used euro pallets
  • Euro pallet, solid wood
  • Condition: Used, 1st choice
  • Solid wood
  • Length: 1200 mm
  • width: 800 mm
  • Height: 144 mm
  • Weight: approx. 23 kg
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Save money: At Verpacking you can buy used euro pallets free of shipping costs, but like new

It is impossible to imagine everyday logistics without the standard Euro pallet. In 2019, approximately 500 million of them were in circulation. Both new and used, they serve a variety of purposes. Here you can find out what transport and storage pallets are, what they are used for and what advantages they offer. One thing: buying used Euro pallets is worthwhile!

Used pallets have many advantages - not only their affordable price

Pallets are flat transport aids that serve as a basis for transporting and storing individual heavy goods or large quantities of goods at low cost. The difference between disposable and reusable pallets, i.e. the so-called Euro pallet, is that the manufacturers of the latter not only make sure that a forklift can lift them from all sides, but also that they comply with uniform dimensions and quality standards. Such production makes it possible to easily swap two Europool pallets. That is why they are also called exchange pallets.

One-way pallets were already used in the storage and transport of goods in the 1950s. At that time, however, transport companies such as the state railways faced a challenge: the prevailing abundance of different sizes made it impossible to store or transport the goods efficiently.

Therefore, in the 1960s, railway companies that were members of the International Union of Railways (UIC) worked together and established a uniform size standard in 1961, which is still valid today. Since then, standardised Euro pallets have the dimensions 1,200 x 800 x 144 mm, a weight of approx. 23 kg, a loading capacity of at least 1,000 kg and consist of exactly 11 boards, 9 blocks and 78 special nails. The sizes are based on the loading width offered by transport vehicles such as tractor units or swap bodies. This is 2.40 m, so that exactly two standard Euro pallets fit crosswise or three lengthwise next to each other.

The fact that this construction is space-saving to such an extent led to up to 90 % faster loading of rail freight wagons at the end of the 1960s than before. This made the standard pallet a decisive factor for the trade boom in industrially developed countries throughout Europe and later worldwide.

You realise that whether the pallet is used or not hardly matters. So you can just as well buy used Euro pallets cheaply. We supply you with a robust and quality-tested old pallet that you will hardly be able to distinguish from a new one! Secure favourable prices Buying used Euro pallets from Verpacking is always a good idea.

EPAL certification has been the standard for quality transport pallets since 1991

The European Pallet Association (EPAL for short) was founded in 1991 to ensure these size and quality standards and to prevent the circulation of inferior replicas. To this day, the tasks of this body are to issue licences for the production and repair of transport pallets and to ensure their quality.

Consumers can recognise the EPAL certification of exchangeable pallets by three signs located on the blocks of both long sides. On the right-hand corner block there is the trademarked sign "EUR", on the left-hand corner block there is the brand of the European Pallet Association "EPAL" and on the middle block there is the company's mark, the country and year of manufacture, the quality inspection clip and the IPPC mark, which confirms that the pallet has been treated in accordance with national phytosanitary regulations.

Transport pallets are therefore designed to withstand repeated use without damage. And when it comes to the price of Euro pallets, used is always cheaper than new, but often just as good! If you used to need someone to buy old Euro pallets, today we at Verpacking can do it for you and you can buy old pallets in seconds in our online shop. If you needed a good Euro pallet price in the past, you had to negotiate laboriously with various sellers yourself. Today, this is no longer necessary - we always offer you a top price if you want to buy used pallets from us!

What materials are exchangeable pallets made of?

The manufacturers of exchangeable pallets use wood from sustainably managed forests as well as to a large extent recycled waste from other wood industries. The tree species approved for production include fir, spruce, pine, alder, birch, poplar, oak, ash, beech, elm, acacia, maple, sycamore and sweet chestnut. Their wood must not show any traces of wood preservatives or bark inclusions and must not be affected by decay such as mould, sponge or dry rot or by insects. Furthermore, its moisture content should not exceed 22 % of its kiln-dried weight. These strict specifications ensure the high quality of transport pallets and allow you to buy used pallets without having to worry about durability.

Today, over 90% of all transport pallets are made of wood. That is why it is much easier to buy used euro pallets cheap when you are looking for wooden models. This is not least due to the economic and ecological advantages. The production of a plastic pallet consumes on average five times as much energy and eight times as much raw material as that of a wooden pallet. Nevertheless, plastic exchangeable pallets are becoming increasingly popular. Their weight is about half that of an equivalent wooden pallet, they typically have ten times the durability as they suffer less from the impacts that are inevitable when handling them, and they can be cleaned more thoroughly. The latter is particularly relevant for the food industry. In the vast majority of cases, however, it is more than sufficient to want to buy used wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets are cheap, durable and last for decades

Nevertheless, used wooden Euro pallets have a long shelf life. They are used for up to seven years in the Euro Pool System, the leading logistics provider of returnable packaging in the European fresh produce supply chain, for storing as well as transporting heavy goods. But they are reusable and find decades of use in other areas.

