Hermes XL parcel
  • Folding carton kk 201 made of corrugated board, 2 flutesInner dimensions: 1000 x 250 x 250 mmOuter dimensions: 1005 x 255 x 260 mmBelt dimension: 204 cmWeight: 920 gFolded according to Fefco 0201
  • max. per parcel: 30
  • max. per pallet: 140
Bulk Prices:
From 5 pc :€5.36*
From 10 pc :€4.80*
From 30 pc :€4.44*
From 90 pc :€3.99*
From 140 pc :€3.63*
From €3.63 pc
From 140 pc  
Min. : 5 pc step : 5 pc
Total: 5 x €5.36 = €26.80*

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  • Shipping box, corrugated cardboard
  • Inner dimensions: 793 x 593 x487 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 800 x 600 x 500 mm
  • double wall, heavy duty
  • Additional folds at 200, 300 and 400 mm
  • Folding: Fefco 0201
  • max. per pallet: 240
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 240 pc :€4.63*
From €4.63 pc
From 240 pc  
Min. : 240 pc step : 240 pc
Total: 240 x €4.63 = €1,111.20*

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  • Folding carton kk 210 made of corrugated board, 1 fluteInner dimensions: 1100 x 400 x 150 mmOuter dimensions: 1105 x 405 x 160 mmBelt dimension: 224 cmWeight: 970 gFolded according to Fefco 0201
  • max. per parcel: 20
Bulk Prices:
From 5 pc :€6.26*
From 10 pc :€5.09*
From 20 pc :€4.32*
From 40 pc :€4.08*
From 80 pc :€3.87*
From €3.87 pc
From 80 pc  
Min. : 5 pc step : 5 pc
Total: 5 x €6.26 = €31.30*

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Hermes XL parcel: The ideal shipment for heavy shipments.

The Hermes XL parcel is the ideal way to send large and heavy shipments safely and quickly. Therefore, we show you what you need to consider and how the shipping works in detail. To ensure that your shipment arrives in its entirety, we also give you tips on the right packaging.

Buy the perfect XL Hermes box

To ensure that your shipment reaches the recipient undamaged, you need to find the right cardboard packaging. Cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard are the best choice. These are available as single wall as well as double wall boxes. The designations single-flute and double-flute stand for the number of flutes within the corrugated board. The more corrugated sheets the shipping carton has, the more stable it is. For a Hermes Paket XL, a double-wall cardboard box is the best choice. Regardless of this, you should only choose cardboard boxes that have a FEFCO code. FEFCO is the abbreviation for the European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers. Products with the FEFCO code not only guarantee the highest standard and quality, the code also ensures that you can quickly find the right cardboard box. This is because the cardboard boxes follow a uniform classification. For example, the FEFCO 0201 code stands for a standard folding carton. By the way, a folding carton is perfect for shipping. When it is not needed, it can remain folded and is therefore very space-saving.

What you have to consider for your XL package

Depending on the size and weight of a Hermes XL package, costs for postage must be added, which vary. You have to find out different measurements. The longest and shortest sides of a parcel are always measured. These may not exceed 150 cm for an XL parcel. Similar to the dimensions, there is also a maximum weight limit. This is 31 kilograms for the XL parcel.

The price for Hermes parcel shipping

Your parcel costs 28.95 (as of November 2022). This makes the XL parcel one of the cheapest options. However, not only the shipping is included in the postage costs. Each Hermes XL box is insured up to 500 € and has the option of tracking. In addition, the Hermes XL package includes the pickup. So you save the way to the parcel store. But we will come to the advantages in detail later.

The XL parcel is suitable for these shipments

With its generous dimensions and high maximum weight, the Hermes XL parcel is ideal for shipping large and heavy goods. These can be computer or car parts, for example.

Computers and accessories

Shipping computers and accessories in particular can sometimes prove difficult. After all, PCs and co. are not exactly small and usually have a considerable weight. When shipping with a Hermes XL parcel, you can therefore score twice. With the dimensions of the package, you should be able to safely pack even the best high-tech PC. There should also be enough space left for you to protect the valuable freight sufficiently. If you don't know exactly how to do that, you should definitely read on. We'll tell you the best way to pack your shipment.

Car parts

Whether it's a headlight, battery or even rims. For heavy car parts you can buy a Hermes Box XL. With a maximum weight of 31 kilograms, a lot is possible. You can benefit not only from the weight limit. After all, the dimensions of the package are also suitable for shipping car parts. Because the box does not always have to be square, only the dimensions have to be right. As a reminder, the longest and shortest sides must not exceed a total of 150 cm.

Shipping with Hermes: These are your advantages

Shipping with Hermes has many advantages. Above all, you benefit from cheap shipping, a simple process and liability for any damage.

Cheap and fast shipping

The Hermes shipping service is considered one of the cheapest in Germany. Especially when sending large and heavy shipments, you save a lot of money here. Even though it is inexpensive, they do not skimp on service. On average, shipments reach the recipient in 1-2 business days.

Different parcel classes for every occasion

No matter what you want to send, the Hermes shipping service provider has a suitable shipment variant for you. For this purpose, the shipping service offers various parcel classes. These differ in terms of dimensions and the maximum weight of the shipment. The range is large and extends from small packages to XXL parcels.

