Shipping Bags
  • Bubble mailer (cushioned envelope)
  • Inside dimensions: 150 x 215 mm (empty)
  • Outside dimensions: 170 x 225 mm (empty)
  • Weight: 11g/pc.
  • Package size: 100 pcs.
  • ECO-friendly: 100% recyclable
  • max. per parcel: 6
  • max. per pallet: 70
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pu :€15.55*
From 6 pu :€12.74*
From 12 pu :€11.75*
From 24 pu :€10.77*
From 70 pu :€9.26*
From €9.26 pu
From 70 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Total: 1 x €15.55 = €15.55*

1416 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Shipping bag made of corrugated cardboard
  • Inner dimensions: 250 x 353 mm DIN A4
  • quickly closed by the self-adhesive closure
  • easy to open due to the tear aid
  • stable micro-corrugated board guarantees high kink protection
  • max. per parcel: 200
  • max. per pallet: 2800
Bulk Prices:
From 100 Pcs :€0.53*
From 400 Pcs :€0.44*
From 800 Pcs :€0.40*
From 1600 Pcs :€0.38*
From 2800 Pcs :€0.35*
From €0.35 Stck.
From 2800 Stck.  
Min. : 2 Pcs step : 2 Pcs
Total: 2 x €0.53 = €1.06*

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  • Gusset envelope DIN B4
  • Size: 250 x 353 x 40 mm
  • Fold: 4 cm bottom and sides
  • Paper weight: 130g/m²
  • max. per parcel: 6
  • max. per pallet: 70
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pu :€23.80*
From 2 pu :€19.82*
From 3 pu :€18.06*
From 6 pu :€17.23*
From 12 pu :€15.81*
From €15.81 pu
From 12 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Total: 1 x €23.80 = €23.80*

73 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 100 LDPE mailing bags L
  • Dimensions: 260 x 350 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 30
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pu :€15.04*
From 5 pu :€11.47*
From 10 pu :€9.90*
From 15 pu :€9.31*
From 30 pu :€8.62*
From €8.62 pu
From 30 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Total: 1 x €15.04 = €15.04*

187 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Shipping bag made of solid cardboard
  • designed for shipment of car number plates
  • Inner dimensions: 140 x 590 x 950
  • stable, stiff cardboard box with all-round edge protection
  • quickly closed by the self-adhesive closure
  • max. per parcel: 350
  • max. per pallet: 2500
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 25 Pcs :€1.10*
From 200 Pcs :€0.48*
From 2500 Pcs :€0.45*
From 5000 Pcs :€0.42*
From €0.42 Stck.
From 5000 Stck.  
Min. : 25 Pcs step : 25 Pcs
Total: 25 x €1.10 = €27.50*

7700 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Envelope C6 white
  • Size (W x H): 114 x 162 mm
  • Package size: 100 pcs.
  • Self-adhesive, with inner printing
  • Paper weight: 75 g/m2
  • max. per parcel: 75
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pu :€4.92*
From 5 pu :€3.45*
From 10 pu :€3.23*
From 50 pu :€2.89*
From 75 pu :€2.71*
From €2.71 pu
From 75 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Total: 1 x €4.92 = €4.92*

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  • 100 Paper Padded Mailing Bags White
  • environmentally friendly, thanks to the paper padding
  • inner size: 150 x 215 mm (unfilled)
  • Outer size: 170 x 225 mm (unfilled)
  • Dead weight per envelope: 22g
  • max. per parcel: 4
  • max. per pallet: 35
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€20.55*
From 2 pcs :€19.52*
From 4 pcs :€18.88*
From 10 pcs :€18.57*
From 35 pcs :€17.84*
Variants from €17.84
From €17.84 pcs
Total: 1 x €20.55 = €20.55*

51 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Bubble mailer (cushioned envelope)
  • Inside dimensions: 180x265mm (empty)
  • Outside dimensions: 200 x 275 mm
  • Weight: 16g/pc.
  • Package size: 100 pcs.
  • ECO-friendly: 100% recyclable
  • max. per parcel: 4
  • max. per pallet: 54
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pu :€17.00*
From 4 pu :€14.11*
From 8 pu :€13.61*
From 24 pu :€12.31*
From 54 pu :€10.79*
From €10.79 pu
From 54 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Total: 1 x €17.00 = €17.00*

759 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Shipping bag made of corrugated cardboard
  • Inner dimensions: 200 x 280 mm DIN A5 +
  • quickly closed by the self-adhesive closure
  • easy to open due to the tear aid
  • stable micro-corrugated board guarantees high kink protection
  • max. per parcel: 400
  • max. per pallet: 4500
Bulk Prices:
From 100 Pcs :€0.47*
From 400 Pcs :€0.40*
From 1200 Pcs :€0.35*
From 2400 Pcs :€0.32*
From 4500 Pcs :€0.30*
From €0.30 Stck.
From 4500 Stck.  
Min. : 100 Pcs step : 100 Pcs
Total: 100 x €0.47 = €47.00*

