Moving Boxes
  • Cargobox moving box Plus
  • Inside dimensions: 360x280x180 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 368x288x196 mm
  • Quality: 1.30 C-flute / single wall
  • Weight: 420g
  • max. per parcel: 60
  • max. per pallet: 260
  • no express service, no self pickup
From 10 Pcs:€4.47*
From 40 Pcs:€2.57*
From 260 Pcs:€2.82*
From 520 Pcs:€2.52*
Variants from €2.21
From €2.52 Pcs
  • Carrying basket/shopping basket
  • Sturdy, single-wall cardboard
  • Dimensions: 500x330x260mm
  • Stackable inside each other
  • With reinforced handles
  • Environmentally friendly and FSC certified
  • max. per parcel: 50
  • max. per pallet: 450
  • no express service, no self pickup
From 2 Pcs:€10.59*
From 5 Pcs:€5.19*
From 10 Pcs:€3.20*
From 50 Pcs:€1.60*
From 450 Pcs:€1.13*
From €1.13 Pcs

Not available

  • self-adhesive + stable bottom
  • Corrugated cardboard: 1.30 C flute
  • Inner dimension: 650 x 350 x 370 mm
  • Outside dimension: 655 x 355 x 390 mm
  • Weight: 700g
  • max. per parcel: 20
  • max. per pallet: 240
  • no express service, no self pickup
From 10 pcs:€6.86*
From 20 pcs:€5.39*
From 40 pcs:€4.83*
From 100 pcs:€4.27*
From 340 pcs:€3.17*
From €3.17 pcs
Min.: 10 pcs step: 10 pcs
Summe: 10 x €6.86 = €68.60*

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What makes a good moving box?

A good moving carton must be able to withstand a lot: High load-bearing capacity of the bottom and mechanical stability against impact and pressure are mandatory.

It seems obvious, but it isn't: cartons for the move are stacked high on top of each other in the truck! The lower cartons have to withstand this pressure; the stacking height is just as important as the load-bearing capacity of the bottom.

Of course, the price also plays a role: Just because of the quantity required, a moving carton should be inexpensive - but not too cheap. If you only look at the price, you have to expect transport damage.

With our CargoBox moving boxes you will always make a good decision!