Paper Adhesive Tape
  • Paper adhesive tape, brown
  • Roll: 50m x 50mm, thickness 0.3mm
  • Core diameter: 75mm
  • Compatible with all hand dispensers
  • Adhesive: natural rubber
  • Disposal: waste paper, recyclable
  • max. per parcel: 108
  • max. per pallet: 1944
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€5.43*€0.11* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€2.92*€0.06* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€2.02*€0.04* / 1 m
From 108 pcs :€1.91*€0.04* / 1 m
From 324 pcs :€1.72*€0.03* / 1 m
From €1.72 pcs
From 324 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.03 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €5.43 = €5.43*

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  • Paper-based adhesive tape
  • Print: Caution Glass - Handle with Care
  • Adhesive film: natural rubber, 120my
  • Dimensions: 50m x 50mm, thickness 0.3mm, winding core 75mm
  • Can be torn off by hand; disposal in waste paper possible
  • max. per parcel: 108
Bulk Prices:
From 1 Pcs :€5.93*€0.12* / 1 m
From 6 Pcs :€3.41*€0.07* / 1 m
From 36 Pcs :€2.65*€0.05* / 1 m
From 108 Pcs :€2.40*€0.05* / 1 m
From 324 Pcs :€2.21*€0.04* / 1 m
From €2.21 Stck.
From 324 Stck.  
Content: 50 (€0.04 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €5.93 = €5.93*

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  • tearable by hand, no scissors or dispenser necessary
  • strongly adhesive and especially low-noise
  • adhesive: natural rubber,backing: paper
  • thickness: 110 my, heat resistance: 100°C
  • core diameter: 76 mm
  • max. per parcel: 108
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€6.89*€0.14* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€5.60*€0.11* / 1 m
From 12 pcs :€5.26*€0.11* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€5.12*€0.10* / 1 m
From 108 pcs :€4.76*€0.10* / 1 m
From €4.76 pcs
From 108 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.10 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €6.89 = €6.89*

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  • tesa Paper Tape 4713
  • tearable by hand, no scissors required
  • good adhesive strength, thickness: 125 µm
  • dimensions: 50 mm x 50 m, color: brown
  • adhesive mass made of natural rubber
  • max. per parcel: 108
Bulk Prices:
From 6 pcs :€3.40*€0.07* / 1 m
From 12 pcs :€3.15*€0.06* / 1 m
From 18 pcs :€3.03*€0.06* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€2.88*€0.06* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€2.86*€0.06* / 1 m
From €2.86 pcs
From 36 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.06 / 1 m)
Min. : 6 pcs step : 6 pcs
Total: 6 x €3.40 = €20.40*

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  • packaging tape (packaging aid) tesapack Paper EcoLogo
  • biodegradable
  • type: self-adhesive, adhesive solvent-free
  • carrier material: paper
  • Color: Brown
  • max. per parcel: 108
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€7.15*€0.14* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€5.64*€0.11* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€5.43*€0.11* / 1 m
From 36 pcs :€5.16*€0.10* / 1 m
From 72 pcs :€4.89*€0.10* / 1 m
From €4.89 pcs
From 72 pcs  
Content: 50 (€0.10 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €7.15 = €7.15*

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  • tearable by hand, no scissors required
  • high adhesive strength
  • moisture resistant
  • dimensions: 48 mm x 22,8 m, color: brown
  • made of 45% bio-based material
  • max. per parcel: 150
Bulk Prices:
From 8 pcs :€6.02*€0.26* / 1 m
From 16 pcs :€5.54*€0.24* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€5.44*€0.24* / 1 m
From 32 pcs :€5.29*€0.23* / 1 m
From 48 pcs :€5.16*€0.23* / 1 m
From €5.16 pcs
From 48 pcs  
Content: 22.8 (€0.23 / 1 m)
Min. : 8 pcs step : 8 pcs
Total: 8 x €6.02 = €48.16*

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As an environmentally friendly alternative for parcel shipping, buy the eco paper tape.

Paper packing tape eco processed is the environmentally friendly alternative to adhesive tapes made of plastic such as PVC or PP film. Adhesive tape made of paper is the ecological alternative to the usual plastics.
Adhesive tapes usually consist of four layers. First, there is the release coating, which enables easy and quiet unrolling; the second component is the backing material, which can be made of different plastics, paper or kraft paper; the third component is the bonding agent, which serves as an anchoring layer for the adhesive compound; and fourth, the adhesive compound, which in sustainable products is mainly made of natural rubber. The paper tape is suitable for all commercially available parcel tape dispensers.
In our shop, you will find parcel tape made of conventional or uncoated paper. Kraft paper has special properties that distinguish it from normal paper. The raw material for this special paper is the wood of long-fibred coniferous trees; at the end of processing, small amounts of glue, sulphuric acid and starch are added to give the paper the necessary strength and make it water-repellent, among other things. The adhesive used for paper tape is natural rubber with its excellent adhesive properties.

