Roll of Corrugated Cardboard
  • Roll corrugated board, C-flutesuitable for protection of goods during transport, but also for storage of objectsenvironmentally friendly and sustainableRoll width: 30 cm, roll length: 70 m (corresponds to: approx. 21 m²)Made from 100% recycled cardboard
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How to protect your goods from impact and pressure during shipping, transportation and storage by buying corrugated roll

Corrugated roll board is a true all-rounder in the shipping area. It serves as surface protection, fills gaps in packages, or can serve as an interlayer. The material is particularly environmentally friendly, as it is made from 100 percent recycled paper. Our corrugated cardboard on roll is available in different sizes and is bursting with impact resistance and durability, so you can ship your products reliably and safely.

The cardboard on roll has a special feature compared to traditional corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard on roll (also known as single-sided corrugated cardboard) consists of two layers (one corrugated and one straight paper web), and is mainly used for cushioning in the shipping area. It is a lightweight construction made of paper that is glued. corrugated cardboard is made from 100 percent waste paper, which makes it stand out for its high environmental friendliness. Whether used as a base, cover, interlayer or filler, corrugated cardboard rolls meet the requirements of many applications.

Normal corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, consists of at least three layers. In the middle is the so-called flute, which is surrounded by the two smooth outer boards. Due to this construction, the corrugated board enjoys its high impact resistance.

The corrugated cardboard roll is therefore an exception. The single faced corrugated board consists only of a corrugated sheet and a cover. It can therefore often still be rolled. Thus, if there is corrugated board wrapped around a roll, it is roll corrugated board.

How is corrugated board made on roll?

In the corrugator (corrugated board plant), the corrugated board. The structure of smooth and corrugated paper webs is formed by gluing them together. The most common form has three layers, one corrugated and two smooth layers of waste paper. However, the one-sided glued version is also very common and enjoys a high popularity.

The corrugated base paper has different properties

The basis for any corrugated paperboard product is the corrugated base paper. This differs according to the requirement and customer's request. Corrugated base paper has different grammages (basis weights), which causes the properties of corrugated board to vary. The higher the grammage, the better the impact resistance. But the aspect of whether it is a 1-corrugated or 2-corrugated variant also plays an essential role.

The corrugated base paper should not show any deposits and should have a low tear-off frequency, so that it can be easily guided in the next step - processing with the corrugator - (shows good runnability) and the waste is as low as possible. The moisture content of the paper is also important so that it later retains its shape and does not become porous and consequently crumble.

How the corrugator produces rolls with a corrugation specific to the application

The flute of the roll corrugated board is created in the corrugator. The paper must be made malleable for this process. For this purpose, it is heated and then moistened. Under high pressure, the paper is fed between two corrugating rolls, where it is processed into a flute or flattened.

To ensure that the corrugation remains intact, an adhesive is applied to its tips. This is starch-based (corn, wheat, potato or a starch mixture). The corrugated paper is then fed to a press and corrugating roll. Here it receives two layers of straight paperboard, resulting in a 1-corrugated product for subsequent shipping. If only one additional layer is applied, the corrugated board roll is produced. It consists of only one corrugated and one straight paper layer.

If further corrugated as well as plain papers are added and glued, 2-corrugated as well as 3-corrugated corrugated board is produced. The freshly produced corrugated board is then further processed.

How gluing during the manufacturing process affects the quality of corrugated board

The adhesive used and the bonding process provide information about the quality of the corrugated board. The task of the adhesive is to permanently bond the corrugated and smooth webs together. To ensure long durability, the adhesive should therefore be able to penetrate right into the pores of the paper, where it can act even more effectively.

An adhesive test is used to check how good the bond is. To do this, a piece of the bonded area is torn apart. The more residual fibers there are, the better the quality of the bond. A fiber tear on both parts is indicative of the quality of the bond.

In Germany, glues made from potato, corn or wheat starch are primarily used. Although starch glue has a low viscosity (flowability), it can be applied quickly and reliably to the tips of the corrugated layer.

Why the corrugated cardboard roll can also be a suitable moving helper

So-called corrugated converting machines have the ability to create folding boxes and many other products from the already cut corrugated cardboard. Folding box gluing machines, rotary die cutters, inline machines and flatbed die cutters make it possible to further process the corrugated boards in many ways. Perforations and many other possibilities are guaranteed.

