Loose Fill
  • Pelaspan BIO packing chips, white
  • plant starch, compostable
  • 215 Litres, boxed
  • Interlocking S-shape for fixation of goods
  • Antistatic
  • no express service, no self pickup
Content: 240 Liter (€0.11 / 1 Liter)
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Buy packaging chips at low prices as a proven solution for protecting packaged goods.

There is the right packaging for almost every purpose. Cartons, boxes and other containers are available in every conceivable size and colour. And yet the packaged goods do not always fit the favoured carton. Cartons are square, but the goods to be packed come in many different shapes. Perhaps a round item is to be shipped, or the carton fits perfectly in width but still has room to grow in height. When shipping goods, these circumstances could lead to damage to the goods being shipped. This also applies to the storage of packaged goods in cartons when they are stacked on top of each other. If the items in the cartons are heavy, cartons underneath could be crushed when stacked. The best way to prevent this is to buy packing chips and use them as cushioning material. You ask yourself, where do traders buy packaging chips in white cheaply at an unbeatable price? At!

This challenge is faced by large shipping companies, warehousemen and shops as well as private individuals from time to time. For example, if heavy items with sensitive surfaces, sharp edges or corners or made of easily breakable materials are to reach the recipient without damage, they must be optimally protected. For this, the packaging market has a solution ready that has proven itself for years: Filling material chips, which optimally fill the outer packaging so that there are no gaps between the box or crates and the goods to be shipped.

The packaging material Chips is a widely used filling material to avoid transport damages.

The filling material chips is widely used in the packaging industry. This filling material is popularly used by shipping service providers, in the storage industry and also by private individuals. Buy packaging chips cheap and protect the packaged goods throughout the transport chain. If packaging chips are material to protect your goods shipment, they prevent the goods from moving in the box and thus coming to harm. These practical flips are available in different materials. They ward off a variety of dangers to which the packaged goods are exposed during transport or shipping.

Damage can occur at various stations during transport. When packing products, stresses such as slipping, scratching or impacts cannot always be ruled out. This is where the filling material Chips can help, provided it is used immediately during the packaging process. Palletising and loading also represent a particularly critical area during transport handling. Compressive pressure, impacts, vibrations and shocks are not uncommon. If the goods to be transported are securely packed and adequately protected against such incidents by means of packaging chips made of polystyrene, corn starch or plastic, they will not be able to harm the goods in the near future.

The same applies to the transport itself. Slipping, temperature fluctuations, oscillations or vibrations and shocks can never be completely ruled out. Here, too, the little packaging helpers in the form of flakes are a good solution for avoiding transport and shipping damage.

A situation that every shipping and transport service provider dreads is the reloading of goods or consignments onto a new vehicle during transport. If the cavities in cartons are sufficiently filled with chip packaging material, the items in the carton can no longer collide or slip. This means that transport or shipping damage can be largely ruled out.

Packaging chips are available in many designs and made of different materials.

The packaging material chips is available in numerous designs. It is ideally suited as void fill, as it adapts to every packaged good due to its small size and fills even the smallest gaps. Depending on the material, this filling material is considered 100 percent recyclable. If the packaging chip is made of maize or maize starch, it is even 100% biodegradable.

The most commonly used materials for bio chips packaging material are polystyrene, maize (as biomaterial) or (recyclable) plastic. Even polystyrene packaging flips are considered groundwater-neutral and harmless to health. The flips come in different shapes, with each of the shapes fulfilling a specific function. S- or L-shapes hook better than the straight or round versions and form a solid unit between the packaged goods, even at the corners and edges. This avoids the notorious 'quicksand effect' with the packaging material chips. Use chips made from renewable materials, such as maize, as filling material for your packaging.

Not only shapes, but also colours increasingly play a significant role in the use of packaging material chips for shipping. There are three common colours in packaging chips Where do retailers buy this in green, pastel yellow and white? At you can buy colourful packaging chips. In addition to white, green or pastel yellow chips, brightly coloured mixes are now available. With colours like red, purple, rich yellow, orange, blue or beige, there are hardly any limits to the choice of colours. The most popular packaging chips are probably those in white. If you are sending a beautiful gift, for example, you also want that certain something in the form of beautiful colours for the padding material. This pleases both the sender and the recipient. Many companies that want to reflect their corporate branding in the filling chips also take advantage of such possibilities today. They use the filling material quite incidentally as an advertising medium.

