Slip lid cardboard
  • Slip carton top + bottom with stand-up function
  • Corrugated board: 1 flute 1.02 E flute
  • Inner dimension: 305 x 215 x 50 mm
  • Outer dimension: 311 x 227 x 51 mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • no express service, no self pickup
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Discover the telescope carton as a practical shipping box: buy the telescope carton made of corrugated cardboard, high quality and stable

Sending goods should be quick and easy. A folding box for shipping must be practical to assemble and close. The goods should be well protected in the stable packaging against transport damage and loss through tearing of the cardboard packaging. The folding carton with attachable lid meets all these requirements. We will show you the advantages of using solid or corrugated cardboard as the material for telescope cartons and where you can buy telescope cartons.

Both the cardboard box itself and the lid can be easily erected along the pre-cut folds and fixed in place with tuck-in tabs. The lightweight, two-piece cardboard box made of single wall corrugated cardboard with double-walled sides is a sturdy box that has a good load-bearing capacity for shipping goods of a commercial weight.

If your slip lid box is of high enough quality, chances are good that it has a stand-up function, i.e. it is particularly easy to unfold. A shipping box equipped with this feature is more suitable for transporting lighter goods that are not particularly fragile, because the sides are only single-walled, so their stability is a little less than that of boxes for manual folding and clipping together.

The easy-to-fit lid allows variable adjustment of the box height, which is practical when you are shipping goods of different heights. A single box size allows you to set several filling heights. The shipping box with the lid put over it can be closed securely with straps. It can also be closed by tying it with parcel cords.

Due to its numerous advantageous properties, the telescope carton is stable and convenient enough to be used as a secure, easy-to-handle and robust shipping packaging in many companies with a high shipping volume. Furthermore, the slip lid cardboard has corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard as material, whereby the former is more stable and the latter cardboard is cheaper. However, this type of cardboard is not only used in commercial enterprises, but also in the private sector when something has to be sent to a close person. This folding carton is also very practical for return shipments, as it can be easily reused.

Slip lid cartons are internationally standardised according to FECO guidelines: Cartons with lid correspond to type 03

The design of the types of cartons is standardised according to the FEFCO standard. This is an internationally valid code on the design of cardboard boxes, which standardises their production and guarantees certain properties. The slip lid cartons fall under FEFCO type 03 - lidded cartons. They are characterised as boxes consisting of two or more parts. In any case, they include a slip lid, which gets its name from the fact that it is put over a bottom part, also called the base. Sometimes the box with a slip lid is also in three parts. This means that the lid and the base are each put over a body, which forms the middle part of the box.

FEFCO standardisation ensures that the cuts of the cartons follow a uniform pattern. Creases, punch-outs and perforations as well as tabs for insertion are applied in a standardised manner due to the FEFCO code. This enables a safe construction and sufficient stability of the boxes. For the users of the cartons, the standardised structure gives them reliability about the way they are erected. Certain sequences of digits in the four-digit FEFCO code and internationally valid symbols create simple orientation and make cumbersome instructions for setting up the cartons in several languages superfluous.

In most cases, the cartons with a slip lid have a special safety wave cut on their edges. Corrugated cardboard, which can often be sharp-edged, is usually used for the slip lid carton. A safety cut reduces the risk of injury to the stable, sharp-edged corrugated board when the box is being erected or when reaching into the box. Especially when things get hectic when packing goods for shipping, the grooved edge closure is a valuable aid in avoiding bloody cuts to the skin. The recipients of the shipping boxes also benefit from the safety wave cut when unpacking their order.

Buy slip lid cardboard boxes in the right size for the respective shipping service provider as well as from small to large for standard paper

Cardboard boxes with slip lid are available for purchase in different internal dimensions. This makes it easy to adapt the size of the box to the volume of the goods to be shipped. This both optimises shipping costs and saves on filling material such as tissue paper or Styrofoam balls. The cost factor for shipping goods thus becomes calculable and unnecessary expenses are avoided. The internal dimensions of the shipping boxes with cardboard hooded lids are standardised according to DIN specifications. For example, the A4 slip lid box is exactly the right size for standard paper. A slip lid box DIN A4 has an inner dimension of 305 x 215 x 50 mm, which corresponds to an outer dimension of 311 x 227 x 51 mm. The slip lid box in DIN A3 has an inner dimension of 435 x 315 x 80 mm and is therefore about twice as large as the slip lid box A4. In addition, there is the somewhat ambiguous but nevertheless common designation "telescope carton large", which can indicate both the height of an A4 shipping carton and a larger format such as A3 or even A2.

