3M Tape
  • tearable by hand, no scissors or dispenser necessary
  • strongly adhesive and especially low-noise
  • adhesive: natural rubber,backing: paper
  • thickness: 110 my, heat resistance: 100°C
  • core diameter: 76 mm
  • max. per parcel: 108
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  • versatile in usesuitable for bonding numerous surfaces with both high and low surface energyDimensions: 25 mm x 50 mhigh instant adhesion and moisture resistanceProtective film cover enables easy handling and good workability
  • max. per parcel: 75
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€25.72*€0.51* / 1 m
From 3 pcs :€24.26*€0.49* / 1 m
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  • 3M Scotch Parcel Tape 305high adhesive strength, adhesive: acrylate dispersionDimensions: 50 mm x 66 mColor: brownTotal thickness: 0,043 mm, elongation at break: 145%
  • max. per parcel: 144
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  • hand-tearable, waterproof, universal applicationpressure sensitive synthetic rubber adhesiveadheres on contact to metal, glass, plastic, concrete and other surfacesColor: silveradapts to irregular surfaces without peeling off
  • max. per parcel: 72
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Buying 3M adhesive tape is cult. But who or what is behind the 3 M brand?

The 3M company is a global corporation with headquarters in Minnesota, USA. Which brings us to the first M: Minnesota. The company was founded there in 1902 and was initially involved in the processing and mining of minerals. This is where the second M is found: Mining. The third comes from Manufacturing. The very long name Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Company became 3M for advertising purposes. The company is represented in over 70 countries and employs over 94,000 people. The first German branch was founded in Düsseldorf as early as 1951. It was followed by 17 others over the years. Currently, about 6700 people work at the German branch of the company. The technology group manufactures over 50,000 products and under the main brand name "3M" still holds many strategic brands, such as Post-it, Nexcare or Scotch. Among other things, any form of adhesive tapes belong to the portfolio of the brand. These include double-sided adhesive tapes, package adhesive tapes, fabric adhesive tapes (armor tape) and special adhesive tapes. Thus, many of the customers looking for adhesive tape M3 Tape are actually looking for 3M adhesive tape.

3 M Scotch Tape, adhesive tapes and much more- what does adhesive actually mean?

Bonding is the joining of two or more materials. Contemporary adhesives create possibilities that we are not familiar with from other joining methods. They can permanently bond almost any material. Even completely different materials can be joined together, reliably and resiliently. In the case of a screwed joint, the joint is made at specific points, while in the case of a welded joint, the joint is made at the outer edges. With adhesives, it is possible to "fuse" over the entire surface. In addition, insulating, anti-corrosive and more "side benefits" can be used. Furthermore, it is possible to use transparent carriers and make the joint almost invisible. Generally, various liquid adhesives as well as adhesive tapes are available for this purpose.

No matter what 3 M tape, whether transparent or waterproof - the right pretreatment is essential

To achieve an ideal bonding result, the pretreatment of the materials to be bonded must be taken into account. First of all, it is generally of eminent importance that the bonding areas are clean and free of grease. It is equally important to select the right adhesive or tape. Here, the materials and the surface properties of these starting materials play a major role. 3M tapes guarantee very good processing and high quality here to achieve the best possible result. This is how the image of bonding has changed. Whereas bonding used to be considered a botch-up, this is no longer the case today. Today, adhesive tape is used in aeronautical engineering as well as in modern ships, cars and even in space technology. By bonding two steel bolts, it has already been possible to lift a weight of 21 tons.

Product portfolio and areas of application

Probably the best-known adhesive tapes are insulating tape, Scotch tape, packaging tape, painter's masking tape and double-sided tape. The modern 3 M adhesive tape can do more than these well-known representatives suggest. In industry and trade, they are extremely popular due to their time-saving, versatile and effective applications and are considered indispensable. PE and PVC adhesive tapes have clinging and good insulating properties. Polyester or polycarbonate tapes are thin, tear-resistant and temperature-resistant. They can be transparent and are usually waterproof.

