kraft paper roll
  • Kraft paper on roll
  • Roll width: 50 cm, roll length: approx. 300 m
  • Quality: approx. 70g/m²
  • ideal for wrapping and designing
  • Color: Brown
  • max. per parcel: 2
  • max. per pallet: 60
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€29.45*€0.20* / 1 m2
From 4 pcs :€28.23*€0.19* / 1 m2
From 10 pcs :€27.69*€0.18* / 1 m2
From 25 pcs :€27.29*€0.18* / 1 m2
From 60 pcs :€25.90*€0.17* / 1 m2
Variants from €25.90
From €25.90 pcs
Content: 150 (€0.20 / 1 m2)
Total: 1 x €29.45 = €29.45*

110 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • sustainable alternative to bubble wrap
  • pack, ship and protect fragile items
  • shock-absorbing cushioning effect, due to 3D honeycomb structure
  • no accessories needed, simply tear off packing paper by hand
  • disposable carton dispenser can be placed anywhere in the shipping Department
  • size: 50,8cm x 164m (268m stretched)
  • max. per parcel: 3
  • max. per pallet: 30
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€76.89*€0.29* / 1 m
From 2 pcs :€75.47*€0.28* / 1 m
From 3 pcs :€74.46*€0.28* / 1 m
From 15 pcs :€73.72*€0.28* / 1 m
From 30 pcs :€71.92*€0.27* / 1 m
Variants from €38.22
From €38.22 pcs
Content: 268 (€0.23 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €76.89 = €76.89*

6 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

Buy Kraft Paper Roll here today!

In the store you can order the kraft paper roll directly and buy it cheap online. We guarantee a timely delivery, so you can start using it without further delay. You can order filling and packaging material in various formats and thus optimize your packaging process. Our range also includes many other types of packaging that are suitable for different purposes. If you want to easily and quickly bring packaging material to the desired width, we recommend the practical wrapping paper roll dispenser. This makes packing your goods much easier and more efficient. Are you looking for other products that offer you a high level of protection against possible damage and make it easier to ship your goods? Then you should buy the packaging roll! Online stores are all about packing and delivering goods. Do you want to buy cheap envelopes or do you need maxi letters and boxes? In our assortment you will find a wide range of different options.

Everything you need to know about the kraft paper roll in brown:

Kraft paper roll is indispensable in protecting and packing all kinds of items. It can be used for individual components of a particular shipment or complete shipments. Packing individual items in a shipping package not only protects them from damage, but also gives the package an aesthetic appearance. This Schrenz paper is environmentally friendly, form-fitting and is also excellent for moving, transportation and also as a filler for empty spaces in a box. Thanks to its rolled shape, Schrenz paper can be cut as needed. It also helps to protect as an object from dirt during construction or renovation works. It is further used in packing oversized and irregularly shaped items (cornices, long battens, construction elements). The use of kraft paper in the packaging process represents a cost-effective solution. Especially the low cost is convincing compared to other materials.

Ship safely with our kraft paper rolls.

Almost every delivery person or online customer has probably held such a roll in their hands at some point. Schrenz or packing paper is a filling and cushioning material. This special paper differs in that it is particularly strong in contrast to conventional papers. It is suitable not only as a filling material, but also as wrapping paper or as an intermediate layer for separating products. Due to its nature, the paper is particularly easy to crease and fills any voids. Due to its recycled paper composition, it is particularly inexpensive to purchase. It is therefore a sustainable solution for packaging. Kraft or Schrenzpapier is made from renewable raw materials and is 100% suitable for recycling. All packaging material can be thrown into the wastebasket together with the outer carton. All in all, a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative option to plastic cushioning film. You can also find Schrenzpapier in sheet format in our online store. Light gray wrapping silk in rolls or sheets is especially suitable for scratch-free packaging of very delicate products and is form-fitting.

Wrap gifts with kraft paper roll brown!

You should always have a roll at home, because it is a great all-purpose paper that appeals to everyone equally. Especially for wrapping large-sized gifts, a roll of 3 meters is extremely practical. A tag, beautiful ribbon or a decorative picture adds personality. The kraft paper roll is very trendy and is indispensable as a material for gift wrapping. For Christmas and Easter crafts, artisans increasingly rely on the natural look of the kraft paper roll brown. Kraft paper roll brown is versatile as it can be used and personalized with hand lettering, stamping, folding and more. We offer you a wide selection of different wrapping papers, so you'll always have exactly the Schrenzpapier you need for crafts on hand.

