Bottle Carton
  • Carton for shipping beer bottles
  • Dimensions (inside): 255x175x294mm
  • Beer bottles: 6
  • Bottle size: 0.3-0.5 l
  • Material: brown corrugated cardboard with print
  • Test mark: PTZ
  • max. per parcel: 15
  • max. per pallet: 90
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 5 Pcs :€4.96*
From 10 Pcs :€3.33*
From 15 Pcs :€3.28*
Variants from €1.70
From €1.70
Min. : 5 Pcs step : 5 Pcs
Total: 5 x €4.96 = €24.80*

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  • self-adhesive + tear strip + edge protection
  • incl. inner packaging for bottles
  • DHL certified
  • Inner dimension: 316 x 112 x 115 mm
  • Outside dimension: 385 x 126 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 225g
  • Color: brown
  • max. per parcel: 100
  • max. per pallet: 840
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 10 pcs :€4.66*
From 50 pcs :€2.63*
From 100 pcs :€2.12*
From 300 pcs :€1.86*
From 840 pcs :€1.61*
From €1.61 pcs
From 840 pcs  
Min. : 10 pcs step : 10 pcs
Total: 10 x €4.66 = €46.60*

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The carton for every bottle: Buy the right bottle carton at

Are you a drinks retailer, winemaker or gastronome? No matter which target group you belong to. There's a safe and affordable bottle shipping box for you too. Here you can find out some basic information on the subject and get an overview of the sizes, features and regulations. If your customers buy bottles in shipping cartons and have them delivered, this guide will certainly help you. No matter whether you want to ship your products yourself as a distiller or offer wines, beer or sparkling wine via an online shop. The right packaging is a decisive sales factor. Because when shipping drinks, special care must be taken when choosing the carton bottle and filling material so that the bottle is not damaged.

Protecting bottles with our shipping carton

Without these practical and stable shipping cartons for bottles, you could not transport drinks in glass bottles. A shipping carton for bottles is both a protection and a transport item at the same time. Bottle cartons are lightweight yet dimensionally stable containers made of cardboard. Special processes are used to produce an extremely resilient construction material from the raw material cardboard. Environmentally friendly and recyclable, this incredibly versatile corrugated cardboard presents itself in ever new forms on the packaging market.

Safe glass shipping with dividers

The cartons are extremely dimensionally stable, torsionally stiff and have sufficient protection due to their dividers (shelf-like inserts). This means that the bottle cannot hit another bottle when being shipped to your home. Nevertheless, we recommend that you cushion the glass bottles as much as possible. Please never leave small empty spaces open, but always fill them with cushioning material. This makes shipping with glass even safer and the customers who open the wine box expectantly will be pleased with the intact contents.

Our bottle shipping cartons are the space-saving packaging - simple yet robust

A flat, space-saving foundation can easily be turned into a solid bottle shipping carton in just a few simple steps. We offer foldable bottle shipping cartons with excellent properties for sending glass bottles in a secure package. The folding carton is made of durable corrugated cardboard, which is lightly and sturdily formed in three layers. Due to the incorporated arch structures, a bottle box is inexpensive, but almost as stable as a wooden case. Despite this high stability, it is much lighter and tailor-made for shipping by parcel service.

Buy efficient bottle boxes for shipping and storage

For efficient bottle shipping, the correct carton sizes and their permissible weight capacity must be observed. This is a prerequisite for shipping by post and other delivery companies. Each folding carton is adapted to the respective purpose and tailor-made for it. For shipping the bottle shipping cartons themselves and their space-saving storage, all cartons for bottles are made of foldable cardboard. This means that you, as a wine merchant or restaurateur, can always stock up on larger quantities of packaging material and there is no shortage of bottle shipping cartons for larger orders.

Easy unfolding thanks to sophisticated technology

The erection from flat folding carton to ready-to-ship packaging takes place quickly and in a logical sequence: after all, time is precious in the mail-order business. The correct insertion of the bottle into the bottle carton takes place smoothly thanks to sophisticated technology. An automatic tray adjusts to the perimeter of the glass containers. Closing the shipping carton for bottles is simplified by the click system. A self-adhesive closure makes the bottle shipping box stable and ready for travel.

To increase the stability of the bottle box, we recommend placing the blocking in a diamond shape around the glass bottles. This avoids waste caused by filling material. In addition, the security of the contents is improved, especially in the case of individual bottle shipments.

The customer who receives the goods will be able to open their bottle box shipment without any problems thanks to the easy handling. A progress tear strip prevents unintentional breaking at the corners of the carton. The bottle shipping carton can thus be used to store the remaining bottles until they are completely used up.

