Whiteboard Markers
  • Lumocolor® refill station fine-tip ink for non-permanent universal pensOverfilling is impossible, as the pen only draws the maximum possible amount of ink from the refill station, easy and clean refilling, after a few minutes the pen is ready to write again, after 3 - 4 hours againContent: 15 mlType of writing fluid: inkPP tank
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Content: 15 Mililliter (€352.67 / 1000 Mililliter)
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  • Board marker Lumocolor® whiteboard compact4 assorted colors in boxBullet tip, 1-2 mm line widthEfficient for Ecology: dry safe - can be left open for days without drying out (test iso 554)blocked tip, staedtler box can be set up. Quick-drying, dry and residue-free wipe-off from whiteboards and surfaces such as glass and porcelainCap in writing color: reversible; barrel color: white
From €6.86 pc
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  • STAEDLER Lumocolor 301Color: redInk: low-odor, xylene- and toluene-free, quick-drying and wipeableTip: M-tip, approx. 1 mmIn pen format; ideal for small whiteboards and student blackboardsWhite barrel, durable pp, clip-on cap
From €2.96 pc
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Whiteboard Marker: The Perfect Choice for Successful Presentations

You've probably experienced this before: you've prepared an important presentation and now want to present it successfully to your clients or colleagues. For this, the right equipment is essential and an important part of it is the whiteboard marker.

What is a Whiteboard Marker?

A whiteboard marker is a writing instrument designed specifically for use on whiteboards or chalkboards. Unlike regular pens, whiteboard markers have a special ink that is easily erasable and does not leave any marks on the board.

What Types of Whiteboard Markers Are There?

There are different types of whiteboard markers that differ in their ink composition and color selection. The most common types are:

Dry-Erase Whiteboard Markers

These markers are equipped with alcohol-based ink that dries quickly and can be easily removed with a dry cloth or a whiteboard eraser. They are available in many different colors and are the most commonly used.

Refillable Whiteboard Markers

These markers are more environmentally friendly than disposable markers as they can be refilled. They are available in different colors and sizes and can be refilled with a special ink.

Permanent Markers for Whiteboards

These markers are equipped with oil-based ink and are not erasable. They are mainly used for labeling that needs to be visible for a longer period of time.

What Are the Advantages of Whiteboard Markers?

  • They are easy to use and allow for quick and clear labeling of the board
  • The special ink is easily erasable without leaving any marks on the board
  • They are available in many different colors, enabling clear and concise presentation of information
  • Different stroke widths allow for various font styles and sizes to be used
  • Refillable markers are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Get a Wide Selection of High-Quality Whiteboard Markers at

Whiteboard markers are an indispensable tool for successful presentations and meetings. The many different colors and stroke widths enable information to be presented clearly, and the easy erasability of the ink ensures that whiteboards always remain clean and ready for use. At, you will find a wide selection of high-quality whiteboard markers for professional use in companies.

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