35288 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • 100 LDPE mailing bags M
  • Dimensions: 240 x 325 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 35
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pu :€14.40*
From 5 pu :€11.13*
From 10 pu :€10.77*
From 15 pu :€9.59*
From 35 pu :€9.22*
From €9.22 pu
From 35 pu   (1 Packing unit = 100 pcs. )
Total: 1 x €14.40 = €14.40*

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Buy inexpensive & sturdy shipping bags for comfortable transport with a high protection factor for your shipment.

Every time we send something, we ask ourselves what kind of packaging we should use to send it. For simple letters or thin documents, an envelope is sufficient. For compact, heavier items, such as a book or a slim folder, the sender needs envelopes made of sturdy materials. These are called shipping bags. Sturdy shipping bags, which are available in numerous designs and with many different properties, are suitable for the secure transport of documents and other items.

If you are wondering whether an envelope is enough or whether a mailing bag is the better option for you, you can learn more about the topic here. You should know the most important facts about shipping bags and envelopes, which we are happy to share with you here.

How do wholesale foldable shipping bags differ from an envelope?

The mailing bag is similar in design to the envelope. The most significant difference between a mailing bag and an envelope is clearly the flap. While the open flap of the pockets is on the shorter side, the envelopes have their closing flap mainly on the long side. Another distinguishing feature is the viewing window on the envelope. Many envelopes are equipped with a viewing window so that - assuming a document is folded correctly - the recipient's address appears inside. This saves you, the user, the hassle of handwriting an address or printing out a label. Mailing envelopes usually do not have such a window.

A shipping envelope rarely contains only letters, but mostly heavier documents, items such as books or various shipping items, which is why they are usually sent with a shipping label, often by DHL.

A mailing envelope is often made of different, sturdy materials, while the envelopes are mainly made of paper. Shipping envelopes are available in many materials and different sizes, also with special features. The manufacturers of these bags are also guided by various DIN standards. Usually, these mailing bags are available in white or brown.

Another positive aspect that speaks for the use of shipping bags is the variety of uses. This form of packaging is suitable for smaller items as well as light flat packaged goods that should reach the recipient undamaged. Therefore, they differ from the ordinary envelope in a variety of materials, widths and lengths as well as in their features.

Many of these envelopes are padded on the inside, or have bubble wrap to protect your goods. There are even differences in the padding and cushioning of the shipping bags. Simply decide for yourself what suits your goods or your shipping item best. A small suggestion: Bubble envelopes are very popular. They offer the necessary security for many different items or documents. If you are also asking yourself: "Where can you buy shipping bags", you are in the right place at a wholesale packaging store. Here you will find a versatile selection, adapted to your needs.

P shipping envelopes offer protection for contents thanks to clever padding

The most decisive advantages of the bags are clearly their protective function. Textiles, sample consignments, DVDs, CDs and important documents need to be well protected on their way. Therefore, a simple envelope is not sufficient for sending these things.

The special protective function results from various properties of the mailing bag. These range from robust material, which protects your shipping goods from dirt and moisture, to buckling-resistant solid cardboard or corrugated cardboard. A crease-resistant mailing bag made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard protects important documents even at the edges, where creases can usually occur quickly.

Padded envelopes are also very popular with both private and business senders because of their cushioning effect. Padded envelopes remain the first choice, as they offer sufficient protection against many external influences in most cases. Depending on the type of use, padded envelopes are available in different designs, with three variants being the most common. The outer envelope of the bag can have either air padding, paper padding or foam film on the inside. Thanks to this clever padding, a wide variety of items can be shipped without worry.

But how do you use the different types of padding correctly? Foam film is best suited for sensitive surfaces, such as smartphones, CDs or DVDs. Many items that have a pressure-sensitive surface or are prone to scratches will thank you for using a padded envelope. The film mailing envelope acts like an armour against moisture, dirt or splash water. This means that it is also very frequently used, although the foil envelope has not yet achieved the level of popularity that padded envelopes have. The crease-resistant folding bag made of sturdy cardboard or corrugated cardboard is used in almost all offices when it comes to sending important documents and papers safely to their recipients.

P How to use the different types of mailing envelopes and envelopes correctly

Shipping envelopes are usually made of cardboard, sturdy paper and plastic. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to use a combination of materials in the production of their mailing bags. Therefore, it is important that you are always aware of which shipping bags and envelopes are available so that your shipping goods receive the appropriate packaging. The following six examples show you what is important when using a shipping bag.

