PVC Adhesive Tape
  • PVC adhesive tape
  • Roll length: 66 m
  • film thickness: 0,032 mm
  • Adhesive: natural rubber (solvent-based)
  • Transparent
  • High adhesive strength
  • max. per parcel: 108
  • max. per pallet: 2592
Bulk Prices:
From 6 pcs :€3.15*€0.05* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€2.71*€0.04* / 1 m
From 108 pcs :€2.46*€0.04* / 1 m
From 540 pcs :€2.37*€0.04* / 1 m
From 2592 pcs :€2.30*€0.03* / 1 m
Variants from €2.30
From €2.30 pcs
Content: 66 (€0.13 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 pcs step : 6 pcs
Total: 6 x €3.15 = €18.90*

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  • Scotch parcel tape brown
  • maximum adhesive strength
  • dimensions: 50 mm x 50 m
  • total thickness: 57 my
  • high resistance to aging and temperature
  • evenly unrollable
  • max. per parcel: 180
Bulk Prices:
From 6 pcs :€4.76*€0.10* / 1 m
From 12 pcs :€4.47*€0.09* / 1 m
From 18 pcs :€4.37*€0.09* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€4.27*€0.09* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€4.15*€0.08* / 1 m
Variants from €4.15
From €4.15 pcs
Content: 50 (€0.11 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 pcs step : 6 pcs
Total: 6 x €4.76 = €28.56*

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Buy the PVC adhesive tape transparent & brown: The robust tape as an all-rounder for packaging and more.

Adhesive tapes are reliable, simple and inexpensive means, which are used everyday in industry, trade and private households. At first glance, adhesive tapes seem quite simple, but behind the product lies an ingenious design. Depending on the requirements and application, the products differ in the material used, its properties and functions. Adhesive tapes are used in many areas of application and fulfill more than just packaging, fastening, protecting, bundling and covering materials. In addition to the adhesive property, depending on the area of application, the product has properties such as insulation, light shielding, warning, noise damping or slip resistance. Some of the well-known manufacturers of adhesive tapes include Tesa, Monta, Envo Tape, Nitto, AFTC, Orafol and 3M. The brands offer a wide range of different adhesive tapes. PVC is a particularly tear-resistant, durable and flexible adhesive tape that is suitable for proper sealing of heavy cardboard boxes. Due to its robustness and adhesive strength, it ensures the safety of packages during transport and prevents the cardboard box from opening. Even in the DIY sector PVC packing tape is used, it is a real all-rounder. The tape can be unrolled easily, quietly and evenly due to the natural rubber adhesive. The tape is easily printable and is often used as custom printed tape. The quality of an adhesive tape generally depends on four factors. These include the properties of tear strength, aging resistance, shear strength and adhesive strength.

PVC adhesive tape has strong adhesive strength and is particularly durable.

PVC packing tape is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, the backing material, and natural rubber adhesive (solvent adhesive). The substance polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic plastic, which is often used in adhesive tapes with a film thickness of 28 to 37 my (microns). Polyvinyl chloride is a self-extinguishing substance with excellent mechanical properties.PVC tape is particularly resistant, with extremely high tear strength. It is resistant to acids, alkalis and oil and gasoline. The material is known for its resistance to heat and cold. Furthermore, the natural rubber allows the parcel tape to unroll well, evenly and quietly. There are PVC tape transparent and brown, both are easy to write with felt pen. The PVC tape is excellent as an advertising medium and can be printed individually. Furthermore, the product is more expensive compared to other adhesive tapes and the carrier material is less environmentally friendly. Polyvinyl chloride is subject to proper disposal, and incineration of the material produces toxic emissions.

Natural rubber adhesive, on the other hand, is a natural product obtained from the milky sap (latex) of rubber trees in Southeast Asia and Central and South America. During production, solvents and a synthetic resin are added to the rubber, which reinforces the adhesive strength. The adhesive is environmentally friendly and has a wide range of applications. The adhesive has a very strong adhesive force by nature and can be produced in weaker adhesive variants if required. In addition to high adhesive strength, natural rubber has fast adhesion (instant adhesion) and high peel strength. As a result, the PVC tape does not slip and sticks directly to the substrate. The rubber ensures that even with minimal pressure and contact time with the substrate, the package tape sticks. Even on substrates with low surface tension, the natural rubber proves to have good adhesion. At the same time, the adhesive material can be easily removed without leaving any residue. The adhesive is elastic and waterproof, it is characterized by its resistance to moisture. The material has particularly good cohesion, which brings stable internal cross-linking and structure. The adhesive bonds particularly well with various substrates, it has excellent adhesion. Like the PVC substrate, the adhesive has good temperature resistance, is suitable for deep-freezing and has very good electrical insulation properties. The rubber has solid UV and aging resistance, but will yellow after extended storage. Since it is a natural product, color variations of the material are possible.