Good to know: Most packaging chips material, especially polystyrene, poses a low fire hazard, but still requires some attention in this regard. While the self-ignition temperature is a high 470 °C, the melting point is already around 85 to 105 °C. This should be taken into account, especially when storing packaging chips. This should be the focus, especially when storing packaging flips.

What are the advantages of packaging flips in white and where can you buy them for your packaging?

The best place to buy white packaging flips is at This popular and widely used material for filling cavities in boxes or crates is a solution especially when the goods to be shipped have different shapes and sizes in an outer packaging. In addition, these little packaging helpers reveal numerous advantages over other filling and cushioning materials.

Packaging chips consist of practically 90 per cent air and thus hardly increase the transport weight. This saves the shipper high additional costs. If the small and fine chips are packaging material for your packaged goods, they protect them from moisture, as there is no need to worry about moisture absorption. The situation is somewhat different with organic packaging chips. These do not absorb moisture. By using the right amount, maximum cushioning protection is always guaranteed.

Due to their nature, the flakes can be used several times. Many recipients of goods like to use this advantage and save costs. Whether as balls or E-, S-, as well as L-form, most packaging flakes fill the smallest gaps, as they reliably hook into the carton, provided they are E-, S- or L-form. The common denominator of all packaging chips, including those in spherical form, is a highly reliable temperature resistance. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 °C without any major adverse effects.

Furthermore, the flips for void fill are considered dust-free, antistatic and clean. Their dimensional stability ensures reliable protection of the packaged goods from the start of transport until the items arrive at the recipient.

Packaging material in comparison: packaging chip, shrink paper and bubble wrap

In almost all companies involved in shipping and goods transport, packaging chips white are playing an increasingly important role due to their numerous advantages. On the one hand it is the practicality of this filling material, on the other hand the clean use. On the other hand, the use is also a matter of discretion. While many shippers increasingly rely on packaging flips, others swear by shrink paper or bubble wrap, which also stand out for their positive properties.

While packaging service providers like to use these to fill the smallest cavities, the decision for a cushioning material always depends on the packaged goods. When could other filling materials be an alternative to chip packaging material?

Schrenzpapier is the filling material alternative for heavy and sharp-edged packaged goods.

Schrenzpapier is always a suitable alternative to packaging chips when it comes to shipping sharp-edged and very heavy packaged goods. Due to its malleability, this cushioning material flexibly adapts to every conceivable contour of a product and is also quick and easy to use. In areas such as computers, mechanical engineering, lighting, automotive or in online retailing in general, Schrenzpapier is more common as a filler than in other industries.

This 100 per cent recyclable and environmentally friendly material is also very popular because of its pleasant feel. The disadvantage of Schrenz paper compared to packaging flips is clearly its sensitivity to moisture. In addition, a slight dust formation is to be expected. At this point, Schrenzpapier should be mentioned as one of the safest application possibilities in terms of filling material. Health risks due to inhalation of substances are completely eliminated here. Hand or eye protection is not required.

For those who do not want to or cannot decide between paper or filling chips, some suppliers offer loose paper chips made of sturdy paper. As a positive effect of these crumpled paper balls, the dreaded quicksand effect can be excluded. Due to their crumpled shape, the paper chips interlock with each other. They provide reliable cushioning protection even for heavy and sharp-edged items.

The conventional solution for void fill: air bubble films

Although bubble cushions or films are not exactly considered environmentally friendly, it is hard to imagine packaging without them. Bubble cushions score points for their very low dead weight (they consist of 99 per cent air) and can be easily produced at the packaging site itself using a special machine. Due to the manufacturing method, a special perforation is created, which allows the air cushions to be perfectly dosed. Just like the packaging flips, this cushioning material is one of the conventional filling and cushioning materials that are frequently used. Bubble wrap or bubble cushions should not be used for pointed or angular items to be shipped.

