Masking Tape
  • high quality masking tape, 120my
  • Adhesive adheres quickly, solvent-free
  • dimensions: 19mm wide, 50m long
  • temperature resistance: up to 60°C
  • for protection during painting work, bundling of objects, as well as for labeling
  • max. per parcel: 288
  • max. per pallet: 5760
Bulk Prices:
From 1 pcs :€2.91*€0.06* / 1 m
From 6 pcs :€1.66*€0.03* / 1 m
From 24 pcs :€1.29*€0.03* / 1 m
From 48 pcs :€1.02*€0.02* / 1 m
From 96 pcs :€0.90*€0.02* / 1 m
Variants from €0.90
From €0.90 pcs
Content: 50 (€0.04 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €2.91 = €2.91*

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  • Especially for interior painting
  • Can be removed without residue
  • High tear resistance
  • sticks securely to smooth surfaces
  • Suitable for all types of paint
  • Dimensions: 25m : 25 mm
  • max. per parcel: 400
Bulk Prices:
From 1 Pcs :€7.30*€0.29* / 1 m
From 6 Pcs :€4.74*€0.19* / 1 m
From 12 Pcs :€4.08*€0.16* / 1 m
From 18 Pcs :€3.86*€0.15* / 1 m
From 24 Pcs :€3.72*€0.15* / 1 m
Variants from €3.72
From €3.72
Content: 25 (€0.29 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €7.30 = €7.30*

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  • especially for outdoor painting
  • extremely UV and weather resistant
  • removable without residue for up to 8 weeks
  • suitable for all types of paint
  • solvent-free and mainly made of renewable raw materials
  • Dimensions: 25m : 25mm
  • max. per parcel: 400
Bulk Prices:
From 1 Pcs :€7.54*€0.30* / 1 m
From 6 Pcs :€5.40*€0.22* / 1 m
From 12 Pcs :€4.53*€0.18* / 1 m
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From 24 Pcs :€4.15*€0.17* / 1 m
Variants from €4.15
From €4.15
Content: 25 (€0.30 / 1 m)
Total: 1 x €7.54 = €7.54*

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  • Paper masking tape tesa® masking tape universal
  • Product application: for masking straight edges
  • Residue-free removal up to 4 days indoors
  • Colour: Beige
  • Dimensions: 50m x 19mm
  • max. per parcel: 288
Bulk Prices:
From 16 Pcs :€2.96*€0.06* / 1 m
From 32 Pcs :€2.79*€0.06* / 1 m
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From 160 Pcs :€2.45*€0.05* / 1 m
Variants from €2.45
From €2.45
Content: 50 (€0.30 / 1 m)
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Where can you buy masking tape? The right masking tape for every purpose

There are many reasons to buy masking tape. Because it is one of the most versatile tools you can find in the home. It is easy to use and can be used for a variety of different tasks.

You may think that masking tape is only meant for sealing packages or holding paper together. But this is not true! Adhesive crepe tape can do much more than you probably think!

In fact, it is extremely versatile and it is used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you use it to shield something, to fix something or to repair something: Masking tapes are the perfect tool for any job.

So now you're asking yourself: where can you buy masking tape? At Verpacking, you're guaranteed to find the type of masking tape that suits you! There are many different varieties of crepe paper. Should the masking tape be narrow or wide, short or long, colourful or quite classic yellow: our large selection ranges from ordinary masking tape to masking tape and painter's masking tape to the most diverse colours, materials and adhesives. Depending on the version, the crepe paper is suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use. The appropriate width of the roll is also selected depending on requirements.

Not kreb, not crêpe: We provide clarity on what crepe tape actually is

As popular as crepe tape is: In everyday life, many myths entwine around the tape. For example, many people think it is spelled crêpe tape or even kreb tape. But the tape has nothing to do with the delicious French crêpe! We'll explain to you what's behind adhesive tape. So you won't fall for the crêpe trap any more.

Adhesive tape, also known as parcel tape or adhesive tape, is a flat plastic tape used mainly for packaging goods and holding parts together in industry. Most adhesive tapes are made of polyethylene (PE) and coated with a tacky acrylic dispersion. Crepe tape is a special form of adhesive tape. It is a very effective aid and is used for a wide variety of applications. However, before using it, it is important to know what crepe tape is in detail and how it works. The first thing to remember: The adhesive tape is neither called crepe tape nor crepe tape: the correct spelling is simply crepe.

Crepe tape is a universal adhesive tape that consists of a thin paper backing covered with a weak adhesive film. Due to its properties, it can be shortened by simply tearing it off and is easily removable. This makes it perfect for creative projects of all kinds!

