Document Protectors
  • 100 clear pockets brochure pocketsSize: din a4 - grainedThickness: 0,040mm (approx. 40my)Design with Euro-perforation - opening: top
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Protect documents and transport them securely

Normally, documents of any kind are excellently stored and protected in a classic file folder. But this is not always the most practical solution!

Folders are bulky and heavy; and filing or removing sheets is often fiddly: Especially when you are in a hurry or need certain documents more often, the perforations can tear very quickly. This is not only ugly, but also annoying, because without perforation it becomes difficult with the filing. Documents that are needed frequently; that have not yet been completely processed or that have to be taken away, will therefore not be put into a thick folder - especially since you only need these special papers, not all the rest! But of course no one wants loose, unprotected sheets either.

That's exactly where file and brochure covers come in!

These sleeves are made of plastic film and are designed to store and transport individual documents or smaller sets of documents protected from dirt and dust. Although the respective use is naturally free to everyone, there are at least recommendations on the part of the manufacturers:

File cover

File covers are made of a stronger, somewhat stiffer plastic film and are open on 2 sides for quick insertion and removal of documents. They are often used at the desk to keep papers that are not yet fully processed at hand. And, of course, to get them from A to B - the strong film provides enough protection for this. The sleeves come in different colors, so it's easy to tell different processes apart. File pockets are not perforated; they are neither suitable nor intended for filing in a folder.

Folder cover

Brochure pockets are made of thin, soft and highly transparent plastic film. In order to avoid light reflections in bright surroundings, they are also available with a matte finish - which, however, does not impair the legibility of inserted documents. They are only open on one (narrow) side and are not intended for constantly changing the contents: Their field of application is the protection of frequently needed documents in which something is to be read or shown - hence the name "brochure" cover. Since brochures usually consist of more than one page and the sleeves should not be used loosely (they offer too little protection on their own for transport), they are equipped with a perforated edge that allows them to be filed in a folder without having to punch holes in the document itself. Ideally, brochure covers are used in ring binders, as these allow the pages to be flipped through particularly easily. In this way, a multi-page document, a few sleeves and a ring binder become an ideal presentation or reference work that can be easily and safely taken anywhere.

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