Sending important documents: Are you planning to send important documents such as study papers, notarial papers, manuscripts, job applications (some employers still prefer the usual application folders)? Then the envelopes with a back made of sturdy cardboard are the right choice. If you want to buy such a mailing bag, you will find it at

Sending delicate goods, gifts or other items: There are almost no limits to the variety of items you can send with a shipping bag. However, if you are sending goods, gifts or things made of sensitive material (e.g. perfume bottles, flat porcelain items or magazines), bubble envelopes offer you extra strong protection.

Consider environmental and climate protection during transport: If environmental and climate protection is particularly important to you, then the especially environmentally friendly SUMO paper bubble mailers could be the right choice for you. These have a special padding made of soda kraft paper. In addition, more and more manufacturers are offering their shipping envelopes made from recycled material.

Send flat items comfortably and inexpensively: Do you want to make your loved ones happy? Or are you a salesperson who sends flat items? Then simply use the Maxibrief made of single wall corrugated board. With the Maxibrief you save space and optimise postage at the same time. This Maxibrief in brown or white works without glue. It can even be recycled. Whether white or brown, at you'll find inexpensive shipping envelopes that suit you.

This type of packaging is very popular because of its versatility. You can use it to send books as well as smaller items of clothing such as scarves, hats, gloves, underwear, lightweight shorts or many other accessories such as jewellery or decorations.

Deliver goods and gifts dry: Who wants a gift or goods such as a T-shirt, blouse or tablecloth to arrive damp or soggy to the recipient? LDPE film mailing bags ensure that your consignments reach the addressee undamaged, even in wind and weather. What's more, these bags do not bend easily because they are double-extruded during manufacture. This provides a certain amount of extra protection, which books and documents also tolerate well. Even for the transport of smartphones, the film pouches are being used more and more.

Manufacturers also play it safe when it comes to sealing the film mailing bags. These mailing bags are equipped with a special security closure or a strong self-adhesive seal. You are also flexible when it comes to sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, the film envelopes are usually available in the sizes 250 mm x 350 mm (without window), 320 mm x 420 mm (without window) or 240 mm x 350 mm. You can order inexpensive mailing bags at Verpacking.

The folded bag a shipping packaging that adapts to the goods being shipped

The folding bag, also known as a large envelope, is for many senders the bag for sending with that certain something. When you first pick up a folded envelope, it is as flat as an ordinary mailing bag or envelope. The shorter edge of the bag is self-adhesive, at least this is true for most of the bags on Their main feature is a fold on both the right and left long edge, which allows them to grow as you add content to the folds. The folds are usually between two and four centimetres wide. The wider the pleat, the more it can hold. You decide for yourself.

You can put a few sheets and small items inside or you can push the volume to the limit. It is best to make sure that there is not too much slack. The resulting shifting of your documents or goods can cause minor damage to the envelope and thus endanger the protection.

A sturdy standing base both defines the volume of the folding bag and supports its stability. It provides a certain amount of stability. Furthermore, your shipping goods will be protected if your shipping bottom is stable. This ensures that mailing bags are stable and reliable during transport. Since the gusseted envelope adapts to the item being shipped, it is best used for sending the following goods or private items.

Illustrated books, magazines, catalogues or books are easily handled by folded envelopes. If you want to send advertising material, important documents or papers, then you can use the enormous space offered by the folded envelopes to the full. Heading for an interview with your favourite employer? Then don't force your application folder into a tight envelope. Use the adaptability of the folding pockets, no matter how many documents you add to your application. When applying for a job, sometimes the little things count. If the employer recognises your conscientiousness when you deliver your application, you earn extra points.

Even in medicine, folded bags have long since arrived. They are used for sending tissue samples as well as for delivering important sensitive medicines to their recipients or pharmacies.

Foldable bags are among the most versatile 'shipping helpers'. They are not missing in any well-equipped office. Now you're probably asking yourself, "Where can I buy shipping bags?" Fortunately, right here at you can take advantage of the versatile range and buy sturdy shipping bags at a great price.

With us you can order shipping envelopes that are cheap, self-adhesive, sturdy and suitable for any occasion.

With these numerous types of mailing and envelopes, the assortment is by no means exhausted. In addition to these shipping materials, the manufacturers have really thought of every conceivable situation. You will find many more shipping products for special occasions in our wholesale shipping envelopes.

You want to make someone happy? Then use creatively designed envelopes for greeting cards, special invitations or craft projects. In addition to the protective mailing envelope, there is also special media packaging for sending media. You can even find specially made envelopes with external side flaps for machine processing at selected retailers.