Wine is often shipped in large wine bottle boxes of twelve each. The larger and heavier, the more resilient the cardboard must be constructed when shipping bottles. An automatic tray holds each individual bottle securely. This prevents the glass bottles from hitting each other and breaking during transport. The compartment also makes the contents easier to see. The bottle carton is closed by means of the notches and an adhesive surface. A standardised parcel service label completes the packaging process.

Automatic compartments adjustable according to bottle size

Borrowed from the principle of a half-timbered house, a stabilising cardboard frame is inserted in the wine carton. The supporting structure gives it greater stability against pressure from above and from the side. The cardboard, which is flat out of the box, is unfolded automatically to form a stable structure. It is simply inserted into the bottle shipping carton. The compartment is enclosed with the corresponding bottle shipping cartons with assembly instructions. The automatic system ensures that the bottle size, i.e. 1l or 0.75l, is automatically adjusted when inserted.

Safe shipping of glass bottles without compartments with cushioning material

If you prefer to ship with cushioning material or bottle sleeves, you can order a sturdy bottle shipping box without compartments. With a capacity of up to 18 containers and a load capacity of 30 kg, such a bottle shipping box is sufficient for sending large shipments. The inner length is 625 mm, the inner width 315 mm and the inner height 360 mm.

Boxes of 6 without compartments with internal dimensions of 325 x 231 x 405 mm are offered in graduated prices of 5/ 20/ 60/ 100/ 360 or 720 bottle shipping boxes. Your purchase price is reduced according to the quantity purchased. The load capacity is 30 kg.

More stability through nesting

Want to make bottle shipping boxes without compartments really stable? This is easily done by using one or more 2-bottle carton inserts. With their external dimensions of 210 x 100 x 355, they fit perfectly (without compartments). So for a 6-bottle shipping box, three of these inserts are nested. For a 12-bottle box, six inserts have to be planned. This makes transport particularly safe. By the way: A 0.75l bottle of wine weighs about 0.85 kg.

The bottle shipping carton for shipping individual glass bottles: Shipping in cartons can be safe and inexpensive even for small quantities

The 130 x 130 x 350 mm bottle shipping carton without dividers is ideal for securely shipping individual bottles if the bottle is to be additionally protected by gift wrapping or a sleeve. The boxes without dividers are available in packs of ten or as a pallet, so they can also be purchased inexpensively for shipping small quantities.

Form-fitting bottle sleeves

Glass sleeves or bottle sleeves made of corrugated cardboard enclose the bottle in a form-fitting manner. In this way, a good wine can be safely packed in a space-saving manner. The sleeves, which fit around any bottle shape, can cover circumferences from 90 mm up to 150 mm at full extension. These practical shipping sleeves made of corrugated cardboard are available in outer cartons of 400 pieces each.

Premium bottle boxes as shipping cases for transporting high-quality wines

Bordeaux and Burgundy are particularly popular. Shipping in attractive premium packaging emphasises the high quality of the wine. In a multi premium wine box, this wine is always well received. Extra sturdy corrugated cardboard as well as corner and edge protection predestine this cardboard box with DHL certification for shipping your fine wines. The customer can open the package without any problems thanks to the tear strip and injury protection at the tear edges. The bottle carton is available with an easy-to-understand print as a set-up instruction in a pack of 10 or 840 pieces on a pallet.

Buy the special bottle box for individual wine shipment

Special wines, champagnes or sparkling wines are often ordered individually. The bottle carton shipping is indeed announced by a label on the outside of the carton so that the parcel carrier is particularly careful. This way, the bottle and its contents will hopefully not be damaged. Nevertheless, the carton should be particularly sturdy for these high-priced drinks. A single carton with 316 x 126 x 120 mm internal dimensions holds exactly one bottle. The carton can be set up quickly and is equipped with a special inner insert: a rhombus. This compartment securely encloses the bottle. On the outside, it optimally reinforces the carton. This is the safest way to comfortably ship high-priced wines. If you want to buy these bottle boxes, you can choose any number of packaging units of 10 pieces each. It is cheaper to order a pallet unit of this practical and beautiful type of wine box, 840 pieces each.

Gift boxes for every occasion

You offer a wide range of wines, beer or sparkling wine. There is also a choice of extras. Do you want to give them a special touch? If you are a wine merchant, restaurateur or vintner and recommend exquisite specialities to your customers, the presentation in a gift box is one of your most special moments. High-quality gift boxes in different colours are available for this purpose, which form the perfectly matching frame around the corresponding wine. If the luxury boxes are to be sent by post, it is advisable to use an outer packaging.

Luxury gift boxes

In the colours Bordeaux, green, black or sapphire, this box offers a perfect frame for the high-quality contents. The luxury gift box is also available in brown and natural. It holds two glass bottles with a capacity of up to 0.75l. Thanks to its solid structure, the coloured cardboard box is suitable for mailing. A divider protects the containers in the double pack from each other. The luxury gift box is also available in a three-pack size. A gift box for packaging a single bottle is also offered in the same design. The prices per piece can be optimally arranged due to the favourable graduated prices. A gift box is very suitable for presenting special wines in shops and exhibitions.

