Shipping Rolls
  • Herlitz document tube/ shipping tube 450 x 50mm
  • Inside dimension: 430 x Ø49mm
  • with plastic lid
  • Material: cardboard
  • Colour: brown
  • Weight: 90 g

Not available

  • Grass corrugated cardboard
  • telescopic + stackable
  • self-adhesive + tear strip
  • Material: environmentally friendly (produced without chemicals and with little water)
  • Inner dimension: 610 x 105 x 105 mm
  • Outer dimension: 630 x 110 x 110 mm
  • Weight: 197g
  • Color: brown
  • max. per parcel: 120
  • max. per pallet: 1100
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 10 pcs :€4.47*
From 50 pcs :€2.46*
From 120 pcs :€1.92*
From 600 pcs :€1.69*
From 1100 pcs :€1.47*
From €1.47 pcs
From 1100 pcs  

Not available

Cardboard shipping rolls are durable and therefore the ideal packaging for long items: Protect documents and buy sturdy shipping rolls from Verpacking, the specialist for packaging rolls.

When it comes to packaging long goods, the cylinder format shipping roll is a true all-time classic. So why should you buy a shipping roll? Packing rolls are perfect for shipping because the shipping roll cardboard is extremely sturdy and easy to handle. You can easily take building plans, documents and construction drawings to the next meeting without creasing them or store them in the sleeve for a long time. Especially painters and other artists know about the advantages of the mailing roll. Where do you buy this mailing poster roll from and what do you have to keep in mind?

Make your shipping ideal with our durable shipping rolls

Whether it's pictures, posters or sketches - you can send the contents in mailing rolls easily, space-savingly and conveniently by post if you decide to buy the parcel roll. Shipping rolls and shipping tubes are ideal for sending long items by post. Simply roll documents or pictures and insert them into the poster roll. You have a wide choice: practical ones with plastic lids, push-fit closures and mailing rolls in various lengths. The mailing rolls are made of durable cardboard or plastic and are very long-lasting. With us you can buy such mailing rolls at a low price.

If you often send documents that must not be folded or bent, then you have found exactly the right packaging material with the mailing roll: You can simply unroll them later and they will expand again just like before. Here, everyone gets their money's worth: You can buy a high-quality shipping roll in different sizes as well as made of plastic and cardboard. You can also buy mailing rolls in many special formats. Your posters, blueprints, umbrellas or maps are optimally protected and will not bend.

The hard cardboard sleeve offers perfect protection from external influences thanks to its sturdy spiral wrap. With a plastic cap on both sides, it is ready for dispatch in seconds and can be reused several times. If necessary, the inserted lids must be additionally secured with packing tape. If you want to buy shipping rolls from this category, you will get products made of thick cardboard, which means with a density of 220 to 2800 grams per square metre. During production, wet fibres are pressed together, making the packaging strong and compact. The shipping envelopes are delivered in folded form to save valuable space. Such packaging is very easy to assemble, as the shipping envelope only needs to be shaped and closed with an adhesive tape or flap.

The great advantage of thick cardboard, from which the parcel roll is made, is its' environmental friendliness. The material consists of 100 % recycled paper. To ensure a long life for the end products, it is specifically mixed with newer waste paper, so the fibres can be recycled up to six times.

You can also get telescopic versions of the mailing rolls without self-adhesive lids, which are even more suitable for your use. Seal them with one of the packing tapes or adhesive tapes for a durable and secure packaging seal.

Buy Parcel Rolls that suit for everyone: The right size parcel rolls for your needs

Not sure if you can buy the right parcel rolls? Don't worry. So that you can adjust the packaging according to the length and volume of the contents, the shipping tube is available in different sizes for your respective requirements. For example, the shipping tube up to 430 millimetres long is suitable for small items. The largest version can hold items up to 1655 millimetres long. You are looking for a sturdy document roll Cardboard is inexpensive yet durable and is available in various sizes: Thinner thicknesses are cheaper to have, while thicker ones are much sturdier. The packaging includes the roll and the cover. Have you lost the cover? No problem, it is also available separately. This way you don't have to buy new shipping tubes.

