therefore, the defective cable must be replaced promptly.

Where can I order paper tape to send parcels in an environmentally friendly and safe way?


Paper tape is a good contribution to the environment. Unlike PP or PVC, it can be disposed of together with the packaging board in the waste paper bin. On the other hand, sending items glued with plastic presents the recipient with the problem of having to laboriously separate the adhesive tape from the cardboard. The sustainable alternative has good adhesive strength and is perfect for sending light to medium-weight parcels. The adhesive is made of natural rubber, which is also environmentally safe. The adhesive tape roll can be precisely applied to the shipping goods and easily unrolled. You can find this type of paper tape in any standard adhesive tape shop.

The product is given more stability by a thread reinforcement. The tape is provided with several threads along its length. In addition, there is a sinusoidal thread, which means that even heavy packages can be reliably closed and protected. An alternative is soda paper, which is very tear-resistant. It is easy to print and can therefore be used as a free advertising medium. Alternatively, it can be labelled with warnings, such as "Caution glass!". A special form is wet adhesive tapes, which are an excellent theft protection. They cannot be removed without damaging the box. This makes it easy to determine if someone has illegally opened the package before the recipient.

Other advantages of paper tape include good immediate adhesion and a long-lasting adhesive effect. These adhesive tape rolls can be unrolled quietly and evenly and are easy to apply by hand even without an unwinder. Users may find it disadvantageous that no transparent version is available and that the natural product is more expensive than polypropylene. However, the ecological advantages justify the slightly higher price. The natural rubber adhesive used is completely biodegradable and is sustainably obtained from the sap of the rubber tree.

The tape dispenser lets you pack faster and more conveniently

Tapes can often be unrolled by hand, but it's much easier with a tool. Many people know the feeling when they just can't find the beginning. Tearing off the tape by hand also often proves easier in theory than in practice. If there is a longer distance to be taped, wrinkles quickly form or the parcel tape gets twisted. With a tape dispenser, these problems are a thing of the past. It allows you to seal the parcel not only securely, but also visually cleanly.

Hand-held dispensers that are easy to hold and light in weight are suitable for quickly sealing parcels. They can have various advantages depending on the design. Safety dispensers have an automatic retraction of the blade, which is thus concealed and eliminates the risk of injury. If a large number of parcels are to be sent regularly, tape dispensers that are specially designed for frequent use can be used. They fit ergonomically well in the hand and have a roller brake that can be adjusted manually. This ensures the correct tension on the adhesive tapes. The trade also offers table dispensers. They make daily office work easier and are particularly suitable for narrow rolls. The required adhesive material is pulled off with the adhesive surface facing downwards and cut off via the integrated cutting device. These devices are also suitable for producing short adhesive pieces.

For the many tasks in everyday office life, there are also tape dispensers in which several rolls can be inserted. Mechanical devices can be conveniently operated with one hand. This leaves the second hand free for the packaging material to be taped. The work is even easier with an electric version, which can be used to produce adhesive strips in predefined lengths. The power for these tape dispensers comes from the socket or from batteries. All tabletop dispensers are equipped with a non-slip base. For wet adhesive tapes, there are dispensers that cut the tape at the desired point and moisten it at the same time.

One of the largest suppliers of adhesive tapes is Tesa. The company also offers many other useful aids for everyday use in the office and at home. These include the Tesafilm dispensers, which impress with their innovative stop-pad technology. In the past, sand inside the table dispenser provided stability through sheer weight. Today, the traditional company uses a special adhesive solution to achieve this effect. A serrated knife ensures a clean cut. The devices are specially adapted to Tesa products. This makes the modern Tesafilm dispensers much lighter, but they can still be operated with one hand. The range also includes hand dispensers for parcel tape.

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