• Herlitz Rubber ring rubber band (office) 20 - 70mm, sizes and colors assorted, 100s transparent box Material: rubber. Color: assorted colors. Type of package and content: transparent box with 100 pieces assorted in different diameters 20 - 70mm, approx. 30g.
  • max. per parcel: 500
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Paper Clips - The Unsung Hero of Office Life

Why paper clips are essential

Paper clips are one of the few office supplies that everyone knows and uses. They are small, unobtrusive, and yet incredibly versatile. They help keep documents together, organize them, or even serve as bookmarks in books. Paper clips are an indispensable tool in office life and ensure order and structure.

The different types of paper clips

There are many different types of paper clips. The classic paper clip consists of bent wire and is available in different sizes and colors. Another type of paper clip is the foldback clip, which is characterized by its high clamping force and securely holds thicker stacks of documents together. The bulldog clip is another variation, which is characterized by its size and strong clamping force and is ideal for larger documents.

Eco-friendly paper clips

Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in office life. That's why we offer eco-friendly paper clips made from recycled materials at These paper clips are just as functional as conventional clips, but they are environmentally friendly and reduce the company's ecological footprint.

Proper storage of paper clips

Proper storage is important to increase the lifespan of paper clips and ensure quick availability. Office clip dispensers or small boxes are suitable for this purpose. A practical magnetic strip can also be used to store paper clips.

The history of paper clips

The paper clip has a long history and was first patented in the 19th century. American Samuel B. Fay filed the first patent for a paper clip in 1867. His clip consisted of a simple wire form and resembled today's classic paper clip. Since then, paper clips have continued to evolve and are now an indispensable part of office life.

Paper clips as works of art

Paper clips can not only be used in office life but also serve as works of art. There are many artists who use paper clips as the starting material for their works of art. For example, the artist Martina Tornow has created a whole series of jewelry pieces made from paper clips.

Paper clips in the home office

In times of remote work and virtual meetings, paper clips are even more important. With digital work, documents are often sent as PDF or Word files and need to be printed and filed at a later date. Paper clips help to keep the documents organized and prevent them from getting mixed up or damaged. It is also important to maintain order and structure in the home office to be able to work productively.

Unsung helpers for more order and sustainability

Paper clips are small helpers in office life that are often underestimated. Whether classic, foldback, or bulldog - the different types of paper clips offer the right solution for every use. At, you will find a large selection of paper clips in different sizes, colors, and materials. We also place great emphasis on sustainability and offer eco-friendly paper clips made from recycled materials. Proper storage ensures that your paper clips remain functional for longer and are always available. Paper clips are also indispensable in the home office for organizing documents and maintaining order.

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