In our store we offer, among other things, a packaging material roll. Our main focus is on shipping. Buying rolls of corrugated cardboard is worthwhile, because with them you can ideally protect the products to be shipped and ssie ind also when moving a great and environmentally conscious tool, which can be used several times, for example, to serve as a base for the floor or as corrugated rolls to protect the removal goods.

A useful tip for use: The corrugated cardboard roll, or also called cardboard roll, can be cut perfectly with a cutter knife.

What are the properties of corrugated roll?

Due to its structure, corrugated board is particularly robust, durable and 100 percent recyclable. This is a decisive advantage over packaging materials made of paper, as these can tear more quickly. The cardboard roll consists of several layers that are alternately corrugated and straight. This makes the material particularly shock-resistant and specifically protects various surfaces, edges and corners.

Thanks to the high cushioning effect, edges, corners and surfaces of pictures, furniture, ceramics, glass and many other items can be specifically protected with the packaging material roll when moving or shipping. Sensitive floors also enjoy optimal protection from such cardboard pads.

Why corrugated cardboard rolls are the ideal helpers for wrapping transport goods

Corrugated cardboard rolls are made of 100 percent waste paper and are very robust thanks to the structure of the corrugated and straight layers. Shocks and compressions are specifically absorbed. The packaging product serves as a filling material, for covering, as an intermediate layer as well as a base for sensitive materials. Furthermore, the roll of corrugated board can be used multiple times, so it trumps cushioning films and similar packaging materials in terms of environmental friendliness.

A roll of corrugated board has the advantage of being particularly flexible in its shape. For example, if several plates are to be packed, they can be wrapped specifically in the corrugated board. In this case, it serves as a shock absorber and at the same time as a partition. Furthermore, the cardboard on a roll can serve as a filler in the package, so that the plates or similar products arrive at their destination stably and safely, without slipping in the box.

Corrugated board is available in different dimensions

Depending on the application and packaging format, different sizes of cardboard sheets are also required. Buy corrugated board roll: It comes in a wide variety of designs and formats.

Basically, a corrugated cardboard roll is 1-wall, more precisely glued on one side. It is available in the dimensions 30 cm x 70 m (corresponds to approx. 21 m²), 40 cm x 70 m (corresponds to approx. 28 m²) and 50 cm x 70 m (corresponds to approx. 35 m²). If you decide on the widest version, you can easily cut the cardboard sheets to size with a cutter knife.

Overview of the different types of waves

There are various flute types and subdivisions in the field of corrugated board production. The terms "1-corrugated" and "2-corrugated" refer to the number of layers present in such a cardboard. The simplest version is the 1-corrugated cardboard form. It consists of one corrugated and two smooth layers of paper. The corrugation is located in the middle and provides the outstanding impact resistance of the special type of cardboard.

If another corrugation is now applied to the outer layer and this is closed with a straight layer, a 2-corrugated product is created. Thanks to the double flute, the impact resistance is increased and the corrugated cardboard offers even more protection during shipping or even moving. In principle, however, the 1-corrugated version is perfectly adequate. The single-flute, single-flute variant is flexible in shape and versatile in use.

The flute is produced in the corrugator (corrugator). Here the paper, which runs from the roll into the corrugator, is heated and moistened. It then passes through heated corrugating rolls. This gives the paper the desired shape.

This process is known as ondulation. It can be compared to a curling iron, which uses heat to shape the hair into the desired form. However, the shape can vary. You can make yourself big, small and medium curls. It is the same with the wave. The C wave tells in what dimension it is created.

Waves are measured by their height and width. You have the choice between the flute profiles A-G, K and N. A common flute profile is the C-flute, which is often found on corrugated board. This is what's known as a medium flute, so it's a good average that brings wonderful properties.

The facts: Basically, the C-flute is slightly lower than the A-flute. In the 1970s, the C-flute managed to replace the A-flute to a large extent. In Germany, almost all corrugator units are now specialized in the C-flute, because production is faster and quieter.

Why roll corrugated board as a packaging material is an environmentally friendly way of protecting goods

Sustainability and environmental awareness are of paramount importance in today's society. This should also be addressed in the context of packaging options. Films and other plastic options often no longer meet the demands of our fellow man. Fewer and fewer products are being sealed in film or shipped with bubble wrap. The cardboard roll comes just right here as a shipping material, because it is inexpensive, flexible and 100 percent environmentally friendly, since it is made entirely of waste paper and no new raw material has to be generated for it....