Alternatively, strong, solvent-free acrylic adhesive is used. The adhesive is particularly resistant to UV radiation and ozone, plasticizers and solvents, sunlight and wind and weather. As a rule, the initial adhesive force is low and the use entails longer mounting times of the adhesive tape. Adhesive tape with acrylate adhesive is extremely transparent and can therefore be used for bonding glass or transparent materials; if your adhesive tape is brown, it is less suitable for this purpose. Furthermore, the material is stable to aging and does not yellow. Due to its extreme temperature resistance, the PVC adhesive tape can be used especially well outdoors. Due to the properties of the acrylate adhesive, the material is an optimal performer for long-lasting and strong applications. The product is manufactured by polymerization, which allows the adhesive properties of the acrylic adhesive to be precisely controlled and adjusted. In the process, the formula is tailored to the material's application. Acrylic adhesives have long and cross-linked polymer chains. These give the adhesive strong performance. Adhesives with immediate and increased adhesive strength and low press-on time are produced with the addition of special resins. The addition of resin changes the internal bond or cohesion of the acrylic adhesive. The adhesive develops optimal adhesion on substrates of polar nature, with a high-energy surface such as PVC.

The packing tape in different dimensions and colors as a useful tool.

Adhesive tapes usually have four build-up layers with a release coating, for easy unrolling of the tape from the tape roll, a backing material made of PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), paper or a filament. In addition, the tape has a bonding agent for optimal anchoring of the adhesive mass and the adhesive made of hot melt, natural rubber or acrylate.

The material is available in various colors and finishes. Packing tape is offered in different colors. In the case of printed cartons, transparent adhesive tapes are useful. If the bonding is to be visible, a selection of different colors is offered as an alternative. The designs range from the classic brown or transparent to colors such as red, blue, green, black or yellow. If desired, customers also have the option of having the adhesive tapes printed individually. The adhesive tapes can be used as a visual eye-catcher or as an ideal and inexpensive advertising medium. As a rule, printed adhesive tapes are available in brown, white or transparent, each with a single to multi-color print. The tapes are available in several different dimensions with width, backing material thickness and length. First of all, the PVC parcel tape is offered in different widths. These range from a width between 12 and 50mm. The standard width of plastic tapes is 50mm. Some manufacturers offer extra wide tapes with 75mm. The length of the tape is usually 66m, the packing tape is sometimes also available in shorter lengths. The film thickness of the PVC tape is usually between 28 and 37 my and a 20+ my thick adhesive layer of natural rubber. As a rule, the total thickness of the tape is about 33 to 70 my. At, the PVC tape is 50mm wide.

The PVC tape is also available as a thread-reinforced version. This makes the tape particularly tear-resistant and able to reliably secure heavy shipping boxes. Thread-reinforced material finds its hold not only on cardboard boxes but also on other packaging materials such as Styrofoam, wood composites or metal. Some manufacturers offer a non-slip version of the tape, which is used for wrapping rollers and pulleys. The anti-slip properties come from a coating of silicone rubber. The product can also be purchased as single-sided or double-sided PVC adhesive tape. Different variants are available depending on the function and application. The double-sided PVC adhesive tape is partly made of particularly strong acrylate adhesive, which is ideal for permanent bonding of a wide range of materials. The package tape is able to perform functions such as joining, mounting, laminating or fastening. Single sided PVC tape, on the other hand, is offered with a rubber adhesive and helps in packaging, sealing, masking, reinforcing, securing, labeling, marking and other functions.

For efficient application of the tape, it is advisable to use a suitable packing tape dispenser. This should be characterized by a well thought-out design and good ergonomics. The accessory facilitates the work with the packing tape and ensures a quiet, less stressful and fast use. Furthermore, a cutter knife is recommended for speeding up the packing process and facilitating the application of the tape.

PVC tape, like many other adhesive tapes, is used as parcel tape, for moving and small repairs

PVC tape for gluing is universally applicable and is characterized by its resilience and robustness. The product can be used classically as parcel tape, for removals, temporary repairs or in industry and trade. The surfaces to be bonded should ideally be dry and free of oil, grease, dust as well as release agents and solvents before applying the tape. For improved adhesion, pre-treatment of the substrate material is necessary, depending on the type of load.

