Archive Boxes
  • Archive container with front flap for practical filling
  • dimensions: 297 x 334 x 330 mm
  • suitable for 4 folders
  • max. 80mm spine
  • Stacking lugs for additional stability
  • max. per parcel: 25
  • max. per pallet: 280
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 5 Pcs :€7.45*
From 15 Pcs :€3.25*
From 280 Pcs :€2.94*
From 560 Pcs :€2.62*
Variants from €2.62
From €2.62
Min. : 5 Pcs step : 5 Pcs
Total: 5 x €7.45 = €37.25*

840 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Labeling field + finger hole
  • Inner dimension: 315 x 76 x 260 mm
  • Outer dimension: 325 x 80 x 265 mm
  • Color: brown
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 100 pcs :€1.19*
From 200 pcs :€1.19*
From 400 pcs :€1.19*
From 600 pcs :€1.19*
From 900 pcs :€1.19*
Variants from €1.09
From €1.09 pcs
Min. : 100 pcs step : 100 pcs
Total: 100 x €1.19 = €119.00*

1900 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Magazine file + labeling field + finger hole
  • Inner dimension: 260 x 75 x 315 mm
  • Outer dimension: 265 x 78 x 318 mm
  • Color: brown
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 100 pcs :€3.44*
From 200 pcs :€3.10*
From 400 pcs :€2.93*
From 800 pcs :€2.76*
From 1300 pcs :€0.78*
Variants from €0.63
From €0.63 pcs
Min. : 100 pcs step : 100 pcs
Total: 100 x €3.44 = €344.00*

780 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Stand-up collector + finger hole
  • Inner dimension: 260 x 75 x 315 mm
  • Outer dimension: 270 x 107 x 320 mm
  • Color: grey
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€4.49*
From 100 pcs :€4.02*
From 200 pcs :€3.78*
From 400 pcs :€3.55*
From 900 pcs :€1.52*
Variants from €1.19
From €1.19 pcs
Min. : 50 pcs step : 50 pcs
Total: 50 x €4.49 = €224.50*

1660 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Archive box with front flap
  • Dimensions: 498x295x322mm
  • Max. 6 files (spine width 80mm)
  • Stable and stackable
  • Sturdy storage and transport box with side handles
  • Large labelling areas on front and back side
  • max. per parcel: 30
  • max. per pallet: 300
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 10 Pcs :€3.86*
From 30 Pcs :€2.68*
From 300 Pcs :€2.58*
From 600 Pcs :€2.33*
From €2.33 Stck.
From 600 Stck.  
Min. : 10 Pcs step : 10 Pcs
Total: 10 x €3.86 = €38.60*

900 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • extra large storage and transport box with side handles
  • hinged lid for secure closure
  • large labelling fields on all 4 sides
  • very durable construction
  • max. per parcel: 20
  • max. per pallet: 100
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 5 Pcs :€5.84*
From 15 Pcs :€3.93*
From 100 Pcs :€3.76*
From 200 Pcs :€3.03*
From €3.03 Stck.
From 200 Stck.  
Min. : 5 Pcs step : 5 Pcs
Total: 5 x €5.84 = €29.20*

300 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Slip carton top + bottom with stand-up function
  • Corrugated board: 1 flute 1.02 E flute
  • Inner dimension: 305 x 215 x 50 mm
  • Outer dimension: 311 x 227 x 51 mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 25 pc :€1.92*
From 100 pc :€1.16*
From 400 pc :€0.86*
From 2000 pc :€0.75*
From 2925 pc :€0.67*
Variants from €0.67
From €0.67 pc
Min. : 25 pc step : 25 pc
Total: 25 x €1.92 = €48.00*

17172 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Automatic bottom
  • Labeling field + finger hole
  • Inner dimension: 315 x 65 x 233 mm
  • Outside dimension: 320 x 67 x 242 mm
  • Color: brown
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 100 pcs :€7.59*
From 200 pcs :€6.86*
From 300 pcs :€6.50*
From 500 pcs :€6.14*
From 700 pcs :€1.21*
From €1.21 pcs
From 700 pcs  

Not available

  • Archive clips
  • Enables easy removal of folder contents
  • secure fixing of the contents
  • colour: white
  • quantity: 50 pcs / package
  • max. per parcel: 550
  • max. per pallet: 15000
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 50 Pcs :€21.04*
From 550 Pcs :€6.58*
From 15000 Pcs :€5.73*
From 30000 Pcs :€5.56*
From €5.56 Stck.
From 30000 Stck.  
Min. : 50 Pcs step : 50 Pcs
Total: 50 x €21.04 = €1,052.00*

45000 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Automatic bottom + integrated lid
  • Labeling field + finger hole
  • Inner dimension: 320 x 253 x 72 mm
  • Outside dimension: 324 x 262 x 75 mm
  • Color: white
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 100 pcs :€7.59*
From 200 pcs :€6.86*
From 300 pcs :€6.50*
From 600 pcs :€6.14*
From 900 pcs :€1.18*
From €1.18 pcs
From 900 pcs  
Min. : 100 pcs step : 100 pcs
Total: 100 x €7.59 = €759.00*

14100 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

Archive boxes for folders and paper products are practical to use in the office or household.