It is an adhesive tape strip that is usually made of rubber and polyester. The rubber ensures that the adhesive strip is elastic, while the polyester gives the strip its strength. The combination of these two materials makes the tape very versatile and powerful. This means it can be used in many different work areas. It also stretches easily and sticks well, making it a perfect multi-functional tool for a wide variety of applications.

However, crepe tape is made up of several other components, which can be different depending on the application. Most crepe tapes basically contain rubber and polyester. However, other materials such as metal or glass fibre also occur. Choosing the right substance is important to ensure that the adhesive tape fulfils the desired function. Crepe tapes therefore have many different properties, which can have different significance depending on the area of application.

The most important properties include the material's tackiness, stretchability and strength. Depending on which property is most crucial for the particular application, a suitable adhesive tape must be selected.

Crepe paper is available in many different sizes and types. Often you need a wide format for your tapes, but there are also variants in narrow for appropriate applications. The adhesive product is also available in different colours to match your project.

Narrow or up to 50mm wide tape is available in single and double sided versions

While there are many different types of tape, crepe tape is arguably the most versatile and useful of them all. Although it is used as an everyday tool in most households, there are some differences between the many different types that you should be aware of.

First of all, there is single-sided tape and double-sided tape. Single-sided tape is only coated with adhesive on one side of the tape, while double-sided tape is, by name, adhesive on both sides. Single-sided tape is usually not as strongly adhesive as double-sided tape and is therefore more suitable for light to medium-duty applications. Two-sided crepe tape, on the other hand, is much more adhesive and is better suited for heavier tasks.

Another difference between the two types is the adhesive. Single-sided crepe tape is usually coated with acrylic adhesive, while double-sided tape is often made with nitro rubber adhesive. Acrylic adhesive is generally slightly stronger than nitro rubber adhesive and is therefore more suitable for heavy-duty applications. However, the nitro rubber adhesive is slightly more flexible than acrylic adhesive and is therefore better suited for tasks where you often have to bend or crease the tape. When choosing the right masking tape, make sure you know whether it is designed for indoor or outdoor use. This is the only way to ensure that the adhesive tape will actually hold under load. Depending on the place of use, i.e. indoors or outdoors, a different material is used. For indoor areas, the adhesive tape material is usually PVC and for outdoor areas it is made of PE (polyethylene). The materials are abrasion and tear resistant.

So when looking for the right adhesive tape with a crepe-like structure for your particular application, you should first decide whether you need single- or double-sided adhesive tape. Then choose the type of adhesive that is best suited to the task at hand.

The enormous flexibility of crepe tape

Crepe paper is incredibly versatile and is regularly used in the performance of numerous professions and DIY activities. Whether you want to use it as a packaging material, as a decoration or even as a base, crepe paper is always a good choice.

Crepe paper is treated with a special chemical to make it crinkly and flexible. This treatment gives the tape its distinctive texture so that it conforms to any shape. Narrow and wide paper is available to fill in tight spaces and tape over crevices. Crepe paper is available in many colours and patterns and, because of its flexible structure, can be easily folded and shaped into the desired form.

It is also a very popular material for wrapping gifts as it is very easy to work with and adapts easily to any shape. Crepe paper is also a popular craft material for children as it is so flexible and harmless. It is also ideal for making bags, jewellery and other accessories.

However, by far the largest application of this tape is probably in the field of painting and varnishing work, where crepe tape is used to mask off surfaces where paint must not get on.

The variety of adhesive crepe tapes: Dimensions, high and flat crepe tape

When choosing a particular crepe paper, it is important to know the correct dimensions. This is the only way to ensure that the adhesive crepe tape is really suitable for the purpose in question. Depending on whether you need it for indoor or outdoor use, there are different versions. The most common sizes are 25m x 25mm, 50m x 50mm and 100m x 50mm. However, there are also tapes that are particularly narrow at 19mm and those that are particularly wide at 75mm or even 100mm. For the vast majority of applications you should be fine with a 50mm masking tape.

Here, too, it depends on whether you need the adhesive product for work outdoors or indoors. For smaller jobs, a shorter tape is usually sufficient; for larger areas, a longer, crepe-like tape is more suitable.

The colour of the tape is usually white. However, there are also other colours, such as yellow or blue, so that you do not have to compromise on the individual design of your project.

You also have to distinguish between two types: Flat masking tape is easy to tear without scissors and is very heat-resistant. This makes it well suited for straight surfaces. High-crepe tape, on the other hand, is particularly flexible and can easily be laid around corners and edges. Whether you should use flat or high crepe tape depends on your specific application scenario.