Because of their dual function as void fill as well as cushioning, bubble wrap and bubble cushions are very popular. Bubble cushions are considered to be cost-effective and space-saving. Furthermore, they offer many different application possibilities. With this cushion filling, the cushioning and void fillings can always be readjusted as well as reused, depending on the requirements.

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medicines, computers, cosmetics or ceramics prefer to use air cushioning when filling their packaging.

In the end, filling chips stand up to the toughest comparison with other cushioning materials. The reason for this lies in their versatility. Unlike other material, packaging chips are designed for almost all package contents. If a shipper cannot make up his mind about the many different filling materials or has doubts about the right use, filling chips are always the right choice, a quasi general solution.

Packaging chips made of corn starch are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic

In the packaging industry, too, a lot has happened in recent years in terms of environmental protection. One of the most important factors is recyclable and biodegradable materials. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to packaging chips, you will probably choose organic chips made from corn starch. These are 100 percent biodegradable.

Packaging material chips maize are often extra small and therefore particularly suitable for optimally filling the smallest gaps in the carton. Due to their high restoring forces, the packaging chips maize fulfil their purpose of protecting the packaged goods for both light and heavy goods.

Bio-Chips are compostable and consist of renewable raw materials.

The Bio-Chips are completely natural and consist of 100 percent renewable raw materials. Based on plant starch from maize and water, this filling material is an incomparably environmentally friendly alternative to other padding material. Whether large companies or private households: the material is simply composted or disposed of in the organic waste bin without a guilty conscience.

In the meantime, the environmentally friendly corn chips have overtaken all other filling materials on the market. Nevertheless, many mail-order companies or packaging firms still rely on a traditional variant, the conventional Styrofoam chips, which have proven their worth as a filling material for years.

What is the advantage of packaging chips made of Styrofoam?

The packaging chip made of Styrofoam has a decisive advantage over the organic chips made of corn starch. Styrofoam chips are considered to be even more resistant and flexible against impacts and pressure. On the one hand, flakes made of polystyrene are more robust and stable than their counterparts made of corn, but on the other hand they have a certain degree of softness and thus fulfil their purpose of protecting the shipping goods perfectly.

How to properly use and store packaging chips as a filling material

For many years, the method of using chips for your packaging has been considered one of the most reliable means of protection for sensitive or fragile products, where bubble wrap or air cushions are often no longer sufficient. In addition to this filling material, the expert use of the chips is also important for optimum product protection during the safe transport of goods. Now it's just a matter of buying them and using them correctly for your purposes.

No one needs to become a packaging professional to be able to correctly fill boxes and shipping crates with the packaging chips. Even for private individuals, this is child's play in four steps. First, the carton is given a layer of flakes. Then the goods to be shipped are carefully placed in it. Now the packer / shipper fills the carton to the brim with the appropriate amount of filling material chips and seals the carton. The box can now be sent on its way safely equipped, with the good feeling that the goods will reach the recipient without damage.

This filling material is best stored in a dry place at ambient temperature and normal pressure. If the flips are stored for a longer period of time, the product must be protected from excessive UV or sunlight to ensure consistent quality. Meanwhile, if you are sure what you want to use as cushioning material, then what else are you waiting for? Buy packaging chips at!

How are the prices of the different packaging chips calculated?

As with all products, there are significant differences in the price of flips for protecting packaged goods. Three important factors play the decisive role in the price calculation of packaging chips.

First and foremost is quality. After all, the flips should protect sometimes cost-intensive products and have a certain stability. Therefore, it is advisable to look closely at the quality. A cheap product in large quantities may not serve its purpose quite as well as high-quality flips. Another criterion for pricing is the quantities ordered. Here, the larger the quantity of favoured flakes in an order, the cheaper it will be. However, only the quantities that are actually necessary should be ordered. Those who sit on too large quantities of the flips just to save a few cents will end up paying for them. And the third component that helps to determine the price of the packaging chip is the design of the flakes (type of material, shapes, colours, etc.).

Styrofoam chips are considered the cheapest option, although this is not always true either. The organic chips or flips made of recyclable plastic are also among the affordable filling materials with similarly low prices.

Our range at includes both inexpensive and high-quality packaging chips for all areas of application.

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