You can buy round mailing tubes with plastic closure in sizes up to DIN A0+. Due to the diagonal gluing and winding, such a mailing roll is particularly stable. On request, you can also buy shipping rolls with other wall thicknesses. You can buy parcel rolls in all sizes, colours or imprints.

Telescopic mailing tubes are ideal for mailing goods of different lengths, as they are easily adjustable in length. As an alternative to the round shape, we offer square or triangular mailing tubes, which are also suitable for archiving. The packaging is quickly assembled and easy to fill.

When storing, these shipping tubes can be stacked on top of each other, which also saves space. Lateral inner flaps ensure maximum stability and prevent damage to shipped items. In their triangular and square shapes, they are not only particularly stable, but also relatively inexpensive. The big advantage of these shapes over round mailing tubes, for example, is the elimination of bulky goods surcharges - both with Deutsche Post and with other delivery service companies.

You want to buy a mailing tube for your documents? Here's what you need to look out for when choosing the right parcel roll

The most important guideline when choosing the right and suitable mailing tube is the length of the document to be sent. This determines the length of the shipping tube. You can consider how wide the document should be folded or what diameter it should be reduced to. The diameter of the transport tube is very important when choosing a mailing tube. The transport tubes often differ by only a few millimetres. But here, too, you should try out which lengths and sizes harmonise best with each other and in which mailing tube the document to be sent fits best.

The basic model is always the same. Mailing tubes are spirally wound, long tubes made of document roll cardboard that can be closed with a lid. The shipping address is placed on the outside of the tube with a sticker so that it arrives at the right recipient.

This is the basic structure of each packaging roll. In detail, of course, the transport rolls are different. As with any other shipping method, shipping tubes come in different sizes and lengths. You need the right tube size and width for each item you are sending.

Oversized items are items that cannot be processed automatically in the parcel centre, but require manual processing. Sometimes parcel service providers have different definitions for bulky goods. Round shipping tubes often incur additional shipping costs. For example, DHL will send a 150 mm diameter shipping tube up to 1200 mm long and up to a maximum weight of 5 kg as a parcel, with a small shipping surcharge. If the packaging roll exceeds this maximum size or weight, it is considered oversized freight.

The corresponding price for the delivery service is based on the size, length and weight of the transport envelope. This should also be taken into account when looking for a suitable shipping tube. The smallest possible tube should always be used, as the roll has the least space to slide in it.

Square tubes

Square tubes are made of durable corrugated cardboard. Thanks to the square shape, the transport tubes cannot roll and are easy to stack. This means that postal service providers such as DHL do not charge extra for bulky goods. Sending by post is easy. Thanks to the transport tube made of grass paper, you can also pack in a particularly environmentally friendly way.

For special cases: Where can I buy the telescopic packaging roll cheaply and protect my goods?

Alternatively, you can choose a telescopic post tube. You can also get this from Verpacking in no time at all. It is specially designed for sending very long and twisted items and you can easily adjust the length of the packaging roll. A square sleeve made of strong corrugated cardboard is suitable for extending standard poster rolls. It is easy to increase the length of the sleeve. Goods such as large umbrellas, golf clubs or even skis can be sent telescopically by DHL in this way.

Even better than poster roll shipping: Trapezoidal shipping tubes instead of roll packaging for shipping over long distances

Trapezoidal shipping tubes made of cardboard provide additional stability. Thanks to their shape, this packaging is considered extremely stable. This means you can use this packaging to transport your long goods over large distances without it breaking down. Double corrugated cardboard gives the box additional stability. The bulky goods surcharge does not apply in this case, because formally speaking it is not a roll.

The solid cardboard box protects your shipment from environmental influences

The mailing tube made of hard-wearing solid cardboard is suitable for storing and mailing drawings, posters, artwork, pictures, cards, calendars, etc. A spiral-wound cardboard box made from this shipping tube protects the item from dirt and dust, moisture and shocks. In addition, the mailing tube can be filled on both sides. Plastic insert covers for the bottom and top reliably cover the shipping tube.

Shipping tubes protect your goods from external influences during transport or storage. The colour of the surface is adapted to your wishes and a spectacular advertising print is applied according to your ideas. The shipping tube is equipped with a polyethylene base and a lid at the ends of the parcel tube.

