Tissue Paper
  • Silk paper / bogus paper
  • Dimensions / sheet: 50 x 75 cm
  • Paper weight: approx 25g/sqm
  • Sale units: 1kg / package
  • shock-absorbing, scratch protection
  • max. per parcel: 30
  • max. per pallet: 690
Bulk Prices:
From 5 pc :€4.49*
From 10 pc :€3.56*
From 30 pc :€2.96*
From 60 pc :€2.84*
From 90 pc :€2.66*
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From 90 pc  
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Buy packaging tissue paper to protect high quality goods during transport.

When packing fragile and valuable goods, it is indispensable to be able to buy the packaging paper tissue paper: available in various special qualities, it is used as a protective and filling material. Also known as packing silk, we find this lightweight yet durable material in moving boxes, as food-safe baker's silk in the kitchen or as PE-coated transport paper.
Learn more about the versatile transport protection of high-quality goods. Our overview of tissue papers reveals more about the properties, available dimensions and sizes, the correct use and the advantages of our tissue papers.

If you buy tissue paper for packaging at a low price online, you will benefit from its versatile properties and qualities.

In the packaging industry, we cannot do without cardboard, paper and paperboard. In principle, these flat materials are all manufactured using the same production method. The difference between plain paper, wrapping paper and tissue paper for packaging is the mass per unit area, which is called grammage and is measured in grams per square metre.
We define wrapping silk as thin paper that may have a basis weight of up to 25g per m², or even up to 30g per m² for some suppliers. In comparison, normal paper with a grammage of 60 to 90g/m² is considerably thicker and more rigid. Downwards, the grammage or basis weight of this thin packaging paper can reach down to 5g/m².
Because of its low grammage, packaging silk is particularly soft and flexible. In addition, it usually appears slightly transparent and has a glossy surface.
In addition to the common terms packing silk and silk paper, manufacturers also use the following terms for this lightweight packaging material, depending on the intended use: floral silk, bottle silk and decorative silk are offered as special qualities. Recycled silk is also commonly used: this refers to packaging silk that is made partly or entirely from recycled materials. In contrast, there is white silk based on virgin material, for the production of which no recycled paper was used. Tissue paper packaging is used, for example, for packaging jewellery and metals. However, all terms describe the tissue paper used for packaging.

Packing silk - The production of this elegant packaging material

Tissue paper packaging material is made from a mixture of bleached pulp and waste paper that has been previously recycled. Some product variants consist entirely of recycled waste paper. Depending on the area of application, this padding paper is available in wood-free, chlorine-free, acid-free and non-corrosive versions.
Packing silk has something to do with silk, the noble material we know as clothing or bed linen, only in name. However, the soft feel, the wafer-thin material with a noble look is reminiscent of the timelessly elegant fabric from the textile industry, which is why the term has come to be used for the light and thin types of paper.
Packing silk is made entirely from renewable raw materials. Chlorine- and acid-free versions are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can easily dispose of packaging silk with the waste paper, where it re-enters the recycling loop.
Conventional paper is produced on several drying cylinders. This is different with packing silk. Here, large crepe cylinders are used that are up to five metres high. In paper silk production, large drying bonnets are used that dry this packaging material on the cylinders within moments. At around 460 degrees, it only takes a few hundredths of a second for the drying process to be completed.
The end product of this production is a thin paper for packaging that is in the grammage range of 15 to 30 g per square metre. Custom-made products have a grammage as low as 5g.
The legal requirements for the production and quality assurance of this special wrapping paper can be found in DIN EN ISO 12625-6. Corresponding certificates confirm the high quality of a product. According to exactly these specifications, you can buy tissue paper for packaging in our shop.

How thin packaging paper from wholesale not only protects the goods, but also makes the first impression

Thanks to its specific properties, this packaging paper is not only practical, but also helps to visually enhance the packaging. High-quality packaging papers are slightly transparent and have a fine structure. This noble look is ideal not only for protecting valuable gifts, but also for wrapping them decoratively. Packing silk is form-fitting and also wraps items with many corners and edges.

First impressions count: It is no different when buying goods than when meeting people. When you buy a high-quality product, you eagerly await delivery. Then it's the first impression when unpacking that counts. Especially for online retail, this moment is of importance that should not be underestimated. Customers open their parcel full of expectation - and they are fully satisfied with the high-quality look and feel of the packing silk. Especially with high-quality products, one should not skimp on the packaging and buy the special packaging tissue paper. Many online traders ask themselves where they can order packaging materials cheaply, and the best place to do this is at a tissue paper wholesaler like
In the shipping bag or parcel, a special thin paper for packaging wraps the goods and protects them during transport. When unpacked, the packaging silk emphasises the quality of the wrapped product through its own noble appearance. That is why today textiles, jewellery and many other goods for the sophisticated taste are often wrapped in packing silk before they are shipped.
Companies that focus on environmentally friendly production can continue to do so with their packaging material. Chlorine- and acid-free packing silk is a sustainable solution that does not compromise on quality or appearance. Versions made from 100% recycled paper meet even the highest sustainability standards. If you want to ship without plastic, it is not uncommon for you to switch to high-quality transport protection with packing silk. Mail order companies with sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion wrap their textiles in recycled packaging material for protection and thanks to the matching look.
Padding paper in sheet format comes in a wide variety of colours: This makes it ideal for handicrafts or gift wrapping. To protect your goods appropriately, you can buy tissue paper packaging cheaply from us.