The corrugated cardboard roll is an environmentally friendly option for transporting products safely from A to B. Corrugated board is frequently used in the shipping sector. This is due not least to its versatility. It is ideal for surface protection, for filling gaps, as a base for the Euro pallet and for protecting the floor when painting work is due.

Use of corrugated paper in the field of storage

In addition to versatility, a roll of cardboard can be used several times. The packaging material is particularly robust and durable. In addition to transport, it is also used for storage. Here, for example, it can act between two Euro pallets to reduce the pressure somewhat. Ideally, the pallets are already shipped with the paper from the roll of corrugated board as protection, so that they only need to be stored upon arrival.

Roll corrugated cardboard enjoy the advantage that they consist of only two layers and can therefore still be rolled conveniently. This provides a great amount of convenience in the warehouse as the rolls can be stored to save space. Our rolls of corrugated board each have a length of 70 meters. The only difference is in their width. If you are unsure about the right size, please contact us. We will give you comprehensive advice on our products.

Corrugated cardboard on rolls is a versatile packaging material

Cardboard on roll is versatile. It is used as a packaging material, as an intermediate layer to reduce shocks, and on top of that it is a good cushioning material. It is often used as a base for Euro pallets or to cover floors during painting work. Due to its high cushioning effect, corrugated cardboard is an effective way to protect surfaces. Roll corrugated board can also often be found as "stuffing material".

If corrugated cardboard is on the roll, it can still be rolled, which is how it got its name. So if there is cardboard wrapped around a roll, it will be roll corrugated board. This makes it particularly flexible to use - mainly in the shipping area. It is used to fill gaps, for example in fragile objects made of glass or ceramics. Corrugated roll paper also makes itself very useful as an intermediate layer between glass plates, pictures and Euro pallets.

Other charming uses for corrugated roll paperboard

Our attractive packaging material does not necessarily have to be used only in shipping. Corrugated cardboard of this type is also perfectly suitable for craft and decoration purposes. If you purchase a roll of corrugated cardboard, you can use the 1-wall cardboard in many ways. There are almost no limits to your creativity.

As a covering material, the corrugated cardboard is also perfectly qualified. It is lightweight and adapts ideally to the shape of the areas to be covered. Among other things, it is a good basis for carrying out painting work and perfectly protecting floors, furniture and the like. Afterwards, the corrugated cardboard can be reused. Once the paint has dried on the corrugated cardboard, roll it up again: This way you can reuse it at any time and store it in a space-saving way until then.

Further processing possibilities for roll corrugated board

A roll of corrugated cardboard is primarily used in the shipping area to protect surfaces, fill gaps and provide an intermediate layer between Euro pallets. It enables safe and reliable protection of sensitive goods. However, corrugated board can also be further processed. Folding boxes and cartons are a popular form of cardboard packaging. These products are also ideal for shipping, whether cardboard boxes, envelopes or cartons.

Did you know? Packaging material made of corrugated cardboard is particularly stackable. Cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard are not only a good packaging material, but also ideal for storage.

These are the ways to contact our customer service for questions about corrugated packaging

You are not sure which corrugated board product is suitable for your request? You can reach us via our hotline from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. You can also use our contact form. Please let us know your request and your e-mail address so that we can contact you as soon as possible. You also have the option to leave your phone number so that we can contact you that way.

Buy corrugated roll cardboard: protects various products ideally from shipping, transport and storage and at the same time offers an environmentally friendly packaging alternative.

Whether it's for shipping, moving, or as a cover for painting, a corrugated cardboard roll is versatile and bursting with stability. It is reusable and completely recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option when it comes to shipping. Furthermore, it doesn't have to go straight into the blue garbage can after one use, but can be used for further product shipments.

Do you want to transport your goods safely to the customer or store products reliably? Then our roll corrugated board is a good choice. Especially in the storage area, it can be used multiple times, benefiting not only the environment, but also the company's capital. It couldn't be easier to use, so corrugated cardboard is a reliable companion in the shipping area.

Unsure about a product or shipping project? We will be happy to advise you via our customer hotline. It is important to us that in the end you receive exactly the product that meets your requirements.

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