The following is a brief overview of available adhesive tapes of all types

Double-sided adhesive tapes: The use of the term "double-sided" is due to the fact that a carrier material is coated on both sides with pressure-sensitive adhesive. This backing material ranges in thickness from a few µm to millimeters of foam. In this way, invisible bonding as well as vibration damping can be realized. The adhesive used determines whether connections are light, detachable or permanent. It is possible to use different adhesives on different sides.

Masking and paper tapes: All-purpose adhesive tapes, industrial painter's tapes, adhesive tapes for sharp edges or heat-resistant adhesive tapes are available here. These can be removed without leaving any residue and provide a guaranteed clean demarcation. Paper tapes are characterized above all by their stretchability and thus extended application possibilities.

Hazard marking tapes: Such tapes are usually abrasion-resistant, solvent-resistant and slip-resistant. They are used for marking or warning purposes, with the aid of signal colors and warning signs. The rubber resin adhesive used ensures good immediate adhesion and high adhesive strength on a wide variety of materials.

Anti-slip adhesive tapes: The self-adhesive anti-slip tapes create a safe floor covering when it comes to slip resistance. With a strong mineral grain, they provide greater safety in wet conditions, oil spills, and high traffic. They adhere to smooth surfaces, are easy to install, extremely stable and tear resistant. A high-performance adhesive ensures long-lasting, secure adhesion.

Sealing tapes: When used correctly, sealing tapes are flexible, adhere well and can usually be painted over. A wide variety of tape types are available for different applications. Double-sided sealing tape, body sealing tape and simple roll sealing tape, to name a few.

Electrical insulating tapes: This is how this tape characterizes M3: In addition to the well-known insulating tape, which everyone knows as a household item, there is also the self-amalgamating Scotch tape made of rubber, manufactured from self-vulcanizing, inorganic silicone rubber. It is tracking and arc resistant and high temperature resistant up to 180°C. This makes it perfect for insulating high-voltage cables, for example.

Fabric adhesive tapes: Here, we usually speak of glass fabric tapes. They are characterized by high temperature resistance (some above 290° C). High adhesive strength as well as durability are some of the advantages of these tapes. They are suitable for the highest demands and for permanent sealing of high-temperature lines. Due to the high quality standard, glass fabric tapes are even used in aerospace technology.

Sliding adhesive tapes: A distinction must be made here between PTFE sliding adhesive tapes and UHMW sliding adhesive tapes. PTFE means polytetrafluoroethylene. This backing material forms a very smooth, easy-to-clean surface. It is used in machines and equipment with higher temperature range. PTFE tapes create a sliding and non-stick coating. UHMW means ultra-high-molecular-weight. Due to their extremely low coefficient of friction, they create a highly slippery surface. They are used to prevent abrasion. They are self-lubricating and resistant to a wide range of chemicals and moisture.

Mounting and transfer tapes: mounting or double-sided tape differs from transfer tapes. In the case of transfer adhesive tape, the adhesive is not applied to a backing material but to a release film. In addition, there is a protective layer of silicone paper. This means that the transfer tape can be unrolled normally. It is also usually made of electrically conductive materials. In the case of double-sided adhesive tape, a PVC film or even paper is used as the backing material; this backing remains between the parts to be bonded. There are also special outdoor mounting tapes, which hold up to 10 kg and are designed for outdoor use. It holds to painted walls, wood, metal and stone, is weatherproof, durable and ideal for repairing and mounting. Special interior mounting tapes are available for indoor use.

Surface protection tapes: this kind of M3 tape is used to prevent scratching, damage and corrosion. They have good adhesive strength and are easy to retrofit. The adhesive used is a pressure sensitive and durable acrylic adhesive. They are intended for indoor use and protect against wear and abrasion.