Kraft paper in sheets and rolls for safe transport

Whatever type of product you want to send, the kraft paper roll offers sufficient protection for your goods. This is especially true for fragile goods such as china, glassware or ceramics. It can also be used to protect other delicate items. Other advantages that the kraft paper roll offers: - ecologically clean - stable and durable - antistatic You can protect your goods from dirt and dust with this packaging and also use it to store goods.

dimensions + different product designs

Kraft paper is the type of paper with the highest strength for the production of e.g. shopping bags or paper bags. It consists of almost 100% cellulose fibers, only alum, starch and glue are added to achieve a surface effect and increase durability. The most suitable raw material for the production of the kraft paper roll is long-growing coniferous wood (e.g. pine or spruce) and especially slow-growing wood from the Scandinavian countries. Straw can also be used. The admixture of waste paper, which contains many damaged fibers, reduces the strength. Also, fillers from, for example, printing papers cannot be processed, as this contributes to the decrease in porosity. This would prevent the escape of residual air after filling the paper bags with compressed air. Pulping from wood using the sulfate process offers the highest strength. In addition, the sulfate process is more suitable for the use of softwoods, which makes it possible to process pine wood in particular. Another improvement is pulp milling. During this process, so-called fibrils grow together from the fiber surface, which adhere to each other and thus enable cross-linking. Kraft paper rolls are produced with a density of up to 70 g/m². Paper with a higher density is called kraft liner, it is used as an integral part of corrugated board or cardboard.

Buy Schrenz paper and ship without damage and scratches.

Merchants who ship goods frequently need high-quality packaging paper that reliably protects significant shipping items from possible damage during transportation. Depending on whether the package contents are fragile small items or heavier items, different types of Schrenzpapier are used. Flexible pieces of paper that can be torn off the roll are used to protect corners, surfaces and edges, to fill gaps, to laminate and to cover. Flexible transport protection is also ideal as an intermediate layer for separating individual shipments. Pre-cut sheets of tissue paper are ideal for packaging fragile products. For the paper to fully serve its purpose, properties such as reliable tear strength and high abrasion resistance are necessary. No matter what purpose you want to buy tissue paper for, we have a wide selection of different varieties and sizes for a variety of uses.

The right wrapping paper for every purpose

If you want to pack heavy objects or bulky furniture, then you should buy a kraft paper roll. It convinces with its high elasticity, is tear-resistant and stretches to a certain degree. In addition, this option is much more environmentally conscious than inflatable cushions and plastic packaging chips. Soda paper is suitable for medium-weight products. Unlike the production of pure soda paper, a certain amount of waste paper is added to the kraft pulp of the raw material. Schrenz paper thus has a positive environmental impact. It is particularly easy to crumple to fill voids and is also durable. Wrapping silk and packing silk offer perfect protection for packing eyeglasses and glasses or fragile ceramics. The thin material protects goods from breakage and scratches. Thus, Schrenz paper has many useful properties. Schrenz paper is not only popular as a filling material. It also characterizes the mail order business in other forms. Packing paper is in many cases the basis for the production of corrugated board and cardboard. Schrenz paper can, for example, form cardboard partitions or even flutes. However, Schrenz paper represents a relatively low level of processing and does not provide quite high quality cartonboard. Schrenz paper performs much better when used to wrap items for transport or shipping.

Packing at the packing table

If you want to further optimize the packing process at the packing station, you should purchase Schrenz paper in rolls rather than as toppings. Pressed waste paper can now also be purchased as a roll. With a so-called unwinder, you can effectively facilitate the individual work steps of your employees. At the same time, you waste less material in this way than if you were to use prefabricated blanks. However, such kraft paper rolls can be useful if you only send items of the same size. Then you save the cutting step. With Schrenzpapier you pack all your goods safely, whether at work, in the store or at home. Environmentally conscious, highly efficient, practicality and low price are the advantages of Schrenz paper. The demand for packing paper is correspondingly high. Especially in business, packing paper is always needed. Secure shipping is important for online stores. Only those who can deliver their goods safely to the buyer have a chance of receiving further orders. Transport damage has already caused immense problems for many online retailers and led to the premature collapse of the company.