No office or mail order business would be complete without envelopes with an extra pocket for an accompanying document. Are you sending a presentation? Then write a friendly, appealing letter to your customers. This letter can be half the battle when it comes to winning orders. Put the presentation in the envelope and the accompanying letter in the insert. After all, customers are also convinced by the visual appearance. The same applies to sending private gifts. A gift from you is sure to bring your loved ones a lot of joy and a self-written letter is still something very special. Here, too, you simply use the extra compartment in the pocket for the letter to your loved ones.

Prices and costs of envelopes depend on size and material.

Are you one of those people who often send documents, goods or gifts? Then you probably feel the same as many other people. Where can I buy the right shipping packaging and which one should I use? Often you don't have the right envelope or box with the right dimensions. To make sure this doesn't happen to you again, here's an overview of the most important DIN standards and dimensions of the mailing bag and envelope:

The most common DIN standard is the B4 envelope with dimensions of 250 x 353 mm. You can use it to send large-volume items such as catalogues, application folders or books well protected from external influences. DIN C4 envelopes (229 mm x 324 mm) can be used to send A4 pages unfolded, while DIN C5 envelopes or padded envelopes fold A4 pages once.

You want to send a business letter with up to 5 sheets? This will not fit into a standard envelope and is not sufficiently protected from damage. For multi-page business letters, you are excellently positioned with a DIN long envelope measuring 110 x 220. This envelope is available with or without a window.

The often-used C6 or DIN C6 envelope is also a common size. Up to three A4 pages can fit into this envelope if you fold them twice. If this envelope has a window, you need to fold it carefully so that the recipient's address fits exactly into the window. In principle, the address will fit exactly if the letter format on your computer is set correctly (margins, etc.). The size is also decisive for the price of the envelope. As a rule, the larger the envelope, the more expensive it is. Therefore, it makes sense to choose as large a bag as possible.

P Buy a shipping bag on packaging and then send it easily with DHL or Deutsche Post.

Depending on the weight, you can send your envelopes and bags and their contents either as a letter with Deutsche Post or as a parcel with DHL. At the counter, you will be helped with the correct franking.

DHL also has some tips on the subject of envelopes. According to this, small contents that are as insensitive as possible can be sent using standard shipping envelopes made of paper or cardboard. If these deviate only slightly from the cuboid shape, DHL says that the minimum height of 1 cm at the edges can be waived. DHL also appeals to customers to use the protective padded envelopes instead of plain envelopes. If you want to buy such a padded envelope, you will find it at

Of course, the transport of goods and documents is also precisely calculated and priced by DHL. The current postage costs can be found on the websites of Deutsche Post (for letters) or DHL (for small packages and parcels). The costs vary depending on the type of shipment, the weight of the shipment and the size of the packaging. Envelopes are usually sent as a Großbrief, Maxibrief or DHL Päckchen S (small parcel). You can also order special services such as express delivery or parcel tracking with liability up to €500. With Deutsche Post, you also have the option of labelling books, catalogues and individual items as book and merchandise shipments. This can be opened by the post office for inspection purposes, but is particularly inexpensive. In this case, only the respective goods plus written material belonging to them may be sent, for example, a smartphone with operating instructions, invoice and warranty document. For such a shipment, simply write "BÜWA" above the address on your envelope.

When sending goods worldwide with envelopes, the prices vary greatly. It is best to check the price for each country individually on the DHL website. According to DHL, Austria, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and the USA have proven to be the most popular destinations for shipments with shipping envelopes from Germany.

Please note that prices and country information are subject to change at any time.

Are you also asking yourself, "Where can I get a custom printed bubble bag for my business?"

As you can see from the extensive information, there are many options available to you. One of the most important tips that any shipping service provider would give you on choosing envelopes, shipping bags and shipping envelopes is to maintain the basic protective function of your shipping packaging. This can only be achieved if the packaging fits the contents. The various DIN standards with the corresponding dimensions serve as a good guide.

Shipping envelopes are suitable for many purposes, so you will now not only find envelopes in neutral white or brown, but also in other colours that attract attention. A special highlight that is particularly exciting for companies are individually printed bubble envelopes. Whether company logos, slogans or other advertising motifs, we will be happy to help you design your dream packaging.

Many companies invest large sums in glamorous advertising and a lot of time in perfect presentations. Contrary to these values, important documents can still be found squeezed into thin envelopes that are far too narrow and, in the worst case, may even tear during dispatch. If you are also asking yourself: "Where can I get mailing envelopes?", you have come to the right place here at Verpacking, even if you would like to print them individually.

Remember, however, that first impressions count. And this impression is not only made when the goods are unpacked or a document is sent, but also when the packaging is made. If it's the look that counts, go for an envelope made of attractive and protective materials instead of a thin envelope. This is a good choice for transporting a single letter or a few pages.

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