While a forklift truck is loading exchange pallets, it often pushes them with the tines, causing their wood to break or splinter in some places. They also provide a stable base for damp goods, causing their surface moisture to rise. These signs of use form the degree of wear that the EPAL quality certification for the open pallet exchange pool divides up. According to it, transport pallets have one of the quality levels "New", "A-", "B-" or "C-class".

Factory-new storage and transport pallets can bear loads of up to 1000 kg

Factory-new specimens that have not yet been in circulation are not assigned to any class. They are characterised by particularly light-coloured wood that shows no signs of use and by fresh markings on their blocks. Their manufacturers usually guarantee a load capacity of up to 1000 kg. Often, however, it is enough to buy used goods when buying a Euro pallet. However, used Euro pallets do the same and the difference in quality is noticeably small, because Euro pool pallets are very robust and even designed to be used several times in an exchange system: At Verpacking, when you buy used Euro pallets, you get goods that have been quality-tested and are as good as new. This makes buying used Euro pallets particularly attractive.

1st choice exchange pallets that have already been used once are certified with class A

If you want to buy used pallets, you have the choice of two classes. Before you can buy your used Euro pallet, you should briefly inform yourself about the allocation to the class system for a used pallet. 1st choice transport pallets correspond to class A. They have only been used a few times and look like new. Their blocks are straight, the nails are complete and they do not have any wood splinters. A first repair can be seen on the EPAL repair nail. This is located on the centre block and acts as a test seal. If it is not present, this is an indication that the transport pallets have not been subjected to a quality inspection in accordance with international guidelines.

2nd choice used pallets are still fully load-bearing despite cosmetic defects

Second-hand pallets of the 2nd choice are characterised by certain features of use which show that their state of use is associated with them. A distinction is made between classes B and C. Europool pallets of both quality grades are still fully load-bearing. But while the wood of the former has different tints, that of the latter has clear discolourations from expiring products.

Transport pallets carry heavy goods, but are also used as building material

New and 1st choice exchange pallets are used internationally in logistics for storing and transporting heavy goods. Once discarded, they are used as building material for pallet furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, sofas, beds, benches or terraces.

Buying used Euro pallets is super easy due to the exchange process and makes for efficient logistics operations

The original idea to introduce the uniform dimensions of 1,200 x 800 x 144 mm for these exchange pallets was based on considerations to make the transport of goods more effective. On the one hand, this is achieved because the size standards of the standard Euro-pallet are based on the loading areas of transport vehicles such as articulated lorries, swap bodies or motor vehicles. On the other hand, the structured exchange system that characterises the Euro transport pallets contributes to this.

After a consignment is shipped on them, the consignee can, on the one hand, purchase the loading pallets for a surcharge. On the other hand, they can be exchanged, as they comply with uniform standards. Two exchange procedures are common. In the Cologne pallet exchange, the consignor exchanges his loaded transport pallets for the empty ones of a carrier, who in turn exchanges them for the empty ones of the consignee. In the Bonn pallet exchange, the carrier is not actively involved in the exchange. He transports the loaded transport pallets to the consignee, who in return hands over two empty ones, which are sent to the sender. In this case, the exchange takes place directly between the sender and the recipient. This ensures optimised and efficient logistics processes.

Pallets that comply with the EPAL regulations also facilitate internal transport. Forklifts can approach, lift and transport them from all sides.

During storage, products packed on a pallet are additionally protected with stretch film

Wooden pallets are not only used as transport aids, but also for storing packed products. Their flat construction replaces a shelf in the rack, so that forklifts and other floor conveyors can store them lengthwise or crosswise in pallet racks on panels, traverses or special plate carriers.

Companies that store their goods using Europool pallets should have suitable equipment for handling them before buying new or used pallets. Even empty wooden pallets, weighing about 23 kg, are difficult to move. Forklifts or hand pallet trucks, on the other hand, can pick them up and move them with little effort. To find a suitable industrial truck, companies pay attention to the highest possible weight and the maximum lifting height of their pallets.

They also attach great importance to securing their goods so that they arrive undamaged at the customer's premises. Stretch film is often used for this purpose. Since the packaging (cardboard boxes or containers) is usually aligned with the standardised dimensions of the exchange pallets and completely covers the pallet base, the film also provides good stabilisation. A more cost-intensive form of load securing consists of lattice boxes and wooden frames, which protect the goods not only against frontal forces but also against external forces acting from the side.

International use for high racks as well as all common forklifts and pallet trucks

The construction of exchangeable pallets complies with international standards, which are in line with (almost) all forklift trucks, pallet trucks, other floor conveyors and pallet high racks. For this reason, you can buy used pallets from anywhere in the world, ship them worldwide and store them.

Transport pallets that are already used and no longer meet the guidelines of the Euro-Pool system for designation as 1st choice or class A can no longer be used for intra- or extralogistical purposes. Nevertheless, they are still fully loadable due to their long durability. Second choice wooden pallets therefore often function as inexpensive components for furniture.