Multifunctional use

Almost all mail order companies and department stores use this packaging material. This is true for both online retail and brick-and-mortar stores. Schrenz paper is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting delicate products from damage in transit. The wrapping paper is not only inexpensive, but also extremely effective in use. Schrenzpapier is supplied in multiple layers and flat or in rolls. The layers are wrapped individually around the respective product. If large voids need to be filled, Schrenzpapier can be easily crumpled. Schrenzpapier is versatile. Users always have the option of adapting the functionality to their needs by using the paper as a base for heavier items or as a spacer between products. Few other filling materials offer you more flexibility. The paper is made from fresh kraft pulp, which is long-fibered softwood species and sulfate pulp. Long fibers give Schrenzpapier high strength, which is why it is mainly used for packaging. Kraft paper roll can also be used as very durable, elegant yet natural looking packaging. High quality kraft paper rolls are thus ideal for decorative wrapping of presents or as padding for packing goods. Made of 100% recyclable paper, this Schrenz paper is available in brown and other colors.

Kraft paper roll in practical use

Kraft paper roll is popular at packing stations and warehouses precisely because it is incredibly fast to process. Schrenz paper cushions falls and bumps during transport. For this reason, its use has become common, especially for fragile items like glassware or china. But Schrenz paper can be used for many other products as well. Wrap items you want to protect during shipping in paper and then fill in the gaps in the box. The product has extra high quality and strength because Kraft paper rolls are made from 100% pulp to which glue, starch and alum are added to achieve high strength and specific surface effect. Schrenz paper is a high quality paper for flexible use in packaging stations according to demand. The advantages of kraft paper rolls are obvious. Cartons are often re-wrapped in kraft paper before shipping. Due to the high strength of packaging paper, it protects the product and the shipment. The boxes can be reused cleanly afterwards. Packages wrapped in kraft paper are very trendy nowadays and have their own character. Packaging paper also has a positive effect on the comfort of the buyer. It is very suitable for technical solutions, as it does not contain corrosive components. Since it is easy to print on, wrapping paper is also ideal as an advertising medium.

Versatile paper for efficient and fast packaging

Looking for a safe, easy and environmentally friendly way to securely wrap fragile and scratch-sensitive goods or fill voids in shipping boxes? Then our versatile Schrenzpapier is just what you need. Tear-resistant wrapping paper protects delicate surfaces from breakage and scratches, and is ideal for packing delicate and fragile items like glass or china. As a cloth paper, you can use it to fill voids in your shipping box and with good padding, protect your products from drops and bumps. In addition, the durable paper has proven its worth as an individually selected interlayer.

Durable cushioning with heavy-duty kraft paper

Kraft paper is the paper with the highest strength. Therefore, it also impresses as a filler with its strength and elasticity. When crumpled, it becomes a superior shock absorber. Whether for filling boxes or bulky cushions: the smooth paper adapts to every cavity and shape and also reduces transport costs due to its low weight. This paper roll packaging saves space. As a universal packaging material, it comes in compact rolls. Rolls with a width of 500 to 750 mm make up several 100 linear meters. They can be stored in a space-saving manner and only processed into an intermediate or filler layer when required - individually according to your needs.

Soda kraft paper in different versions

Are you looking for a specific thickness of Schrenz paper or do you prefer rolls instead of sheets? There are sheets and rolls of kraft paper available in different designs. Kraft paper sheets and wrapping paper rolls are available in different options from 10 to 30 kg. So you can choose the right filling material in the right dimensions in our wholesale store. Thus, brown wrapping paper is very versatile and universal. High quality soda paper is used in many fields. Of course, it is the first choice when transporting fragile and delicate goods. Thanks to the high-quality kraft paper roll, the ordered goods will reach your clients in an undamaged and perfect condition. Just take a look at the different types of wrapping paper in our store and choose the right filling material for you. As a wholesaler, we offer you attractive delivery conditions and favorable prices when ordering rolls. So you save already when ordering a small quantity. Even if you buy a large quantity, we can offer you favorable prices, which will surely be useful to you.

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