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Bubble wrap envelope A-1 120 x 175 mm, brown

You can send sensitive, small things safely with the bubble mailer A-1 from These air cushioned envelopes are suitable for jewellery, electronics, small components, office utensils and many other things that you want to pack well protected for shipping. With internal dimensions of 100 x 165 millimetres and a bubble wrap padding made of 50 mµ thick film, this shipping bag is a good decision for many shipping tasks. This is supported by the practical, dual closure system with adhesive closure and flat head clamp closure on the bublle mailer. In addition, the air bubble bags with it's strong, water-repellent coated paper provides very high security when shipping tiny things.

Product highlights

  • Air cushion envelope A-1, brown
  • Format: DIN A6
  • water-repellent coated paper
  • Bubble wrap made of 50 mµ inner foil
  • Shipping bags for jewellery, electronics, sensitive small parts
  • Inner dimensions: 100x165mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 120x175mm (unfilled)
  • Padded envelope with dual closure system

You can order the bubble mailer A-1 at from 200 pieces/package. For larger order quantities, you also benefit from our favourable graduated prices. The recycling of the air bubble bags is made easy and comfortable by simply separating the materials. Thus, with these packages in DIN A6 format you contribute to sustainability and environmental protection, especially if you have a large shipping volume.

from 11,13 €
from 67 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
116,63 €
514,48 €
1013,25 €
2012,33 €
6711,13 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope A-1 120 x1 75 mm, white

The A1 bubble mailer offers space in a small format for the protected shipment of, for example, jewellery, memory cards, electronic components and other small items. The bubble wrap envelopes consist of a water-repellent coated, strong paper and a cushioning inner foil in 50 mµ thickness. The shipping bag A-1 is completed by the practical dual-closure system, where you decide how you want to close the packaging: Either with the classic self-adhesive closure or with flat head clips for which the envelope is already prepared. With internal dimensions of 100x165 millimetres, there is room for many things from office supplies to craft accessories and other products.

Product highlights

  • Bubble wrap envelope A-1, DIN A6, white
  • for the protected dispatch of smaller products
  • Bubble mailers with dual-closure system
  • Inner dimensions: 100x165mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 120x175mm (unfilled)
  • Air cushion mailing bags easily recyclable delivers the cushioned envelope A-1 in quantities starting from 200 pieces/packaging unit. Our low graduated prices ensure that the more air bubble bags you order, the more cost-efficient the shipping will be. The environmentally friendly product features ensure that you can easily separate the bubble wrap from the paper envelope and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way. The white colour stands for high quality packaging with high quality contents.

from 10,86 €
from 67 pu, Base price: 0,05 € per m
incl. tax, plus shipping
from puPrice per unitGrundpreis
115,78 €0,08 € per m
514,14 €0,07 € per m
1012,91 €0,06 € per m
2011,99 €0,06 € per m
6710,86 €0,05 € per m
incl. tax, plus shipping
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Bubble wrap envelope B-2 140 x 225 mm brown

You can order the bubble mailer B-2 with 200 pieces per package at With this shipping bag you will receive comfortable and save bubble wrap bags in the DIN A6+/C6+ format. Different flat products up to a size of 120 x 215 mm (inside dimension) can be sent well protected in theses envelopes. The water-repellent coating of the durable stron paper is supported by the padding with 50 mµ thick bubble wrap film. The dual closure is another useful feature, which, in addition to the closure with adhesive tape, also allows the use of flat head clamps. This way, office utensils, electronic components, sensitive spare parts, jewellery, handicraft materials and many other items are always safely delivered to the recipient.

Product highlights

  • Air cushion envelope DIN A6+ C6+, brown/golden yellow
  • Bubble wrapped shipping bags for the safe shipment of sensitive items
  • Inner dimensions: 120x215mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 140x225mm (unfilled)
  • With water-repellent coating
  • With dual closure system

Send sensitive goods comfortably and safely with the air bubble bags from The recyclable properties ensure environmental protection. The bubble wrap can be easily separated from the envelope and then disposed of accordingly. In many cases even a reuse is conceivable. You can now order the air cushion envelope B-2 in brown from 200 pieces/unit at an attractive graduated price at

from 13,27 €
from 49 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
118,61 €
316,37 €
915,71 €
2414,90 €
4913,27 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope B-2 140 x 225 mm, white

With internal dimensions of 120 x 215 mm, the B-2 bubble mailer offers a comfortable packaging for shipping electronics, jewellery, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, office supplies and other sensitive products. The protective padding of the bubble wrap with the special 50 mµ thick film is complemented by the robust strong paper with a water-repellent coating. The dual closure system proves to be particularly convenient, allowing two types of closure: With adhesive tape or with flat head clips.
In white, the B2 bubble envelope gives the impression of high quality, which is a good solution for mailing bags, especially for higher quality goods.