From filling material to jeweller's silk - the different uses of tissue papers

In our offer you will find the noble and thin wrapping paper in different designs and sizes. Depending on the intended use, different formats are available, and the pre-made sheet format is particularly practical.
Colourful sheets in the format of 50x70 centimetres are popular for shipping or gift wrapping. We also have neutral coloured sheets, so if you need paper for packing for a move, this is the right choice.
Fine jeweller's silk with a grammage of 19 g/m² usually comes in a discreet white - it gives precious jewellery and valuables the edge for a sparkling appearance. Here, too, there are sheets in the 50x70 format, smaller pieces can be carefully packed in sheets in the 37.5x50 centimetre format.
Packing silk sheets of 75x100 centimetres are suitable as filling and stuffing material as well as for wrapping. These are available as recycled tissue paper in grey or in an elegant anthracite colour. With up to 30 g/m², packing silk has the highest grammage as a filling material. The higher the grammage, the more robust the material and thus the better the protection during transport. For shipping, it is recommended to first wrap the goods in sheets of fine jeweller's silk and thus cover them appropriately. For further protection during transport, use the silk papers with a somewhat higher grammage as additional wrapping and as stuffing and filling material. Nevertheless, the question remains with the packaging paper tissue paper Where do successful online traders buy it? Most turn to a wholesaler like Verpacking.

With packaging tissue, do I get a packaging material that is versatile?

We distinguish between silver silk, special silk and packing silk in the various product versions of the paper packing material.

Silver silk is intended for particularly high-value goods. The thin wrapping paper has the highest purity among the tissue papers. There is special tissue paper for packing metal objects. Here, the particularly soft structure is important. In addition, the special silk for metal goods does not contain any corrosion-promoting components.
Packing silk can also be found under the term recycled silk. This type is made from 100% recycled paper, which is why you can buy this packaging material tissue paper cheaply. Here, the strength is somewhat lower than with white quality silk. The recycled product can be recognised by its slightly greyish colour. The advantage of recycled silk is the lower price. It is mostly used for secondary packaging tasks, for example as stuffing material for shipping. Removal companies also use it to transport crockery safely from one home to the next. You can use recycled packing silk to stuff gaps in boxes, and it is also suitable as an intermediate layer for goods that are not too fragile.

In contrast to recycled floss, white packaging paper is made from bleached cellulose. Manufacturers use a mixture of sulphate and sulphite pulp, which is why the product is offered as sulphite tissue paper. The sulphite in the mixture makes the thin wrapping paper softer and more supple. This distinguishes it from kraft paper: the latter is made from sulphate pulp without sulphite and is correspondingly firmer. The special properties make this wrapping paper the optimal packaging material for fragile items and those with sensitive surfaces. Last but not least, the white, almost transparent surface ensures that the value of goods is particularly emphasised. Glass, ceramics, porcelain or jewellery can be presented in this packaging according to their value.
In addition to packing silk, you can also get so-called organic silk: this is suitable for food and is intended for packing fruit, vegetables or baked goods. Producers use it to present their food at the sales stand, for example in the organic market or at the weekly market. Recycled packaging silk can also be used to wrap food. Where do you buy the right packaging silk? The best place is a wholesaler like Verpacking.

Tissue paper in roll format - the solution for using large quantities of packing paper

You can buy tissue paper in various formats online at a reasonable price. For larger quantities, such as those needed for moving, the roll format is the best solution. With the right cutting stand, you can cut this padding paper from the roll into individual formats. Valuable items of all shapes are bedded on silk during safe transport. Packing silk reliably protects fragile goods that are travelling. Vases and crockery to be safely stowed away when moving house, grandma's good china moving from the display case into your own home, a precious painting that the gallery wants to pack safely: packing silk protects all these items with its special properties as a wrapping, as a cushioning material in boxes for transport.
During transport, the goods are safe from bumps and scratches. Both in the lorry and when being carried up to the home, the good crockery, the large mirror or the picture is protected from accidents and collisions. Breakage is reduced to a minimum. The dimensionally stable packing silk also wraps clothes and jewellery with secure protection.
Cavities in boxes for moving can be filled with the packing paper padding so that nothing slips and the box still hardly gains any weight. This filling of free space is also important so that the valuable goods do not slide around inside the box without support and possibly suffer damage.
Standard packing floss has been increasingly used in the online mail order business in recent years. Fashion shops, textile retailers, jewellery and online stores for goods of all kinds are already implementing their demand for quality and sustainability in the packaging paper. The price-performance ratio of this wrapping paper is optimal here: low own weight, noble design and high protective effect during shipping make the lightweight wrapping paper the ideal means.
To wrap metal objects properly, use special papers. For precious metals, use chlorine- and acid-free wrapping paper. Leather goods, which are particularly prone to surface scratches, can be effectively protected with soft wrapping paper.

