Shipping Bags
  • sustainable alternative to plastic shipping bag
  • outer size: 42 x 44 cm, 9,5 cm bottom gusset (size XL), inner size: 38 x 44 cm
  • integrated tear perforation
  • resealable by double adhesive strip (for return shipment)
  • 100% recyclable, color brown
  • max. per parcel: 400
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags L
  • Dimensions: 260 x 350 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 30
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags S
  • Dimensions: 180 x 250 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 60
From 1 Pcs:€10.49*
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags 5XL
  • Dimensions: 530 x 600 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 7
From 1 Pcs:€35.77*
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags XXL
  • Dimensions: 350 x 470 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 10
From 1 Pcs:€21.36*
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags 3XL
  • Dimensions: 400 x 500 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 10
From 1 Pcs:€24.11*
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags M
  • Dimensions: 240 x 325 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 35
From 1 Pcs:€12.96*
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags XL
  • Dimensions: 320 x 420 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 15
From 1 Pcs:€19.28*
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  • 100 LDPE mailing bags 4XL
  • Dimensions: 450 x 550 mm
  • Packing thickness: 50 mm
  • DHL compliant
  • Colour: white/black
  • 3-ply polyethylene film 50my
  • closure with adhesive strip
  • tear-resistant, water-resistant, opaque
  • max. per parcel: 9
From 1 Pcs:€30.10*
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From 9 Pcs:€25.68*
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  • 100 Paper Padded Mailing Bags White
  • environmentally friendly, thanks to the paper padding
  • Inner dimension: 350 x 470 mm (unfilled)
  • Outer size: 370 x 480 mm (unfilled)
  • net weight per envelope: 102g
  • max. per parcel: 1
  • max. per pallet: 6
From 1 pcs:€82.70*
From 2 pcs:€81.78*
From 3 pcs:€80.27*
From 6 pcs:€79.60*
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Cheaper than cardboard boxes: Buy opaque Coex shipping bags at

Coex shipping bags and bubble envelopes are used to ship goods. Our shipping envelopes are available in DHL compliant sizes and ensure safe transport from A to B. Bubble envelopes are designed for transporting sensitive goods and provide optimum protection thanks to the integrated air cushioning. Shipping bags and air bubble envelopes are available in various versions. For example, there are special shipping bags for CDs and DVDs that are designed to protect the data media. If you want to send books, you will also find what you are looking for at Thermal packaging is suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. If important documents are to be sent, then robust shipping bags made of solid cardboard are the right choice. Below, we compare the most important properties of a Coex bag and a bubble envelope. After that, you are well informed and can buy your shipping bag at Verpacking.

Packaging material for almost every type of shipment - discover our shipping bags and bubble envelopes

Shipping bags are divided into different categories. There is a suitable packaging material for almost every shipping item. Bubble envelopes can be used for particularly sensitive goods. Cost-saving, fast and uncomplicated shipping of textiles and smaller items is possible with film envelopes. CDs and DVDs can be sent from A to B protected with shipping packaging for optical data media. Thermal packaging is used for temperature-sensitive goods and also belongs to the category of shipping bags. These special shipping bags are used, for example, to transport foodstuffs. The different goods to be transported require different packaging properties.

The bubble envelope protects sensitive goods from moisture and shocks

If moisture-sensitive goods have to be shipped, then the bubble envelopes protected against the penetration of moisture are a good choice. Bubble wrap envelopes are also used to protect transported goods from impacts. The packaging material is made of a robust paper material and comes with integrated bubble wrap. Due to the innovative combination of the cushioning and paper materials, the items can often withstand improper handling. The goods to be transported are therefore optimally protected in a bubble envelope. This type of envelope is also used for fragile goods and has cushioning, shock-proof and moisture-resistant properties.

Bubble envelopes are available with PE film and can be equipped with windows. The products are available in the classic colours white and brown, for example. Shipping envelopes with bubble wrap can be purchased in many sizes.

Suitable DVD shipping bags for sending your optical storage media

Optical data media such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays must not be scratched or otherwise damaged. Special mailing bags have been developed for the secure mailing of optical data carriers. CD jewel mailers, CD mailers and DVD mailers are available for the safe transport of sensitive data media. The mailers are shock-proof and robustly constructed, which prevents the optical data carrier from being scratched. However, the CD and DVD mailers do not only have shock-proof properties. The items have a unique design that holds the data media securely in place. Optical data storage media thus do not slip in the mailer, but are packed securely for transport.

CD and DVD mailing envelopes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and have integrated padding areas. Shipping packaging for optical data media is protected against shock, pressure and many other external influences. The packaging is not only suitable for one use, but can be reused. This is environmentally conscious and saves costs.