With their DIN-standardised dimensions, the boxes can be adapted to the maximum dimensions for parcel shipping, for example to the rates of DHL and other common shipping service providers such as Hermes, GLS and DPD. The admissible dimensions for DHL shipping are at least 15 x 11 x 1 cm as well as a maximum of 35 x 25 x 10 cm for a small parcel S, at least 15 x 11 x 1 cm as well as a maximum of 60 x 30 x 15 cm for small parcel M and at least 15 x 11 x 1 cm as well as a maximum of 120 x 60 x 60 cm for shipping as a DHL Paket.

The DIN A4 shipping box can therefore be sent by DHL as Päckchen S, the one in DIN A3 dimensions as Päckchen M. Both sizes can be used for parcel shipping. The individual shipping companies have different size or weight restrictions, which usually differ for national and international shipping.

Order inverted sleeve boxes in brown or white or turn inverted sleeve boxes into a customised promotional item

As a rule, cardboard made of single-wall cardboard in the colour brown is used for telescope boxes. This warm colour, which is both natural and neutral, has established itself as the standard colour for cardboard boxes. This applies both to boxes for shipping goods and to boxes in which things are transported, for example moving boxes. However, slip lid boxes are equally available in white and bright white, which gives them an appearance that is radiant and appeals to the sense of order.

Customers have the option to customise colours and prints on the shipping boxes before they buy. Simply use our box configurator to do this. Single-coloured or multi-coloured, printed with geometric patterns, seasonal motifs or the company logo: basically, the cardboard and lid can be freely designed when customising telescope boxes, there are almost no limits to creativity. Advertising lettering in the desired font and colour can be realised on request. The printed company logo and lettering reflecting corporate content have a high recognition value and are therefore an effective means of customer loyalty. Furthermore, the advertising effect at no extra cost due to the logos, graphics and slogans clearly visible on the shipping carton should not be underestimated.

The selection of certain colours for cartons with slip-on lids can make sense if a company wants to specifically appeal to the emotions of customers or use a colour to convey the content of the individual company philosophy. For example, yellow is suitable for creating a feeling of cheerfulness, warmth and confidence. A soft shade of green or the printing of branches with green leaves can underline the intentions of an environmental mail order company. Would you have thought that with telescope boxes, the cardboard and colour scheme can even evoke certain feelings?

Which goods are mainly shipped in telescope boxes

There are many possible uses for shipping boxes with telescopic lids. They are used for the transport of almost any type of commercially available goods. The thin DIN A4 boxes with stand-up function are excellently suited as boxes for transporting textiles. This is why they are widely used in mail order companies and fashion chains that sell clothing online. For shipping printed matter in DIN formats, printer or copier paper, the sturdy slip lid boxes of variable height and high load capacity have proven their worth. Documents are easy to send and easy to remove. In general, the robust, double-walled telescope cartons are the right choice for transporting items of medium weight or heavy goods of medium volume. They are sometimes used for shipping spare parts and other small items. Fragile items made of glass or porcelain are well stabilised and protected from transport damage in telescope boxes with suitable compartments made of cardboard or PE foamboard, in which they are inserted together with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Compartments for insertion are very helpful when shipping several small items or cosmetics that should remain neatly separated from each other during transport. The items in the double-walled boxes are well protected from mechanical impact. Their excellent stackability is advantageous both during order picking and in transit.

Buying telescope cartons in stock is not only practical for commercial goods shipments, but also for parcel shipments in private households, so that you always have one of these practical boxes to hand. Because their areas of application are as varied as the telescope carton formats themselves: They are available in large and small, in solid and corrugated board, printed and unprinted. The sturdy boxes are particularly easy to fill, as there is no annoying opened lid to get in the way when inserting items. The safety corrugated cut on the edges makes the lidded cardboard safe to use even for private individuals who rarely pack shipping boxes.