Save costs with practical online franking

You can frank your parcel not only in the shop. There is also the option of franking online. If you choose this option, you save on postage costs because the online prices are lower than the prices in the shop. With online franking, you simply book the desired parcel class and pay directly online. The online store offers most common payment methods. After the payment process, you can print out your "stamp" and frank it yourself. If you don't have a printer, that's no problem. In this case, the myHermes app offers the option of having the consignment bill printed out in the shop. You do not have to pay directly online for the online franking. You can also pay cash when you drop off the parcel in the store.

Hermes shipping offers the option of pickup

With Hermes shipping, you can also have your packages picked up from home. Simply select the appropriate date for the pickup. Between 08:00 and 20:00 the shipment will be picked up at your home. If you choose Hermes as the shipping service for your XL parcel, you must have it picked up. It is not possible to drop it off at a parcel store.

With the shipment tracking you keep track of your shipment

Every shipment with Hermes shipping has a tracking function. It does not matter whether it is a Hermes parcel or a small package. After you have placed your order, you will receive a tracking number. You enter this number on the myHermes website and can always track exactly where the shipment is. If the recipient knows the tracking number, he or she can not only track the shipment, but also make changes to the delivery afterwards. So if the recipient of your shipment is not at home on the expected delivery date, he or she can have the shipment delivered to a shop. It is also possible to select a different delivery day. However, both options can only be selected if the parcel is not yet being delivered.

Your shipment is insured with Hermes

Of course, your shipment is insured during shipping. The respective liability depends on the parcel class. While the refundable damage amount for a small parcel is 50 euros, the liability for parcels is increased to 500 euros. The liability regularly occurs if the shipment is damaged or lost. The settlement of the damage is regulated in a very simple way. You can report any damage online or by phone. Of course, you can also go to a shop of your choice.

How Hermes parcel shipping works in detail

To make sure you don't lose track of all the facts, we'll describe the parcel shipping process in detail.
First, you select the parcel class to be sent. You should make sure that not only the freight belongs in the box, but also material to cushion the shipment well. Next, you need to decide whether you want to create your parcel label online or in a shop of your choice. If you want to have your shipment franked online, you select the respective delivery. You can decide whether the shipment should be sent directly to the recipient or delivered to a shop. Furthermore, you can select whether your shipment should be picked up. In this step, you can also book additional options, such as shipping as bulky goods. Afterwards you can choose your payment method. If you have decided to pick up your shipment, you wait for the parcel carrier. Otherwise, you must bring your shipment to the shop yourself for smooth shipping. Should you not be able to do this on the same day, this is not a problem. The shipment receipt will still be valid. It quickly becomes clear that the Hermes XL package price and performance match. The flexible box dimensions, the collection, as well as the bulky goods surcharge, which is also included, speak for the shipping service provider. A Hermes package XL, or larger, to send internationally, is nevertheless unfortunately not possible. They only offer this up to parcel size L.

Package or parcel? When which shipment is worthwhile

It does not always have to be an XL package. Sometimes you also have small things to send. Therefore, we show you what advantages the respective shipping offers.

Advantages of small parcels

The biggest advantages of the "Päckchen" are both the price and the high maximum weight. In the case of the Päckchen, this is a hefty 5 kg, which can be sent for as little as € 3.70. However, you only have a limited number of options. However, one has only a limited possibility, which offers the dimensions of the package. The longest and shortest side may be a maximum of 37 cm.

Advantages parcel

Sending a parcel with myHermes is suitable for both large and heavy shipments. You can choose between different parcel classes, so that you can find the right parcel size for every shipment. But also smaller shipments, which have a certain value, can be suitable as a parcel. This is because the liability for parcels from the Hermes shipping service provider is much higher. It is 500 euros.

This is how the XL parcel arrives safely: Tips for the right packaging

The flexible cardboard dimensions, the pickup, as well as the bulky goods surcharge, which is also included, speak in favor of selecting Hermes as the shipping service provider for the XL parcel. However, there are other points that are important for optimal shipping. After all, your shipment should not only arrive quickly, but also safely. To ensure that your freight is delivered in whole pieces, you should choose the right outer packaging, pay attention to the inner packaging and securely close the shipment.

Outer packaging

The outer packaging is the cardboard box. And it should not be underestimated. After all, the cardboard serves as a protective cover and protects the actual shipment from all external influences that your Hermes box experiences on its "journey". Therefore, you should not skimp on the cardboard packaging. Ideally, you should use a shipping carton made of double wall corrugated cardboard. When selecting the carton, make sure it is the right size. You should keep in mind that not only the item must fit into the box, but also any filling material.

Inner packaging

The inner packaging also contributes decisively to a safe shipment. You should wrap the item to be shipped in packing foil or similar. This provides additional protection and, should the cardboard packaging become damaged, prevents direct impact on the shipment. You should also pad the empty space between the shipment and the box well. Special filling material can be used for this purpose. Especially with fragile items, you should take special care that there is little "air" between the inner wall of the box and the item.

Secure closure

Last but not least, you should securely close your shipment. For this purpose, it is best to use adhesive tape and make sure that all openings of the package are securely closed. If in doubt, use more tape rather than less. However, you should make sure that the parcel label remains legible. Under no circumstances should the tape be used as a substitute for a new box. If your cardboard box is damaged, it is better to buy a new box than to "seal" any holes with parcel tape.


For small items, such as books or similar, the package is suitable. You benefit from a low price and a high maximum weight. However, if the value of the package exceeds 50 euros, you should still use the parcel service. This is because the liability sum is 500 euros and is therefore significantly higher.

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