Film mailing bags for textiles, documents and other goods

When goods in transit need to be protected from dust, moisture and other external influences, tear-resistant, moisture-protected film shipping bags are a good choice. The shipping films protect the items to be transported from adverse environmental conditions and keep dirt and dust out. The shipping products have a security seal that makes opening by unauthorised persons immediately visible. A film shipping bag does not have any protective padding, which is why only robust goods should be shipped with it. The shipping products are made of LDPE coex film. Coex film is tear-resistant and impermeable to moisture.

A film mailing bag is used for textiles, robust documents and other goods. This shipping product can be used to transport moisture-sensitive items that need to be protected from dust and dirt and do not require padding. The LDPE coex film shipping bags are available in many sizes and are popular with online shops to ship garments securely.

Foil shipping bags are available in DHL-compliant sizes. The shipping bags must meet certain requirements in order to pass through sorting facilities without difficulty. The film material should have a coefficient of sliding friction (0.15 to 0.2 µG) in accordance with DIN EN 8295. The film must be tear-resistant and also stretchable. Furthermore, the thickness of the film should be at least 80 µm. The closure must withstand the logistics process of the transport company. The outer colour of the film mailing bag must not be black. This is because a black outer packaging leads to a machine reading problem. DHL provides further information on the requirements for secure DHL transport of film envelopes on its website. It is advisable to know exactly what the requirements are before purchasing film shipping bags.

Thermal packaging for food and other temperature-sensitive goods

Food products have a limited shelf life and can be temperature sensitive. Thermal packaging enables food to be transported in a protected manner. The shipping packaging keeps out cold, heat as well as moisture and is shock-resistant. Thermal packaging is considered very stable and protects sensitive goods from transport-related damage. This shipping packaging is not only used to transport food. Chemical substances that require a certain temperature range and are temperature-sensitive can also be transported safely.

Thermal packaging offers space for cold packs. The sender determines the temperature level and the thermal packaging reduces or avoids external temperature influences. Environmentally friendly cold packs that can be refilled with coolant are available on the market. The environmentally friendly cold packs can be disposed of properly.

Reusable paper shipping bags are robust and environmentally friendly

The mail order business attaches great importance to environmentally friendly materials, which is why there are many offers for sustainable transport bags and shipping packaging. When buying packaging materials, look for recyclable shipping bags made of paper. Products such as CD and DVD mailers, for example, can be reused and are not only environmentally friendly but also save costs. Bubble envelopes that can be reused are also available. Reuse creates a sustainable supply chain that helps reduce packaging waste and emissions. Ecological and at the same time robust shipping material should be preferred when choosing packaging to prevent negative impacts on the environment.

What sizes and colours is our shipping packaging available in?

Shipping packaging is available in various sizes and can be purchased in different colours. The classic colours of Coex bags are brown and white. Due to their opaque design, opaque shipping bags are therefore also perfect for discreet shipping. Certain packaging materials, such as film mailing bags, must not have a black outer film. The colour black can impair machine readability. Fortunately, there are also opaque shipping bags in white! These shipping packages are available weatherproof and opaque. Almost any item can be transported with the right Coex bag.

Which type of packaging is suitable for my goods?

The properties of the various types of packaging should be known and should be suitable for the goods being transported. For example, shockproof, tearproof, thermostable and moisture-resistant packaging materials are available. For robust items that need to be transported in a tear-proof and moisture-resistant manner, film shipping bags, for example, are well suited. CDs, Blu-rays and DVDs are protected from damage with shipping packaging for optical data carriers. Bubble envelopes can be used for the transport of sensitive goods. Thermosensitive goods can be transported excellently with thermal packaging. The materials and properties of the shipping bags determine the area of application.

Postage-optimised shipping bags and DIN-compliant sizes

Coex bags and other shipping packaging are available DHL compliant. The packaging can be purchased postage-optimised and is considered cost-saving. The products are available in standard sizes such as C4. C4 envelopes, for example, can accommodate DIN A4 sheets without creasing.

It doesn't always have to be the big cardboard box for transporting goods. You can often buy a shipping bag at a much lower price - especially if you are a wholesaler. Recyclable shipping bags such as opaque film bags are ideal for transporting moisture-sensitive goods. Foil bags are made of tear-resistant LDPE materials and can be used to safely ship medicines, textiles, jewellery and small parts. Robust documents can also be sent with film pouches.

Foil mailers are available in white on the outside and black on the inside. The shipping packaging is designed to be opaque. The properties of the tear-resistant film pouch offer a discreet as well as weatherproof shipping option. The packaging has a self-adhesive seal and protects the transported goods from dust, moisture and dirt. Foil bags are available in sizes of 450 mm x 550 mm, for example, and can hold goods up to a packing thickness of 50 mm.

The shipping packaging category contains a huge range of products and choosing the right size is often difficult. Before choosing the size, the required transport properties of the packaging material should be clear. If you need tear-resistant film pouches, you should also keep the film thickness in mind. Commercially available film thicknesses range from 40 µ to 100 µ. The greater the film thickness, the more tear-resistant the mailing bag. If goods with a higher weight have to be transported, a higher film thickness is recommended. The film shipping bag must not tear even at higher weights. Shipping materials with a high film thickness are also recyclable and fit seamlessly into an environmentally friendly logistics chain. Film mailing bags are regularly used in the Internet mail order business and guarantee fast and secure transport. Textiles arrive dry at the consumer's door thanks to the efficient packaging material. No one wants to receive T-shirts that have been damaged in transit and soaked by rain, for example.