With us you will find the right crepe tape for every application Where do we buy a particularly wide crepe tape or one in blue? Such questions are now a thing of the past. At Verpacking you will always find what you are looking for. No matter which crepe tape you are looking for.

The versatile applications for which you can use crepe tape

Crepe tape is a universal and useful tool that can be used for many applications. It is capable of fixing almost anything you can think of, making it an indispensable tool for all DIY enthusiasts.

Adhesive crepe tape is most commonly used for fixing materials to walls or other surfaces. This is done by attaching the tape to one side of the surface, stretching it along the surface and attaching it to the other side. This creates a strong adhesive bond that usually lasts for a long time.

This makes it an indispensable tool for painting or varnishing work of any kind. It helps to achieve clean edges and prevents paint from spilling onto adjacent surfaces. Crepe tape is also useful for covering bevelled edges or corners.

It is also excellent for bundling cables or other items for short periods of time. To do this, place the tape on one side of the material and then overlap it with the other piece. The tape is then stretched along the seam and secured on both sides. This creates a strong seam that is expected to last a very long time.

Crepe tape can also be used to plug holes or seal tears. To do this, the tape is placed on one side of the material and then stretched along the gap or tear and adjusted on the other side. This seals the crack or gap and prevents further material from entering.

Masking tape can still be used for sealing or padding. To do this, place the tape on one side of the material and then stretch it along the surface and stick it to the other side again. This creates a soft padding or seal that is usually very durable.

Because the structure is crimped and thanks to the elasticity of the tape, it is possible to lay masking tape along curved surfaces and still make a reliable seal.

Coloured masking tape or tape made of bright colours is also very suitable for marking objects or places. Simply wrap the tape around the object, such as a pole, and press it down.

The special advantages of crepe tape

Crepe tape offers a number of benefits that make it a popular tool for painters and DIY enthusiasts.

Whether indoors or outdoors, hot or cold, rolls of crepe tape are lightweight and unwind quietly. The material is also particularly pliable, so it conforms well to all surfaces without cracking or wrinkling. The tape is also easy to tear off by hand, allowing you to work quickly and precisely. This makes it a practical tool that can be processed without the use of other tools such as a knife or scissors for cutting. Most other adhesive tapes, on the other hand, cannot be torn off easily.

Crepe material is particularly well suited for sharp paint edges and prevents the paint from bleeding or bleeding through. The material's high temperature resistance also makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Crepe strips are suitable for use on almost any surface. The texture of smooth surfaces is, of course, most suitable for application. But even beyond that, the applied adhesive provides strong and effective hold on plastics, glass, varnish, wallpaper or even wood. The tape is easy to remove and leaves no annoying adhesive residue. Since no reworking is required, the use of crepe tape saves valuable time and effort when carrying out work.

Application in outdoor areas

Crepe paper is a true all-rounder and can be used outdoors and in any weather without hesitation. It is UV and weather resistant as well as generally heat resistant up to approx. 120 degrees Celsius. Due to its high temperature resistance, the adhesive tape variant is also very well suited for use under strong sunlight.

In the household and in the working environment of many professions, masking tape is an indispensable companion. Whether for bundling, covering or sealing - there is hardly a task for which you cannot use the adhesive tape. While white crepe tape was mainly used for commercial purposes in the past, it is now available in all kinds of colours and patterns. This makes it not only more practical, but also more attractive for everyday use.

By the way, you don't have to worry about your tapes damaging furniture or walls. Modern masking tapes are designed to be removable without leaving any residue or marks on the material.

High and flat crepe tape are the sustainable helpers in everyday life and industry

Crepe tape is a product that is constantly being improved and developed to meet consumer needs. Although it is largely a plastic-based item, crepe products today are more environmentally friendly than ever before. Manufacturers of crepe tape are not only concerned about the quality of their products, but also the impact of their products on the environment. Many retailers therefore rely on crepe tape Where do they buy it? The choice is vast, but Verpacking is your reliable partner and will show you the way through the packaging forest.

Most people think that crepe material is made exclusively from plastic, but this is not true. It can also be made from paper, cotton or even wool, for example. Many of the newer crepe tapes are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Many crepe tape manufacturers have thus set themselves the goal of making their products as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that they use recyclable or biodegradable materials and ensure that their item packaging produces as little waste as possible.

The many benefits of the product are obvious: crepe tape is nowadays an indispensable tool that has its well-deserved place both in the household and in the professional design of many work areas. Whether for masking walls during painting work, repairing objects, taping surfaces or packaging goods - crepe tape is an excellent solution for many different applications. Plus, in today's world, it can be environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is reusable and can thus make a valuable contribution to protecting our environment. Quite different from common parcel tapes, for example. Yet another reason to buy masking tape!

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