Polyester and acrylic adhesive tapes: Polyester adhesive tapes can be used in difficult conditions and at high temperatures (over 200° C). Such tapes can be removed cleanly, even after exposure to higher temperatures, are very tear resistant and resistant to chemicals. Acrylic adhesive tapes usually have an acrylic foam core and are thus able to suppress vibrations and noise. They adapt optimally to the respective surface and are often resistant to temperature, weather, UV and solvents. These tapes are primarily used for bonding rigid add-on parts where a visible edge is present.

Packaging tapes: Packaging tapes make up a large proportion of the adhesive range. They are designed for closing, reinforcing and sealing packaging. Some are suitable for heat shrinking. As a rule, they are suitable for machine use. There are backing materials made of polypropylene, paper or PVC. Natural or synthetic rubber is used as the adhesive. If the tape 3M adhesive tape is transparent, it is possible to ensure a minimalist, attractive packaging. Often they are made of Scotch tape 3M.

Vinyl tapes: the vinyl tape is characterized by high instant tack and good surface conformability. It protects against corrosion, moisture and abrasion. The backing material is vinyl, and the adhesive is rubber. It is stretchable and solvent resistant. This makes it perfect for marking, protecting against abrasion and bonding curved surfaces and objects.

This is why you should buy 3M tape:

3M tapes help with assembly and often eliminate the need for extensive screwing. They are used for permanent sealing and capping, fastening, and resilient packaging construction. The following is a closer look at some of the variants of 3M Tape.

GPT-020F, double-sided tape, PET carrier, transparent: Versatile double-sided tape with polyester carrier. It is 0.202 mm (202 µm) thick and transparent. High tack and good peel and shear strength. The 3M tape is temperature resistant up to 190° C (up to one hour) in the short term and up to 90° C (days or weeks) in the long term. GPT-020F is UV and moisture resistant. It is suitable for a wide range of low and high surface energy surfaces, such as stainless steel, aluminum and glass, as well as various plastics (PC polycarbonate) and metals. It also has good plasticizer resistance. The roll is 19 to 50 mm wide and 50 m long. A modified and solvent-free acrylic adhesive is used. Due to its PP protective film, contamination is avoided and good automated processing is achieved. Thus, the tape makes 3M the most popular brand in the field of double-sided adhesive tapes.

3M- Scotch packaging tape P5050, paper, brown, low noise: This 3M Scotch Tape (parcel tape) features strong adhesive strength and low noise unwinding property. Since it can be easily torn off by hand, no scissors or dispenser are needed. The roll is 50 mm wide and 60 m long. The core diameter is 76 mm and the material thickness is 43 µm. P5050 has a heat resistance of up to 100° C. Paper was used as the backing material, and natural rubber is used as the adhesive. This is how Scotch Tape 3M makes its mark.

3M-ScotchEconomy fabric duct tape (duct tape) 1900: Scotch 3M duct tape 1900 is also known as "duct tape", because it is often used as a short-term heating pipe repair tape. "Duct" comes from English and means heating pipe. "Tape" in turn means tape. This duct tape can be found in most toolboxes and belongs there as a "wonder weapon". Countless craftsmen, mechanics and emergency services swear by and buy 1900 3M Tape. The backing material is a 3M tape made of cotton fabric reinforced with polyethylene. The adhesive is a rubber made of synthetic rubber. The maximum temperature resistance of the tape is specified as 93° C. The roll is 50 mm wide and 50 m long. The thickness of the material is 147 µm. Duct tape, duct tape or also called fabric tape from 3M sticks even in humid environment, can be torn off by hand and written with felt pen. It is just as suitable for indoor use as for outdoor use and can therefore be used universally. M3 tape 1900 adheres to glass, PVC, concrete, metal and many other surfaces.

3M- Scotch PP Packaging Tape 305: This 3 M tape consists of a biaxially oriented polypropylene carrier film and is ideal for packaging. An acrylic-based dispersion adhesive is used as the adhesive. This ensures good shear strength and initial adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Well suited for use at low temperatures and outdoors. The tape has good light resistance. 3M Scotch Adhesive Tape 305 can be processed by hand dispensers or by machine. It is mainly used for sealing cardboard boxes. The roll is available in 66 m length and 50 mm width and in transparent or brown.