Many online shops offer prefabricated pallet furniture. Their selection ranges from pallet sofas, beds, seating furniture and tables to garden and balcony and patio furniture and raised beds. If you are a handyman, you can also build your own interior or exterior furnishings using wooden pallets. For their own safety, they should pay attention to certain characteristics.

Because with regard to the international exchange system, no one can guarantee with certainty what the Europool pallets transported when they were still in circulation. For everyday furniture such as beds, tables or sofas that are often touched, do-it-yourselfers should therefore either use new wooden pallets or discarded class A specimens that have undergone a pest and bacteria control treatment. Such a procedure can be done in two ways. The most common is the so-called heat treatment. Here, the pallet is heated to above 56 °C for a period of at least 35 minutes. The second option is microwave treatment, where the wood reaches a temperature of at least 60 °C over its entire surface within one minute. Both methods are promising against pests and bacteria, but the latter has not yet become established.

Note: In the past, wooden pallets were fumigated with methyl bromide to control pests. Even though this chemical process has no longer been permitted in the EU since 2010, Europool pallets that were treated in this way in the past may still be used. They are not suitable for furniture construction or other DIY projects. You should pay attention to this when buying.

Class B second-hand transport pallets are sufficient for home accessories such as side tables and wine or spice racks. Due to clear signs of use and chipping, class C exchange pallets are only suitable for outdoor projects such as a herb bed. Their condition may not be as good, but they have the best prices.

As you can see, there are many different areas of application. Whatever you have in mind: Here you can buy used Euro pallets at a good price. Have you ever bought used pallets? You will love the low prices!

Nail-free transport pallets can also be used as firewood

If you saw them first at their nail-free places, transport pallets can also be used as firewood. However, depending on their origin, they may be contaminated with insecticides, heavy metals or foreign substances such as oils. For this reason, the burning of Euro pallets in private furnaces is prohibited in some places, such as the Swiss canton of Thurgau.

The reusable Euro pallet offers many advantages over conventional disposable pallets

Euro pallets or exchangeable pallets offer many advantages over conventional one-way pallets in terms of quality, efficiency and reusability. They are a mass product, which is also reflected in the europallet price, which quickly pays for itself, especially with multiple use.

The uniform regulations of EPAL as well as the clear demarcation of quality levels for exchangeable pallets give consumers a sense of security. They can rely on internationally applicable standards and certifications, which they can reliably check for each individual pallet thanks to the quality marks. This ensures the quality of transport pallets and at the same time prevents the production of inferior replicas.

Uniform dimensions enable efficient and space-saving stacking

Thanks to their uniform dimensions, standard Euro pallets can be stacked on top of each other. This not only facilitates the storage of goods, but also their own. Empty Euro pallets, for example, can fill the space of transport vehicles or warehouses of logistics companies efficiently and in a space-saving manner by being stacked on top of each other. This ensures optimal storage prices even when the transport pallets are not being used.

The DGUV (short for German Social Accident Insurance) specifies a maximum stacking height of 4.20 metres. Furthermore, the stacks must be erected plumb on an incline of no more than 2 % so that they do not tip over.

Europool pallets loaded with stable goods can also be stacked. Special attention should be paid to their maximum load capacity of 1000 kg.

When packing for loading and unloading buy old pallets used, but as good as new

Goods are loaded and unloaded quickly and cheaply on transport pallets due to their space-saving stackability. This is because they fill the loading area of transport vehicles exactly. Thus, they not only save time during loading, as the carrier does not have to worry about their optimal arrangement, but also time and costs during transport, as the carrier transports as many goods in one trip as he can accommodate at maximum.

Get the best prices: Thanks to international standardisation, the Euro pallet can be exchanged and reused

One-way pallets are not standardised. Accordingly, they are not subject to exchange regulations and are usually disposed of after transport, which wastes resources. Since standard Euro pallets, on the other hand, comply with international dimensions and quality standards, they are exchangeable and reusable. This makes them an ecological alternative that makes disposable pallets increasingly unpopular.

New life for the old pallet: ideas for upcycling

Exchangeable pallets that no longer serve as transport aids are now rarely disposed of. They find their use, especially in furniture construction. Those who opt for pallet furniture are acting in an environmentally friendly way, as they are saving wood resources. As a businessman, you have probably thought to yourself: Actually, I wanted to buy more Euro pallets. I should have done that once. So it's better to buy in stock and benefit from our graduated prices! It is always possible that goods have to be redistributed and a pallet is needed that was not planned for before. Buying old pallets afterwards is annoying and leads to valuable time delays.

Upcycling with wooden pallets, however, offers another decisive advantage: furniture made from old wooden pallets does not cost much and you can buy used pallets from us. The price of used Euro pallets is not high. In addition, a pallet that has only been used once usually still has its full load-bearing capacity, so that it can carry a weight of up to 1000 kg and fulfil its function perfectly. If you want to cover up any slight discolouration that may have occurred, you can buy a used Euro pallet and paint it with wood paint.

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