Keeping documents in order is crucial in an office for the benefit of an overview and quick access. This is best achieved with the help of archive boxes for folders, in which various documents can last for a long time, well protected from moisture and environmental influences. The useful box in brown, white or grey is not only suitable for the office, but also for the household. In children's rooms or basements, the archive box with lid can also be used as a toy box or storage space for other loose items. Practically, the cardboard with lid protects various items from getting dusty at the same time.
The boxes are practical helpers when it comes to storing various documents.

Keep documents and folders handy at all times in the archive box carton

The archive box carton is used for space-saving storage of documents, folders and files. It is often used as a helpful filing system so that the overview is not lost. The box is filled with various documents, labelled and stored in an archive. Due to its practical design, the box allows several boxes to be stacked easily and clearly.

Documents that have been stored in archive boxes with lids are now ready to hand and can be retrieved at any time. All folders that will not be used for a longer period of time are stored in shelves and filing cabinets. The archive box for folders allows them to be sorted chronologically or even alphabetically. For sensitive documents that are particularly sensitive to humidity, there are models with a lock or perforation with a sealing cord.

Reinforced cardboard boxes with lids offer a higher load-bearing capacity than standard cardboard boxes.

Most archive boxes and containers are made of hardboard or corrugated cardboard. They have a volume of between 5 and 50 litres and have a higher load-bearing capacity than standard cardboard boxes. The bottom and top edges are often reinforced so that several files can be stacked and transported without any problems. At the same time, archive boxes folders have an inside and an outside, folding edges and several plug-in devices that provide for easy assembly and stabilisation of the box. A grip hole on both sides makes it easier to transport the box.

The large boxes allow the storage of several documents, such as papers and folders or the hanging of suspension files. The smaller models have the DIN A4 format to safely store a folder. Archive folders are available in a similar size with a filing clip. Alternatively, the smaller formats are also used for storing manuscripts and single sheets. The archive box is closed with a lid that can either be closed or removed and which insulates the contents well.

Most models have an additional labelling field to record which contents are currently in the box. Uniform organisation with the help of the labelling is a good way of being able to retrieve papers at any time and organise them quickly.
Boxes with suspension files are a good, cost-effective alternative to a suspension file cabinet. Archive containers made of plastic, for example, are more resistant. They can be stacked just as well as the cardboard models.

Easy transport with our archive boxes with handles

The buyer can choose between different formats and colours.
The boxes are available in portrait and landscape formats and in brown, white and grey. Depending on the equipment, the boxes are equipped with a flap or lid. With the accompanying handles, the archive box for files is easy to transport and stow away.

The box that can hold 4 to 5 files is common. In addition, there are models that are specially designed for hanging files. They have an automatic bottom and finger holes to make it easier to set up the folders. They can hold up to 10 folders.
We sell boxes ranging in size from 328x295x239 mm to 498x295x322 mm.

Common models are made of cardboard for storing folders and files. DIN A formats are common, usually DIN A4 for easier handling and storage of folder contents or single sheets in the same dimensions. This prevents documents from slipping or getting mixed up. Generally, archive containers and boxes are adapted to the folder contents so that nothing gets lost during transport, even with large quantities of documents.

You can find archive boxes in these sizes and models on

Archive boxes differ in size depending on their purpose and structure. They have different sizes and features. All models are hard-wearing. When buying, the manufacturer's specifications show exactly what load capacity and volume is available.

The archive box serves to protect individual staplers or documents

In order to not only file documents and sheets quickly and easily, but also to be able to store them better, a cardboard archive box with a lid in DIN A4 format is also suitable in addition to a delivery file. Why? Without a supplementary box, all papers are not extensively protected from dirt, moisture and pests. To avoid such cases, a small box that takes all this into account is recommended.

The box can be purchased with or without a sling bar and has a size of 33 x 28.8 x 8.5 cm. The archive box is a space-saving storage that needs a good organisation system. The capacity of the small boxes is between 6 and 9 litres. The contents are well protected and stored in an opaque way. The boxes have a labelling field and are suitable for stacking on a shelf or desk.

Archive container with high capacity for several files

Cardboard or plastic archive containers are the ideal solution for storing several files. They have a large capacity, are stable, have a high carrying capacity and can be closed with a lid. They often have integrated stacking lugs or automatic shelves for easy folding. They are user-friendly and have option and labelling fields.

The archive containers are easy to transport via a handle hole, are stable and environmentally friendly. They offer space for storing 5 to 6 files and often have a hinged lid to allow a quicker view inside. Larger versions measure 50 x 43.5 x 30.5 centimetres.

Archive boxes with practical slip-on lids and carrying handles

In addition to models with hinged lids, there are boxes with removable lids and additional carrying handles. They are ideal for archiving documents, suspension files and folders on a larger scale. Thanks to their practical design, archive containers can also be used for other storage purposes, such as moving house. The lid, top edges and base are reinforced. There is a wide marking field on all sides of the box. In addition to the boxes, there are also accessories.

