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Roll of corrugated cardboard

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Der ideale Schutz für Umzug, Lagerung und Versand

Die hochwertige Wellpappe auf Rolle eignet sich bestens, zum Schutz von Oberflächen, Kanten und Ecken von Bildern, Möbeln, Porzellan und vieles mehr. Aber auch zum Füllen von Hohlräumen, als Zwischenablage und zum Abdecken geeignet. Dieses Produkt ist ein echtes Multitalent.

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Using corrugated board as padding materialCorrugated board is a very stiff material that most people know as the material used to make corrugated cardboard boxes. However, it is also excellent as a cushioning material and for stuffing cavities within a package where otherwise punctures and damage to the goods (or even their loss) can easily occur!

Corrugated roll cardboard has advantages and disadvantages compared to other cushioning materials:

It protects very well against impact and pressure, and thanks to its stiffness offers a high level of protection against damage to the shipping box. In addition, corrugated board is recyclable to a high percentage and thus protects the environment twice: fewer raw materials are needed for its production; and: Paper or cardboard waste decomposes easily without releasing hazardous toxins into the environment.

However, the stiffness of corrugated roll board can also be a disadvantage; namely, when goods have to be protected that have a very irregular surface to which the corrugated board can only adapt poorly; or when the things to be packed are very small. In such cases, it is better to use bubble wrap!