Buy cardboard box with slip lid for shipping in the commercial and private sector

As a rule, cardboard packaging with a slip lid is used in commercial businesses that have a high volume of shipments. Classic mail order companies or online shops like to use this box to facilitate the packing of goods and save valuable time for such activities. Its versatile uses, including for shipping delicate and fragile items in inserted compartments, make the lidded box an all-rounder in the mail order business. Another plus point is the environmental friendliness of the shipping carton. The cardboard is made from vegetable raw materials such as pulp and wood, which are compressed and glued together to form a durable cardboard. There is also recycled corrugated cardboard made from waste paper, which makes the use of other natural resources obsolete. In times when customers attach great importance to responsible, forward-thinking companies and their careful treatment of nature, the use of a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly packaging material is highly significant. A shipping company that wants to remain competitive and act in a future-oriented manner must take great care in the selection of shipping cartons.

In the private sector, too, the use of a practical slip carton made of single wall corrugated board is appreciated. The simple and secure insertion of gifts to be sent to relatives or friends on different occasions makes the slip lid cardboard popular in private households. At home, the lid can be easily attached to the bottom part using parcel tape or parcel string to ensure safe transport by post. It is a good idea to reuse lidded boxes that you have received yourself via the mail order business for a private purpose. This is environmentally friendly and saves the expense of buying a new shipping box.

You should buy a slip lid box, which can be assembled in just a few steps

When delivered flat, the slip lid box can be stored in a space-saving way, which saves on storage costs. When needed, it can be set up quickly and easily. The shipping carton can be assembled in just a few simple steps, yet it is as high-quality and stable as a glued shipping carton. The side panels can be folded along the grooved folds. Notches are cut into the inside of the bottom part and the lid. The small tabs of the side parts fit exactly into these notches and remain firmly anchored there. After plugging together, the result is a sturdy lid box that has load-bearing double sidewalls. In the simpler version of the box, which has a stand-up function, both the bottom part and the lid are unfolded and shaped after a single movement. Slipcases are perfect for transporting light goods.

The telescope carton is available in different designs and sizes and is height-variable due to its construction. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you ship things in the box that are a little higher than its base. In this case, the lid simply partially overlaps the bottom of the box. It is even possible to seal the telescope carton securely if the lid only overlaps the bottom by a few millimetres. Strapping is a simple sealing option that enables secure transport. An even more stable closure of the carton can be achieved by gluing or by attaching staples. This can be particularly useful when shipping fairly heavy goods.

The single wall corrugated board of telescope cartons is thin enough for the telescope carton to remain pliable along the punched grooves, which facilitates its construction. Nevertheless, it is given a high degree of stability by the corrugated web of cardboard glued between two flat layers of paper.

Our telescope carton is robust, safe, stackable and easy to fill

Its advantageous properties make the telescope carton stable and thus a suitable and popular packaging for the commercial shipment of goods. In private households, the slip lid box is suitable for packaging gifts or documents to be sent to family members, friends and acquaintances or to authorities. Particularly noteworthy is the simple and quick assembly of the telescope carton. In addition, it has numerous other positive properties that make it an attractive shipping box.

Slip lid boxes are stable and safe to use both in commercial order picking and in the private sector due to the safety wave cut, which provides good protection against injuries. Filling them is very easy, as there is no open lid to get in the way. When transporting goods by post, the telescope carton is of high quality and robust. This is due to its reinforced side walls, which offer optimum protection against mechanical impact, crushing and tearing. Its excellent stackability creates advantages both for the storage of pre-packed cartons and for transport in the delivery vehicle. Since the packing box is not sealed with adhesive tapes but usually with the help of strapping bands or parcel cords, it is reusable, which supports the idea of using the shipping box in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. Finally, this shipping box leaves a positive impression on the recipient because it is easy to open. A pleasant colour scheme and an attractive design including patterns or motifs reinforce the appealing effect of the cardboard box on the recipient. For the customer, it is a sign of reliability to find the company's logo and a familiar slogan on the box.

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