Like other adhesive tapes, paper packing tape is available in different colours, preferably brown and white, and different widths. Their thickness can be between 0.1 and 0.3 mm. As an environmentally friendly sealing material, they are suitable for sealing and securing all types of packaging, so they can be used for parcel shipping without hesitation.
Buy paper tape at a low price and benefit from the variety of designs as well as possible areas of application. The most popular are the normal paper packing tape, the fibre-reinforced paper adhesive tape and the wet adhesive tape. All variants can be labelled as well as printed.

Paper - the versatile material made from renewable raw materials

Paper consists of wood fibres and other renewable plant parts. Pulp, wood pulp and waste paper provide the basis for paper production. Depending on the type of paper required, brighteners or dyes are added in addition to water.
Through different processing, up to 3000 types of paper can be produced, which can be divided into four main groups, as graphic papers, special papers, hygienic papers and packaging papers, which also include cardboard, carton and paper packaging tape.
Paper, board and cardboard differ in the determination of their mass per unit area. DIN 6730 defines paper as having a weight of between 7 grams and 225 grams per square metre. According to the DIN standard, paper weighing 225 grams per square metre or more is cardboard.
The weight of paper, also called grammage, is one of the possible distinguishing characteristics that play a role for the intended use; others are whiteness and light transmission. Mechanical and physical properties such as bursting strength, tensile strength and splitting resistance are also important, as are porosity, absorbency, smoothness and moisture content.
Tensile strength refers to the tensile strength of paper packaging tape and indicates the point at which the material fails under load. Bursting strength refers to the pressure that can be exerted until the material breaks or is destroyed. This is of course an important value for the packaging, which must have a certain load-bearing capacity and, for example, withstand being dropped to a certain degree. Splitting resistance refers to the force needed until the paper web is "split", i.e. torn. Porosity refers to the air permeability of paper tape. These properties are of course also important in the manufacture and use of the different types of paper tape.

Our paper tape in brown and other alternatives at a glance

It is specified that paper with a thickness of 120 micrometres is used for tear-resistant adhesive tape. Therefore, we can offer that our standard paper tape brown is made of 100% robust and tear-resistant paper. It can be unrolled quietly and easily torn off the roll without any tools. The best possible storage and processing temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees. In the short term, it can withstand heat up to 70 degrees and cold down to - 30 degrees. The adhesive strength of 4.25 N per 25 mm is also worth mentioning. It is available from us in a width of 50 mm and a length of 50 m; this variant is suitable for light and for medium-weight parcels. This paper parcel tape has the natural, neutral shade of brown.

The tesa brand also offers packing tape. It is characterised by high adhesive strength; it sticks immediately when applied and cannot be detached again without damaging the packaging material. The adhesive strength is given as 18.75 N per 25 mm. Further technical data refer to the thickness of 107 micrometres, short-term heat resistance up to 60 degrees and short-term cold resistance of -15 degrees. Storage and processing temperatures are between 18 and 21 degrees. The tesa parcel tape adheres with the help of the solvent-free adhesive hotmelt, which is responsible for the high initial adhesion. The brown paper tape is easy to unroll, runs quietly, and is very easy to write on thanks to its silicone-free impregnated surface. It is available in brown and white with a width of 50 mm on 50 m. There are six different tape dispensers to choose from as matching accessories.
The tesa paper tape is particularly environmentally friendly and can be disposed of easily. It is made of creped waste paper from sustainable forestry and is therefore certified. Solvent-free natural rubber serves as the adhesive; the cardboard core on which the paper tape is wound is made of 100% recycled material. The tesa paper parcel tape is easy to tear off by hand and can be used for various surfaces. The colours on offer are brown and white with a width of 50 mm and a tape length of 50 metres. The technical data also include a tear strength of 30 N per cm, an elongation at break of 10 % and an adhesive strength of 2.8 N per cm.

Parcel tape for more security for large and heavy parcels

For more security, it is best to buy fibre-reinforced paper tape. It is made of sturdy brown kraft paper and can be used for large and heavy parcels. Its fibre reinforcement, usually either two or four longitudinal threads with a sine thread, also makes it extremely tear-resistant. It adheres quickly and permanently and, with its natural rubber adhesive, has an adhesive force of 6.25 N per 25 mm. It has a thickness of about 135 micrometres and can be unrolled quietly.

A fibre reinforcement using natural threads is particularly environmentally friendly. The reinforcement is longitudinal and sinusoidal, making the whole product extremely tear-resistant. The natural rubber adhesive ensures high adhesive strength and immediate adhesion. In addition, this parcel tape paper has excellent printability and can be used for packaging items weighing up to 25 kilos.

The cross-reinforced filament tape tesa 60013, for example, is designed for heavy packages. Its glass fibre reinforcement ensures high tensile and adhesive strength, so that even packages weighing more than 25 kg can be equipped with it. It also acts as a security seal, as it is inseparably bonded to the packaging after application.

Fibre-reinforced altpapier adhesive tape is also available in the "extra strong" version. It is ideal for heavy packages weighing up to 75 kg. With the help of the longitudinal and diagonal glass fibre reinforcement, they are extremely tear-resistant; in addition, the hotmelt adhesive guarantees high adhesive strength. These tapes are also usually available in brown.