Product highlights

  • Cushioned envelope B-2, DIN A6+ C6+
  • Manufactured by officeking
  • Water-repellent coated, strong paper in white
  • High protective bubble wrap inlay, removable for easy disposal
  • For small goods such as electronics, jewellery, spare parts, office supplies etc.
  • Inner dimension: 120x215mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 140x225mm (unfilled)
  • dual closure system

You can order the B-2 air bubble bags in white at in practical units of 200 pieces each. This way, even large requirements can be easily covered at a favourable graduated price. The decision for the air cushion envelope is also facilitated by the environmentally friendly recyclable properties: simply separate the air cushion bags into their components and then send the air cushion envelope for recycling. Order B-2 Air Cushioning Bags now - easy and cheap at

from 13,23 €
from 49 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
118,57 €
316,33 €
915,68 €
2414,86 €
4913,23 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Ratings 4/5

Bubble wrap envelope C-3 170 x 225 mm, brown

The C3 bubble wrapped envelope is the right choice if you want to send sensitive goods in bubble bags. Measuring up to 150x215 millimetres, the bubble mailer can be used to pack CDs, DVDs, electronic products, jewellery, office supplies and many other items that need to be protected during shipping. The protection is guaranteed by a robust paper with a water-repellent coating and a 50 mµ-thick air-cushiond upholstery inside. For convenient recycling, the C-3's bubble wrap can be easily disassembled into its components and then disposed of separately. The air cushioned shipping bags are equipped with the comfortable dual closure system, which allows different types of closure: Self-Adhesive tape or flat head clamp closure are possible.

Product highlights

  • Bubble mailer C-3, DIN A5, B6+, brown
  • Air cushioned shipping bags made of water-repellent coated paper
  • Bubble wrap inlay made of 50 mµ thick foil
  • Inner dimensions: 150x215mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 170x225mm (unfilled)
  • With dual closure system
  • For many sensitive products

You can order the practical C-3 bubble mailer in the desired number of delivery units of 100 pieces each. With the graduated prices of you support a cost-efficient dispatch even in case of high demand. Thanks to the environmentally friendly features you make your shipping attractive and sustainable also from the point of view of environmental protection.

from 9,35 €
from 70 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
114,70 €
612,85 €
1211,85 €
2410,86 €
709,35 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope C-3 170 x 225 mm, white

The bubble wrapped envelope C-3 offers space for a lot of things. Particularly for sensitive goods measuring up to 150x215 millimetres you will find a good packaging here for shipping. Well-protected, A5, B6+ cushioned envelopes may contain jewellery, electronic components, stationery and office supplies. The padding of the C-3 mailing bag consists of a 50 mµ thick film and is supplemented by A white, strong paper with water-repellent coating. The dual closure system allows the choice between self-adhesive closure or closure with flat head clips. Thus, the C-3 bubble mailer offers good conditions for the safe and protected dispatch of different products.

Product highlights

  • Bubble mailing bags C-3 in the format DIN A5, B6+, white
  • Air cushioned envelope for shipping sensitive products
  • Made of durable, water-repellent coated, strong paper
  • With padded inner foil
  • Inner dimensions: 150x215mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 170x225mm (unfilled)
  • With dual closure system
  • Recyclable

You can order 100 C-3 air bubble bags per shipping unit at This way you always have sufficient quantities of the A5 mailing bag available and you can equip the dispatch of sensitive small goods in an air cushion envelope. For larger order quantities you also profit from the graduated prices which make the shipping in air bubble cushined shipping bags even more cost effective. Separated into paper and inner foil, the padded shipping bags can also be recycled easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

from 9,19 €
from 70 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
114,54 €
612,70 €
1211,70 €
2410,71 €
709,19 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Ratings 5/5

Bubble wrap envelope D-4 200 x 275 mm, brown

The air cushioned envelope D4 in brown offers space for the dispatch of shock- and break-sensitive goods up to a size of 200 x 275 millimetres. This makes the DIN B5/C5+ format shipping bags ideal for packing jewellery, electronic components, CDs, DVDs, handicraft supplies or other small items. As a padded envelope with a bubble wrapping made of 50 mµ-thick film in the inside, the mailing bags also impresses with its hard-wearing quality. The easy handling is facilitated by the already prepared sealing options: Self-adhesive closure or the closure with flat head clips make shipping safe and convenient. This makes these bubble mailers a good choice when it comes to the protected shipping of sensitive products.

Product highlights

  • Bubble wrapped envelope D-4, format: DIN B5, C5+, brown
  • Ideal for sensitive goods and small parts
  • Bubble wrap padded envelope with 50 mµ thick inner foil
  • Inner dimensions: 180x265mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 200x275mm (unfilled)
  • dual-closure system
  • environmentally friendly recyclable: Just remove the bubble wrap for separate disposal.

