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Roll of corrugated cardboard

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Corrugated cardboard rolls 0.7 x 5m, PU 32 rolls

Corrugated board is an inexpensive and effective cushioning material that is suitable for wrapping heavier goods, filling cavities in cardboard boxes - or as a protective separation between different products in a single package. The cardboard is flexible in longitudinal direction, but very stiff in transverse direction and provides not only order in packages, but also a much better protection against shocks and impacts.

In addition to its use in packages, the padding material can also be used to protect pictures or TV sets during a move, for example: Wrapping with 2-3 layers of corrugated cardboard should be sufficient for safe transport. Also in the industry goods are often packed with roll corrugated board, but there other sizes are used.

This corrugated board is available in rolls of 0.7 x 5m. It is intended for use in the private sector, where no large quantities or large-sized goods have to be packed. The packaging unit consists of 32 rolls, which can be divided up very well for resale in retail stores.

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from 128 units, Base price: 0,92 € per m²
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325,08 €1,45 € per m²
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Rolled corrugated cardboard, 1 x 10m

This corrugated cardboard in a large household roll is the perfect packing aid, e.g. for relocations, and can be used for cushioning, securing and sorting goods:

  • No more carton for the flat screen? Just wrap it up.
  • Pictures or framed posters? Wrap them up, too!
  • The dishes slip around clattering in the moving carton? Put rolled up or folded cardboard between the stacks!

As a cushioning material, rolled corrugated cardboard solves many packaging problems for little money. It is light, but offers high protection against vibrations, shocks, blows and scratches. And it is also environmentally friendly, as corrugated board can be recycled!

from 6,46 €
from 64 units, Base price: 0,65 € per m²
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328,16 €0,82 € per m²
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Corrugated board on 75m roll

available in various widths

Next to cartons, cushioning material is one of the most important products in the packaging industry, because without good cushioning many goods would not arrive undamaged at the recipient. Corrugated board is often used for this purpose, because the cardboard with the characteristic corrugated line is light, stable, inexpensive and can be processed in many different ways. In contrast to stiff cardboard boxes and cartons, it can also be wound onto a roll as a flexible band - thus opening up further possibilities for protecting products during transport.

Corrugated roll board is valued as a reliable cushioning material in trade and industry alike: goods can be wrapped in it, even shipped directly if necessary; cavities can be filled in cartons to prevent loose goods from slipping (and possibly colliding with each other), it can be used as a space divider for packaging, or as a separating layer to separate several layers of articles from each other. In all these applications, corrugated cardboard from a roll offers a high level of protection against vibrations and shocks; but also against hard impacts, such as in the event of a fall. And of course it protects the surfaces of the products from scratches (for particularly sensitive goods, tissue paper should also be used).

Corrugated board has proven its worth as a moving aid: Whether it is for protecting furniture, pictures or flat screens. However, it is just as popular in the industry, because just about anything with a reasonably straight surface can be wrapped and protected with it. And roll corrugated board in large formats like this is ideal for professional suppliers!

from 16,67 €
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Using corrugated board as padding materialCorrugated board is a very stiff material that most people know as the material used to make corrugated cardboard boxes. However, it is also excellent as a cushioning material and for stuffing cavities within a package where otherwise punctures and damage to the goods (or even their loss) can easily occur!

Corrugated roll cardboard has advantages and disadvantages compared to other cushioning materials:

It protects very well against impact and pressure, and thanks to its stiffness offers a high level of protection against damage to the shipping box. In addition, corrugated board is recyclable to a high percentage and thus protects the environment twice: fewer raw materials are needed for its production; and: Paper or cardboard waste decomposes easily without releasing hazardous toxins into the environment.

However, the stiffness of corrugated roll board can also be a disadvantage; namely, when goods have to be protected that have a very irregular surface to which the corrugated board can only adapt poorly; or when the things to be packed are very small. In such cases, it is better to use bubble wrap!