Order individually printed paper tapes for marketing and decoration at low prices

Individually printed paper parcel tapes are well suited for advertising purposes. They can be used to increase the awareness and recognition value of a company. The range of possibilities extends from the company logo and special lettering to a personal message or a nice greeting that is passed on to customers via parcel tape. This also decoratively enhances the entire packaging at the same time. The individual messages are possible on brown or white paper tape; water-based inks are used for the inscription. But the labelled paper parcel tape also serves another important purpose. It can point out the correct handling of the packaged goods, secure transports or mark barriers.

Waste paper tape is an environmentally friendly solution for drawing attention to potential hazards when handling packaged goods. The brown warning tapes are equipped with a clearly recognisable red font colour and are also available in different versions of the standard imprints. Predominant are imprints such as "Caution glass", "Risk of breakage - handle with care" and "Sensitive electrical appliances". Other options are the warning tape with the inscription "Locked" or "Transport safety". The warning labels, usually in German and English, are applied in one colour with the help of red lettering and immediately draw attention to the special features of the package contents.
They use natural rubber as adhesive material and have an adhesive force of 70 N per 25 mm. The storage and processing temperature should be between 18 and 21 degrees; their heat resistance is 60 degrees. In terms of grammage, the printed warning tapes are 120 grams per square metre. Parcel tape paper with warning print is available on in a width of 50 mm on 50 m length.

Wet adhesive tapes made of recycled paper and self-adhesive - paper packaging tape as a tape for special securing of packages

Wet adhesive tapes in white and brown colour secure any packaging against unauthorised opening. When the adhesive is activated by moistening and the tape is applied, it is permanently bonded to the packaging material. Even a dusty surface cannot harm its adhesive power. Wet adhesive tapes are available in roll widths of 60 mm, 70 mm and 80 mm with different lengths of 150 and 200 metres, different weights and different variants of thread reinforcement. They are also 100 % recyclable.
Longitudinal and sinusoidal reinforced wet tapes are suitable for medium to heavy packaging items.

With its age resistance and good adhesive strength, paper tape is versatile as a parcel tape.

Paper packing tape is multi-talented when it comes to possible applications. It can be used for labelling in the warehouse, for shipping and for various crafts. Thanks to its good resistance to ageing, it adheres permanently to almost all surfaces.
The main use of adhesive tapes is to seal packages for later shipment. Properly sealed, the parcel, small package or shipping bag is safe on its journey and protected from damage, the effects of the weather and unlawful access. Since it is available in different sizes and designs, it can be used for packages of different sizes and weights.
Paper tape can be used both at home and at work for organising and bundling various items, as it can be written on with a biro or pencil and is easy to remove - usually without leaving any residue. If you buy the product on our website, the paper tape is self-adhesive.
Our paper tape is used for technical or professional purposes. The painter uses the painter's masking tape for covering and protection when working with paints and varnishes. Most dealers buy the paper tape online, because you can buy a much larger quantity there than in the shops.
Paper tape in black as a special solution is opaque and is used in the photo industry. You should buy the paper tape cheaply and anticipate the 'raw material separation' already at the time of shipment, as the recycled paper tape is ecologically degradable. If the paper tape is self-adhesive and eco, it has many advantages. It allows you to work quickly and accurately, it is biodegradable and sustainable.

Paper self-adhesive tape can be printed in one, two or three colours. So it has many uses. It can serve as a warning notice or be used for promotional purposes. Companies that have their name and/or logo printed on the tape increase their recognition value and remain longer in the memory of their customers.

Use sustainable paper self-adhesive tape as packaging tape and maintain an environmentally conscious image

Paper tapes secure the closure of all types of packaging material. Their quality and adhesion are not inferior to other materials, and they are easy to stick. They are easy to tear off without tools, can be written on almost without exception and are versatile in their use. They can also be used to mark places that need to be highlighted.

Paper packaging tape goes well with sustainable packaging material, forms a unit with it and can therefore also be used for appropriate marketing purposes. Entrepreneurs who want to cultivate an environmentally conscious image use sustainable paper tape when packaging their goods. This goes down well with customers who are also environmentally conscious. After all, it makes it easier for them to dispose of it later.
For disposal, the paper packaging tape does not have to be removed from the packaging and then disposed of in the residual waste, but is placed in the waste paper container together with the packaging material. This time saving makes it more economical than plastic tapes, which have to be removed and disposed of separately.
The natural rubber used for most paper adhesives additionally contributes to sustainable awareness. The adhesive material comes from the rubber trees of rubber plantations, is solvent-free and completely biodegradable.
Two advantages are that the paper tape is eco-friendly and therefore offers a certain sustainability. The possibility of labelling makes it an almost cost-free advertising medium and it can also be used for decorative purposes to add an extra touch to packaging.

Paper tape does not require a dispenser. It can be torn off by hand without any problems, but is still stable. It sticks to almost all surfaces and can be removed easily without leaving any residue. In addition, almost all variants are self-adhesive, so no moistening is necessary. The adhesive surface made of natural rubber has a similarly high adhesive strength as a PP adhesive tape and makes the paper adhesive tape öko an environmentally friendly product in its entirety.

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