You can order the air bubble bags made of water-repellent coated, strong paper at at a graduated price starting at 100 pieces. For easy recycling, the individual materials can be easily separated and disposed of accordingly. Order now: The bubble mailer D-4 in brown for your packaging and shipping needs.

from 10,52 €
from 54 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
115,87 €
413,82 €
813,29 €
2411,99 €
5410,52 €
incl. tax, plus shipping
Ratings 5/5

Bupple wrap envelope D-4 200 x 275 mm, white

Flat and sensitive products up to a size of 180x265 millimetres can be shipped comfortably and well protected in the D-4 air cushion envelope. The white shipping bags are ideal for goods such as DVDs, CDs, electronic components, stationery and office supplies, jewellery, decoration or hobbyists' supplies. Collector's items can also be shipped excellently padded in the mailing bags. The hard-wearing quality made of strong paper with water-repellent coating and inner bubble wrap foil in 50 mµ thickness makes the D-4 packaging especially attractive for commercial use. With the TRIFIX closure system, you can decide for yourself how you want to close the D4 air-cushioned envelope. Last but not least, it is the white colouring that makes this bubble envelope a very attractive packaging, too.

Product highlights

  • Air cushion pockets D4, DIN B5 C5+ in white
  • Comfortable size for many sensitive goods
  • Made of water-repellent coated strong paper
  • Padded with bubble wrap, foil strength 50 mµ
  • Inner dimensions: 180x265mm (unfilled)
  • Outer dimensions: 200x275mm (unfilled)
  • TRIFIX closure system self-adhesive closure, adhesive tape, flat head clamps
  • affordable scale prices

You can order the air cushion envelope D-4 in a quantity of 100 pieces/package and more. Depending on the quantity ordered, you will also benefit from our graduated prices. The recycling of the padded envelopes is supported by the easy separation of paper envelope and bubble wrap. Order the white bubble mailers D-4 now: Reliable, quickly and easily at!

from 10,50 €
from 54 units, incl. tax, plus shipping
fromPrice per unit
115,86 €
413,81 €
813,28 €
2411,98 €
5410,50 €
incl. tax, plus shipping

Send products at a low price by post with our air cushion shipping bags.

Online trade has long since fought its way to the top and prevailed over stationary retail. Various goods are ordered online by customers not only in Germany, but all over the world. This places great demands on shipping in particular. Not every packaging material is suitable for every product. Padded shipping bags with bubble wrap are a particularly variable solution with a wide range of applications. Bubble envelopes are particularly suitable for shipping sensitive products. We offer a wide range of different bubble envelopes as a shipping solution. The different formats provide the ideal packaging for low priced shipping with the lowest possible postage costs, especially for light and medium weight products. The padded bags offer a high level of security and reliably protect the sensitive contents from external influences. You can find out more about the various special features of the bubble envelope below.


The invention of bubble wrap was pure coincidence. In 1957, two engineers in New York tried their hand at producing a new and easy-to-apply plastic wallpaper that would also be washable. Fielding and Chavannes had no idea that their new invention would revolutionise shipping and be used as a filling or packaging material in the mail order business for decades to come. Their invention quickly proved to be very robust, even though it did not seem particularly suitable for use as wallpaper. This laid the foundation for the success story of bubble wrap. More than fifty years later, it is not only traders who are familiar with bubble wrap. When shipping sensitive products, traders prefer to use bubble wrap to pack their own products, as the cushioning film offers optimum protection for a wide range of goods against external damage.


There are no limits to what can be shipped in bubble envelopes. Both large and small products can be packaged excellently and are optimally protected against damage. Whether feather-light or medium-weight, many products of limited size can be excellently packed in this way. The integrated padding serves as a buffer and protects the products to be shipped from falls and bumps on their way. The material properties of the thicker film in combination with strong kraft paper ensure that the padded envelopes are hard-wearing, durable and above all waterproof. Especially with paper goods and electronic items, this is an important factor that contributes to the safety of the goods being shipped. After shipping, the paper and plastic of the shipping material can be easily separated and disposed of. The padded bags are 100% recyclable.


Our shipping envelopes are equipped with the TRIFIX closure system and can be closed in three different ways for shipping.

1: The adhesive closure

Our bubble envelopes are equipped with a pressure-sensitive adhesive closure with peel-off strip. When the peel-off strip is removed, an adhesive edge is created with which the contents can be securely sealed. It should be noted, however, that the adhesive strength may deteriorate with age and is only temperature resistant between -20°C to 60°C.

2: Flat head staples

Our bubble envelopes are equipped with holes that allow flat head clips to be attached. This is a reliable sealing option, especially for shipping goods or books.

3: Adhesive seal

With the adhesion closure, the so-called flat head staples are replaced. For this purpose, the peel-off strip of the air cushion bags is removed and the flap is glued to the transparent film on the back of the bag. This makes it possible to reseal the bag, which may be necessary for certain product groups at the German Post Office.

Buy the right air cushion shipping bags sizes for sensitive goods

Some products are more sensitive to shipping than others, and online retailers can tell you a thing or two about it. While some goods always reach their recipient unscathed with DHL, this is not always the case with others. Especially when shipping sensitive products like glass, which often cost a lot, packaging with simple cardboard boxes, like a DVD or book shipment, is no longer sufficient. In order to make the product as shockproof as possible on its way to Deutsche Post, the right sizes with padding are necessary in any case. Padded shipping envelopes are a simple and convenient solution.