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Standard solutions are not suitable for every company. Especially in the event that you produce unusual goods and ship them to your customer, it may make sense to use them in cardboard boxes with an unusual format. Such customization of packaging materials also helps to save costs that might otherwise be incurred due to unnecessary cushioning materials. For individual cartons according to your ideas, simply use our configurator now and select not only the desired design of your carton, but also the exact format, the number of pieces you want, as well as the thickness. Last but not least, your desired carton can of course also be designed according to your corporate design and provided with a logo. To do this, simply select the printing option and choose a single-color or multicolor print according to your logo or the design you want.


Inside Dimensions

Sizes below 100 mm only with surcharge


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Single Pipe
(up to 20kg)

Load capacity:

  • up to 6 kg

  • up to 9 kg

  • up to 14 kg

  • up to 16 kg

  • up to 18 kg

  • up to 20 kg

Double pipe
(up to 35kg)

Load capacity:

  • up to 26 kg

  • up to 30 kg

  • up to 35 kg

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