How to save shipping time with pre-made wrapping paper sheets during packing and where to order them

You can order the pre-made wrapping paper sheets in different sizes from wholesalers. To wrap fragile goods, you no longer need scissors, cutters or dispensers. Instead, use the ready-to-hand sheets, suitable for the size of your goods. Especially in online mail order, the pre-cut sheets have proven their worth when wrapping. With a flick of the wrist, employees who pack high-quality goods in a wide variety of shapes have the right sheet in their hands. This saves you and your employees a lot of time during packing.

Used correctly, packing floss provides reliable protection during the entire transport process. Before shipping, make sure to choose a sturdy box that is not too big. Of course, there must be enough space per shipping item, but empty space around the product is only used just enough to accommodate enough padding.
When packing the perfectly secured goods, you can use different cushioning materials as you wish. Dishes or glasses are carefully wrapped in padding paper in sheet format, between individual plates you place several layers of paper. Gaps in the boxes are stuffed with additional pieces, here it is also worthwhile to use the roll format for the larger pieces to stuff the empty space in the box.
Make sure to pack heavy items at the bottom of the box. Fill the empty space with packing paper or packing chips. This way, even delicate china will arrive where it belongs without scratches or breaks.

How this thin packaging material visually enhances your packaging and where to order it

In times of booming mail order business, the thin packaging material has properties that are ideal for the environmentally friendly, attractive packaging of all kinds of goods. It is difficult to do without sales, shipping and service packaging. But the shift to more sustainable solutions has brought paper, especially tissue papers, to the attention of many retailers.
The advantages of the material are both practical and visual. Packing silk is beautiful to look at, it appears transparent, has a slightly shimmering sheen and a fine grain, your packaging is visually enhanced. The quality of the material is tangible in the truest sense of the word: Unpacking freshly arrived goods from the crackling, rustling paper with its pleasant feel gives you the best impression of the quality standard that the packaging conveys. Such high-quality packaging material, so the message goes, conceals a premium product.
From a practical point of view, the advantages of packaging silk lie above all in its low weight and high adaptability. No matter how complex the shape, the thin, form-fitting paper wraps it perfectly. The low dead weight has a positive effect on shipping costs. That is why tissue paper is also used as a filling material for shipping, to fill gaps in the box. By now, every online retailer knows that thin paper can be filler material for packing.

Where the differences between tissue, kraft and plain paper lie

Compared to kraft paper and plain paper, packing silk is a real flyweight. Nevertheless, the delicate material offers protection against damage, so that the recipient receives delicate items without any scratches.
The silky sheen and elegant look make packing silk a popular craft material. Smooth and shiny on the top, a little rougher and grippier on the back, sheets of colourful decorative silk or floral silk can be used for handicrafts. The colour-fast material is used to make appliqués, wrapping paper or other handicrafts.
In times of climate change and at the same time constantly growing online sales, traders find a practical and sustainable wrapping paper with the packing silk in sheet format. It can be made from up to 100% recycled paper, and what's more, the environmentally friendly material with its typical crinkled look can definitely be used several times. So if you buy recycled packaging paper, you're also doing something good for the environment.

How do I get my logo on my high-quality shipping materials?

Where can I get high-quality shipping materials? And where can I get my logo printed directly on the shipping materials?
As a mail order company and online supplier, I can not only get sheets in the right format and in many colours from wholesalers. Printed sheets, for example with the company or brand logo, can also be bought individually online at low prices.
In addition to the mail order business, moving companies also use packing silk as a packaging material. The contents of moving boxes also depend on their own weight. This is where the lightweight paper silk scores. In addition, fragile items such as crockery and ceramics are well protected by thin paper. It is highly form-fitting and clings to the contours of the goods. An item with sensitive surfaces will not get scratched: soft padding paper wrapped around leather goods and jewellery also protects these goods during transport in the moving box.

In summary, thin wrapping paper is convincing as a packaging material for these reasons: low dead weight, noble look and feel, soft structure for best surface protection. Last but not least, the packaging paper is available in many formats, as sheets or as kilo goods. Depending on the design, the paper sheets are the ideal alternative for plastic-free shipping of sustainably produced goods.
Whether for mail order, moving, gift wrapping or pure filling material for temporary storage in the warehouse: we can find the right version for every purpose. Use the noble material and deliver high-quality goods in the appropriate packaging.

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