Secure shipping of luxury boxes in an outer carton

Specially tailored for gift packaging with a noble surface, the shipping box offers reliable protection. It envelops the luxury gift box like a second skin. An integrated warning notice on the outside of the box draws the attention of forwarders or postal service providers to the fragile contents of the package. The outer box brings additional stability to the package and protects the designer surface from scratches and bends during transport. The internal dimensions of a 1-piece carton, for example, are 103 x 103 x 400 mm. The purchase quantity is a packaging unit of 25 or 50 pieces.

Variable inserts with wine bottles in special sizes

Usually 0.75l glass bottles are shipped with wine bottles. But what if 1l glass bottles or special formats are required? A shipping box without inserts or compartments would have to be stuffed laboriously. But in the mail order business, time is short when the drinks are placed in the bottle shipping carton.

In this case, a shipping carton with variable insert for six glass bottles is suitable. Thanks to the generous recess in the compartment, you can quickly fit the variable insert to the respective size. This box for bottles with internal dimensions of 234 x 163 x 325 mm can also be set up to ship different bottle sizes per shipment thanks to the automatic compartment.

Shipping beer bottles

Beer bottles usually have a capacity of 0.5l or 0.3l. You can order boxes for 3, 6 or 12 containers. Larger quantities such as 12, 15 or 18 containers can be placed in a sturdy shipping carton for bottles. You want to put 24 bottles in the carton? Don't worry, you'll find the right one here too, with sufficient stability.

The shipping cartons for bottles come with an insert or dividers to gently separate the containers from each other and protect them from damage during transport. The bottle shipping carton is natural brown and has an attractive print as well as the PTZ test mark.

Reusable beer crate

The cardboard beer crate has been designed with sustainability and safety in mind. The beer crate holds 20 x 0.5l bottles or 24 x 0.33l in its compartment, depending on the choice of finish. The sturdy, double walls of corrugated cardboard give the box extremely high strength, almost equivalent to a plastic beer crate. The wall is made of double wall corrugated board. This type of profile characterises the double-walled cardboard packaging for particularly heavy contents. This means that the packaging cardboard can not only be used for shipping, but also as a sustainable alternative to plastic beer crates.

The advantage of the reusable beer crate: the product can be set up as a normal beer crate and refilled as needed. There is no return or deposit obligation.

Bottle shipping in DHL-certified bottle shipping cartons

DHL-certified means you can buy a bottle box whose dimensions are within the circumference sizes and standardised weight classes. The following dimensions and weights are DHL-certified:

For packaging with dimensions of 60 x 30 x 15 cm, a small parcel up to a maximum of two kilograms is suitable. Beyond that, a parcel up to 10 kg (for 37.5 x 30 x 13.5 cm or 120 x 60 x 60 cm ) or up to 31.5 kg (for 120 x 60 x 60 cm) is required.

Our cardboard boxes with inserts are also sized according to these standard dimensions. One quality criterion is the design with fully overlapping flaps to prevent tearing during manual work when loading and unloading. The shipping cartons are certified for shipping one to twelve shipping cartons of bottles each; the dividers or inserts are part of the certification process. This means that a bottle of Schlegel type from 0.75l to 1l Bordeaux, sparkling wine or champagne up to 0.75l may be transported in the bottle boxes.

Optimal shipping of your samples with bottle shipping cartons

In order to be able to offer customers smaller remaining stocks of wine or beer, you need particularly flat shipping cartons. These highly secure cartons with postal approval (PTZ approval) are characterised by the fact that each bottle still has a box in it. Flat and easy to stack, you send your samples and offers on their way in a triple combination.

Swiss Post's PTZ approval brings even more security

In addition to the DHL certification, the postal approval has another advantage: the transport service provider guarantees absolutely safe transport in these boxes with PTZ approval. This means that in the event of damage, the transport service provider is liable for broken glass bottles.

Purchase bottle cartons now: The safe and fast shipping in them guarantees you many advantages as a restaurateur, vintner or online retailer. The easy handling when assembling the boxes, the space-saving folding, the stability and the protection during the shipping and transport process facilitate your daily work in shipping. The simple folding carton becomes a robust aid for shipping bottles due to the reinforced walls with corrugated cardboard.

The order of the cardboard box takes place after the choice of the desired characteristics. The purchase in graduated prices from single items up to pallets makes buying bottle cartons with us particularly favourable. No matter whether you decide to send your articles or to collect the cardboard boxes yourself: You benefit from our well thought-out logistics.

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