3M-Scotch packaging tape in a hand dispenser: With this product, too, the cooperation of the Scotch brand makes 3M adhesive tape the ideal helper for sealing light cardboard boxes. The carrier film is made of polypropylene. Scotch Tape 3M is supplied together with a hand dispenser. The roll is 20 m long, 48 mm wide and 75 µm thick.

3M-Scotch Super 33+ vinyl electrical - insulating tape: the insulating tape of the professionals. Electricians swear by Super 33+. Therefore, this 3M Scotch Tape is also considered the market leader in this field. It is very easy to form, elastic, moisture-proof and provides mechanical protection. The main property of insulating is confirmed by VDE certification. The temperature range is specified as - 18° C to 105° C. Electrically insulating up to 600 V. Oil, solvent, UV radiation and corrosion resistant. Thus making Scotch Tape 3M Tapes an even more versatil, professional product.

Masking Tape 2525: Ideally suited for masking work in the painting process and splicing at high temperatures (can withstand 149° C for up to one hour). Excellent adhesive and carrier strength. It has a thickness of 241 µm and is 24 mm or 48 mm wide. The length is 55 m. Natural rubber is used as an adhesive. It can be removed without leaving any residue.

Fabric tape 2904: This universal fabric tape is designed for simple requirements. With a reinforced backing, this 3 M tape allows excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces. Ideal for quick and easy repair jobs. It is available in width 48 mm and length 10 m.

High-yield fabric tape P599: Made for high demands. This extremely thick M3 tape impresses with excellent adhesion. It can be torn off by hand and is water and abrasion resistant. It is 48 mm wide and 25 m long.

Polyester masking tape 8901 for demanding processing conditions: This thin and conformable 3M tape adheres even to silicone-coated surfaces. It is suitable for high temperature (- 50° C to +200° C). The masking tape has a tear-resistant backing film with silicone adhesive and is ideal for masking powder-coated materials. Sharp paint edges and reliable removal can be relied upon, as well as good abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals.

Double-sided adhesive tape 9415PC, removable on one side: the polyester backing is coated on one side with a removable adhesive (similar to the Post-it sticky notes known from "3M") and on the other side with a permanent adhesive. The adhesive strips are 0.08 mm thick and temperature resistant up to +65 °C. The 3 M adhesive tape is mainly used for marketing tasks. One side adheres permanently and reliably, the other can be used again and again. At there is also the double-sided adhesive tape GPT-020F, which provides strong hold on both adhesive surfaces.

PU foam adhesive tape with acrylic adhesive 4008: The double-sided 3M tape is made of polyurethane foam with acrylic adhesive. It is designed for permanent fastening of interior components. The open-cell nature allows air, gas and moisture circulation. High shear strength, good temperature resistance. Extremely conformable due to the soft surface. Excellent for mounting mirrors, hooks, decors, pictures or other items indoors.

5428F Acrylic Adhesive Tape: This M3 tape is made of acrylic foam with additional acrylic adhesive on one side. Flawless adhesive properties and excellent long-term stability. Due to the excellent viscoelasticity, tensions in the adhesive seam are relieved. It is temperature resistant from - 40° C to + 90° C, for short periods even up to 120° C.

Soft PVC adhesive tape 471 F: The M3 marking tape is a soft PVC adhesive tape for many applications. It was designed for masking and sealing. Due to its conformable structure, it is also suitable for round and strongly shaped workpieces. For hazard marking and marking of playing fields and playing areas, as well as for marking in general, M3 tape is also used. It is equipped with a PVC carrier and rubber resin adhesive. There is very good protection against abrasion, scratching and weathering.

ATG Adhesive Film 904, Transparent: This transfer M3 tape, only 50 µm thick, is temperature resistant up to 70° C (temporarily up to over 90° C). It has excellent adhesion and optimum age resistance. Mainly intended for hobby and arts and crafts, such as bonding book covers or making mounts. Consisting of an acrylic adhesive with PE coated protective paper.

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