PVC adhesive tape can perform functions ranging from insulating tape to waterproof adhesive tape, depending on the design, as functional adhesive tapes provide for more than just bonding. Adhesive tapes are suitable for sealing shipping boxes, for minor repairs, or for taping paper. Polyvinyl chloride adhesive tape can be used indoors or outdoors to protect against contamination of smooth surfaces made of glass, aluminum, wood as well as other materials during masonry, painting and plastering work. Adhesive tapes with anti-slip properties are made with the help of an aluminum oxide coated carrier. The product's field of application is extensive and includes, among others, preventing slipping on tiled floors, stairs, trailers and ramps. Non-slip tape is used to wrap around rollers or pulleys and prevents adhesive residue from building up. The tape is excellent as a non-slip base for standing surfaces. Polyvinyl chloride adhesives are also used for marking or warning of temporary and permanent hazards. This is done, for example, with floor marking tape, which is UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Furthermore, the PVC adhesive tape is used as an insulating tape with electrical conductivity in electrical installations. Here, the material is used to cover printed circuits, insulate and seal electric cables, phase and winding head insulation, and coil winding of transformers and electric motors.

The choice of the appropriate adhesive tape for sealing shipping materials depends on various factors. The decisive factors are the lid tension of the carton, the surface of the carton (for example Schrenz, kraftliner or testliner), the transport and storage conditions (humidity and temperature), the content weight of the carton and the carton closure. Shipping materials can be sealed using various techniques. The U, L or H closure technique is used for this purpose. The U closure is suitable for light to heavy packaged goods and is also known as the standard closure. In this variant, the butt edges of the carton base and lid are provided with packing tape. The closure is recommended for packages up to about 16 kg, for short transport distances and no high loads. The L closure is additionally sealed with a part of adhesive tape on each of the side edges. This process gives the carton a higher stability. The closure is suitable for shipping medium-weight folding cartons up to about 36 kg total weight. The closure technique is recommended for long transport distances and for long-term storage. The H-seal is the most secure way of closing packages. For this purpose, the edges of the cardboard box are completely covered with parcel tape. This makes the carton stable and provides sufficient protection against moisture. Cardboard boxes weighing more than about 36 kg, with long transport routes and storage times should be sealed with the H-closure.

Cheap and tear-resistant PP adhesive tape, PVC adhesive tape and paper adhesive tape

The three common material carriers of adhesive tape are polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and paper. Adhesives made of polypropylene are suitable for sealing light to medium-weight shipping materials. Compared to PVC tape, they are less expensive, much more transparent and can be used universally. On the other hand, the backing material is much more susceptible to low temperatures and less resistant. In addition, when using the material with hotmelt adhesive, the loud unwinding noise can be annoying. Adhesive tape PVC, on the other hand, is suitable for packaging and storing medium-weight to heavy shipping packages. The product is significantly more resistant to heat and cold than PP parcel tape. In addition, the tape is much quieter to unroll due to the natural rubber adhesive. Adhesive paper tape is the environmentally friendly alternative to polyvinyl chloride and PP tapes. The product is 100 percent recyclable. The material is available as a wet adhesive tape and packing tape variant. The tape's tear strength is similar to PP tape and it is recommended for sealing light to medium-weight cardboard shipping materials. Paper tape has particularly good immediate and permanent adhesion and is quiet as well as evenly unrollable. The material is also easy to use by hand and without a dispenser.

Polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene adhesives have different properties and are therefore suitable for different applications. The price level of the two products is also different, polyvinyl chloride adhesives are significantly more expensive. A simple test called the "ballpoint pen test" can be used to determine the backing material of the adhesive tape. To do this, pull some tape from the roll and attach the front end to one edge. The next step is to pull the parcel tape open a little, with a slight tension on the parcel tape. Then you poke a hole in the middle of the tape with a ballpoint pen. If only a hole appears, the backing material is polyvinyl chloride. If the parcel tape tears, it is a PP parcel tape.

The presented adhesive tapes differ in the adhesives they contain. These include acrylate, hot melt and natural rubber adhesives. Acrylic adhesive is used in PP adhesive tapes and is partly used as dispersion and solvent adhesive. The first type of adhesive is much more environmentally friendly. The adhesive is generally transparent, has a uniform unwinding behavior and good aging and light resistance. Hot melt adhesive is a solvent-free synthetic rubber adhesive. Like the acrylate adhesive, the adhesive is used for PP adhesive tapes. Adhesive tapes with hot melt adhesive are easy to unroll and are therefore particularly suitable for carton sealing machines. The advantages of the adhesive are its high tack and fast adhesion, including to substrates such as metal. In most cases, the adhesive can be removed without leaving any residue. Natural rubber adhesive is a natural product and therefore the most environmentally friendly substance among adhesives. In addition, the agent has the widest range of application. The adhesive has a particularly good adhesive strength and can be produced in weakened variants. Furthermore, the natural rubber has high shear strength, excellent cohesion and adhesion. In addition, the rubber adhesive has good temperature resistance and low rolling noise.

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