Suspension files - Archive containers especially for suspension files

Archive containers suspension files are similar in design to the simple archive box cardboard and are specially designed for hanging files. As a rule, they are somewhat larger to provide space for 10 to 20 folders. The containers are made of cardboard and are available in portrait format. An integrated device allows the folders to be hung up in a clearly arranged manner.

They are also called hanging files and are designed to fit the folders and binders in size and structure so that the documents are not bent or damaged. Models of this type allow documents to be always at hand and permanent archiving to be useful.

Archive boxes with locks protect sensitive documents from unauthorised viewing

In administration and accounting, in companies there are always sensitive documents that require secure storage and must be protected from unauthorised viewing. The archive box carton with closure or with perforation is ideal for this purpose. They can be stored in such a way that they can only be opened by designated personnel.

Our archive container - your smart filing system for archiving documents

Documents contain relevant or important information and data that, despite PC use and digitalisation, still need to be in paper form in many areas. They can be part of bookkeeping, legal security or verification requirements, document invoices and payments or legal matters. Often the retention of certain documents is required by law. Both companies and private individuals do this.

In order to be able to provide proof of certain processes at any time, archiving is generally worthwhile. This applies in particular to court decisions, case files, expert opinions, certificates, birth certificates, baptismal certificates, marriage and death certificates. Private tax documents should also be kept longer for complete clarification, even if there is no legal obligation to do so.

Accordingly, a suitable filing system is necessary for the safekeeping of such documents. Offices generally work with folders, registers and files, which are stored in a cardboard archive box for better sorting. It is used for storage over a longer period of time, quick access and protection from light and dust. Archive boxes with lids are the smart solution for stacking on the shelf or in the filing cabinet, offering enough storage space for several documents and the more suitable format.

Archive containers are used in private households as well as in companies. They can be kept handy on desks and shelves or stored in archives. They are also a good solution when there is little storage space available and space-saving storage of documents is required. Those who value order at home but cannot part with memorabilia can find a remedy with the archive box carton and store them safely in the solid designs.

Due to the very sturdy construction, it can also be used for other purposes, for photos, clothes, moving items or toys. The box fits in wardrobes, in bookshelves and can also be easily stored on the wall, on the floor or stacked in several versions. The materials allow for long-term storage in basements, garages and attics without the contents being soiled by moisture or dust.

Why you should use archive boxes to store your documents

Archive boxes for folders allow for perfect organisation, archiving and storage of documents. They are handy and sized exactly for file folders, are 100 percent recyclable and FSC-certified. The stability and quality of the materials allow the folders to be transported and stored safely for a long time without being damaged. Archive folders are closed all around and have a simple folding system in favour of assembly and use.

They are easy to handle with a practical grip hole. This allows the folders to be removed quickly. The material is environmentally friendly, robust and protects documents from light, dust and dirt. In addition to folders, archive boxes also hold individual documents, often in quantities of up to 500 sheets. Reinforced sides ensure secure storage with a common shape. Assembly is simple and can be done quickly with instructions.

Most archive containers have a high carrying capacity and have handles for transport. There are models that can hold up to 50 kilograms of contents, so that even heavy files or books can fit inside. The DIN A4 format is designed for file folders, while the archive boxes fit on shelves both lying down and standing up.

Folding and assembling the archive box - explained step by step

An archive box for files is usually bought in large quantities and delivered as a flat cardboard box. To assemble the box, it is folded according to the instructions. The inner sides can be identified by the folded edges and should face upwards.

Step 1: Place the box with the folded edges facing upwards and find the folded edge between the body and the lid. Fold the lid inwards at the edge.

Step 2: Now it's the turn of the side pieces. Bend them back and forth several times with your fingers to achieve more stability and to define the bending points. Then lift the side parts one after the other so that an inner space is created and the body of the file box with lid is visible.

Step 3: Now bend the upper edges of the side parts and lock the front part over the four wedges.

Step 4: Finally, lift both side parts and fold the lid part, pressing the long side with the handle hole downwards. This snaps the insertion tab into place. The archive box folders have just been fully assembled and you are ready to use them.

What should be considered when buying archive boxes?

The archive boxes with lids are versatile, available in different sizes and formats and especially designed for storage, archiving and transport of documents. Labelling is particularly easy with a sign, label or labelling field to quickly find a file folder when needed. The practical boxes are available in portrait format for shelves and in landscape format for archives and drawers. They are easy to open and close and are also useful for heavy files.

Compared to normal boxes, the use of additional adhesive tape is not necessary. When buying, you can make sure that the materials are of high quality and environmentally friendly. If you want to store a lot, you should pay attention to certain details and features, such as the load capacity and volume of the boxes specified by the manufacturer. Archive boxes with reinforced sides and bottoms are excellent. They can carry a lot of weight and remain stable and solid even during long-term storage.

As uniformly designed as file folders and folders are, so are archive boxes in their standard design. When buying, there is a choice between small and large boxes for one or more folders in a plain colour design. Individual boxes that enclose a folder and can be stacked on the shelf are also recommended. Folding the box is particularly easy thanks to the hinged lid and automatic base. Many models have a lid with a flap for closing and handle holes for transport.

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