Our shipping bags are robust, tear-resistant and postage-optimised

Shipping envelopes, bubble envelopes, foil envelopes and many other shipping envelopes are available in small and large quantities on the Internet. The mailing envelopes can be used in the home office or in commercial businesses as well as in the mail order business. The products are available in sustainable, recyclable versions. For example, 100% recyclable film pouches made of LDPE are offered. When buying, look for reusable shipping materials. Bubble envelopes as well as other shipping envelopes are available at a reasonable price and contribute to an environmentally friendly logistics chain. Our shipping bags are made of co-extruded film and are therefore also called coex shipping bags.

It is easy to understand how shipping bags made of coex are used. Due to the simple usage and the DHL-compliant dimensions, goods are quickly packed and shipped in such a bag. Even large quantities of goods can be transported from A to B in a time-saving manner. The closures of the products are available in self-adhesive versions. As a rule, the articles have a paper strip that only needs to be peeled off. No glue needs to be applied and the closure does not need to be moistened with saliva for the envelope to close properly. The self-adhesive closure is a hygienic and secure closing mechanism.

Shipping bag envelopes are used according to their properties. The packaging can be robust as well as tear-resistant. There are variants that keep dust, dirt and moisture away from the goods being transported. Furthermore, thermo-resistant shipping materials are available in which food or temperature-sensitive chemicals can be transported. Bubble envelopes and other packaging can be purchased postage-optimised. This optimisation eliminates complicated postage calculations and allows the user to ship the goods in a time-saving manner.

You can buy transport materials in versatile variants that cover a very wide range of shipping goods. Bubble envelopes, film mailing bags, CD and DVD mailers, thermal packaging and many other shipping bag variants are available in the shops. For shipping narrow CD cases, even jewel case packaging can be purchased. When buying shipping bags, look for suppliers who offer standardised and DHL-compliant items. Mail order business via the Internet runs smoothly with shipping bags that are accepted by transport service providers in Germany. Furthermore, postage-optimised shipping is cost-effective and time-saving.

Which goods can be transported with shipping bags?

Packaging such as film pouches can be used in a cost-saving way and are used for the quick dispatch of robust documents, textiles, medicines (up to 50 mm transport thickness) as well as small parts. Regardless of whether T-shirts, shirts, trousers or other items from the Internet mail order business need to be sent, a film pouch is the shipping method of choice. The products have tear-resistant as well as opaque properties and are offered with a self-adhesive seal. They efficiently protect the goods to be shipped from dirt, dust and moisture.

Bubble envelopes are made of robust paper on the outside and have a PE bubble film on the inside. The shipping materials can also have a film on the outside. Bubble envelopes have an opening on the short side of the envelope and can be sealed in different ways. If you want to send books as a low-cost merchandise item, you should buy an envelope with a staple closure. Merchandise shipments must be easy to open and are sealed with sample bag clips. There are holes for the sample bag clips on the sealing side of the envelope. Deutsche Post does not only offer the option of sending books by parcel post. Other items can also be sent.

Bubble envelopes are also available with adhesive closures. The adhesive closure mechanism allows the mailing medium to be closed and opened repeatedly. The envelope is provided with a self-adhesive sticky strip. Bubble envelopes are available in classic variants in white or brown. The items can also be purchased with moisture-repellent PE film as the outer material. The shipping materials are offered with stylish motifs and can be ordered in a glossy look. Bubble envelopes can be used to send sensitive goods that need efficient cushioning.

Shipping envelopes made of sturdy paper material and without padding are used for sending documents, for example. The shipping material is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and enables the safe transport of important documents. The mailing envelopes are crease-resistant and are provided with edge protection during production. The workmanship of the mailing envelope is of high quality and documents, books as well as brochures will not be bent in the transport envelope. The material corrugated board is very light, which gives the envelope a low weight. The comparatively low weight has a positive effect on the postage costs.

Shipping bags are available with a hygienic self-adhesive seal. The user can quickly fill the mailing envelope and only has to remove the paper on the adhesive strip to securely close the bag. The secure closure ensures that no unauthorised person can see the contents of the mailing bag. The corrugated cardboard articles can have a tear strip. The tear strip ensures easy as well as quick opening. The packaging material can have several closure options on one bag. This allows the sender to choose a cost-effective and efficient method of transport. If a shipment of goods is to be made, then sample bag clips are a good choice because the post office reserves the right to open individual items and check the contents. These are also available in our shop at The clips fit easily through the holes in the sealing area of the shipping bag and can be removed very easily. Shipping bag packaging offers a secure way to send goods in transit and is cost effective to use.