Some practical flat and long tubes have a self-adhesive lid. By removing the protective layer, the box closes without the need for additional adhesive tapes or other closing means. The closure with self-adhesive strips is only pressed on slightly and the box can be shipped.

In addition to conventional shipping tubes with a cylindrical cross-section, we also offer square and rectangular tubes. The designs are extremely versatile and lightweight.
The design options for shipping sleeves and tubes are numerous. This way you can present the packaged product in the best possible way and stand out from the competition. In addition to the classic white, brown or black designs, there are also embossed, tinted or printed cover options in matt or glossy finishes. Cylindrical covers are also great for writing on. Silicone, plastic or foam or laminated aluminium sheets are used for technical applications.

The best choice for transporting roll products is a shipping tube. Post sleeves are available in square and round shapes. The shipping tubes have a cap for easy resealing. Square tube packaging, on the other hand, has a tear strip and a self-adhesive lid. You can order shipping tubes in different sizes and DIN standards. This packaging is very durable and of the highest quality. This is especially important for the postal service. After all, the goods must reach the recipient safely.

Bend protection also when sending large documents in the mailing roll

You want to send large documents in the packaging roll? Not a proble m! Rolled up and sent in sturdy shipping rolls, they arrive at the recipient without any creases. You can buy shipping rolls at a low price and yet they play a particularly important role in poster roll shipping. Documents and papers are easy to roll up, possibly secured with a rubber band or clip so that they do not burst when the tube is opened. The documents then only need to be placed in a suitable mailing tube and can be delivered to the customer just as quickly and easily as other parcels, letters or other items.

You can buy 1- and 2-wall parcel rolls made of cardboard shipping rolls. Or you can buy telescopic boxes with various options and many sizes. No matter whether you are sending goods of the same or different lengths, we have the right shipping poster roll as packaging for all shipments! Shipping sleeves made of solid cardboard promise a high degree of stability and offer optimum bend protection for roll documents.

Mailing tubes made of plastic are very effective in advertising because of their high-quality appearance. An important advantage of the mailing tube is that they are not subject to parcel surcharges for bulky goods at parcel services due to their square shape. Follow the guidelines for the dimensions of the parcel for shipping without extra charge for oversized freight.

For long products that cannot be folded, a shipping sleeve or poster roll is the optimal transport packaging. Use our packaging rolls for posters, billboards, blueprints, maps or calendars today and make sure your shipments arrive at your customers in the best possible condition.

Of course, you can not only order transport sleeves for your posters, documents or other narrow and long items, but also many other useful things for shipping. In addition to this category, there are several others in which we offer you countless other products. The assortment ranges from the most diverse packaging made of corrugated cardboard and thick cardboard to padding and filling material to classic adhesive tape.

You have particularly long packaged goods, but the shipping tubes are too short? We have the right solution in our range! With the telescopic extension, all square post tubes can be extended in different ways. To do this, insert one side of the tube into the other until the desired length is reached. Both parts are firmly connected with a telescopic fastener. A particular advantage of this type of packaging is that you can send items of different lengths in the same outer packaging.

Differences between shipping bags and shipping tubes

You are spoilt for choice between parcel roll packaging, the shipping bag and a simple box. The main difference between shipping bags and shipping tubes lies in their materials. In addition, both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Shipping tubes are reusable, whereas shipping bags are usually only used once because of the self-adhesive cover. Mailing tubes offer better document retention due to small gaps in the corners of the rolls. When it comes to stability, mailing tubes are unsurpassed. Their dimensional stability in the event of an impact reliably protects your goods in any situation. Shipping tubes and shipping rolls don't cost much, but they have a big effect on the security of your documents during transport.

This is why you should order when you want to buy a parcel roll

You urgently need a parcel roll for poster roll shipping, but wonder: Where do shipping companies buy their shipping rolls? With us you can buy your parcel roll cheaply - and on the Internet! Instead of searching around for a long time to find a poster roll near you, you can order it conveniently. Even in big cities like Berlin, you would otherwise spend a long time looking for the right size and type. We have a huge selection to choose from.

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