Small Shipping Cartons
  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-3 brown
  • Weight: 54g
  • Inner dimensions: 230 x 155 x 41 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 240 x 160 x 45 mm / DIN A5
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 500
  • max. per pallet: 6500
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€0.45*
From 100 pcs :€0.32*
From 500 pcs :€0.22*
From 3000 pcs :€0.19*
From 6500 pcs :€0.16*
From €0.16 pcs
From 6500 pcs  
Min. : 50 pcs step : 50 pcs
Total: 50 x €0.45 = €22.50*

189225 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, big
  • Type: GB-0 brown
  • Weight: 22g
  • Inner dimensions: 154 x 118 x 17 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 165 x 125 x 20 mm
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 1400
  • max. per pallet: 19500
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.35*
From 100 pc :€0.25*
From 1400 pc :€0.16*
From 5600 pc :€0.14*
From 19500 pc :€0.12*
From €0.12 pc
From 19500 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 50 pc
Total: 50 x €0.35 = €17.50*

197260 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, big
  • Type: GB-1 white
  • Weight: 35g
  • Inner dimensions: 220 x 155 x 17 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 230 x 160 x 20 mm / DIN A5
  • Fefco standard: 0427
  • max. per parcel: 700
  • max. per pallet: 11700
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€0.41*
From 100 pcs :€0.32*
From 700 pcs :€0.21*
From 2800 pcs :€0.18*
From 11700 pcs :€0.16*
From €0.16 pcs
From 11700 pcs  
Min. : 50 pcs step : 50 pcs
Total: 50 x €0.41 = €20.50*

97546 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Folding Carton KK 26
  • Carton made of single wall corrugated cardboard
  • Inside dimensions: 250 x 200 x 140 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 255 x 205 x 150 mm
  • Height creasing at: 90 mm
  • Designation: KK-26
  • Weight: 128g
  • Fefco Type: 0201
  • max. per parcel: 150
  • max. per pallet: 2100
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€0.58*
From 100 pcs :€0.48*
From 450 pcs :€0.46*
From 900 pcs :€0.43*
From 2100 pcs :€0.38*
From €0.38 pcs
From 2100 pcs  

Not available

  • Automatic box
  • Inner dimensions: 160 x 130 x 70 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 165 x 135 x 75 mm
  • color: brown, Fefco 0703
  • design: self-adhesive lid
  • Quality: E-flute / 1-wall
  • max. per parcel: 400
  • max. per pallet: 6080
Bulk Prices:
From 20 pc :€0.52*
From 60 pc :€0.48*
From 120 pc :€0.43*
From 3000 pc :€0.26*
From 6080 pc :€0.21*
From €0.21 pc
From 6080 pc  
Min. : 20 pc step : 20 pc
Total: 20 x €0.52 = €10.40*

81160 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • self-adhesive + tear strip
  • postage optimized large letter box
  • Inner dimension: 345 x 245 x 15 mm
  • Outer dimension: 352 x 249 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 87g
  • Color: white
  • max. per parcel: 200
  • max. per pallet: 3600
  • no express service, no self pickup
Bulk Prices:
From 100 pcs :€1.27*
From 200 pcs :€1.02*
From 400 pcs :€0.91*
From 1200 pcs :€0.80*
From 3600 pcs :€0.67*
Variants from €0.44
From €0.44 pcs
Min. : 100 pcs step : 100 pcs
Total: 100 x €1.27 = €127.00*

26242 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Shipping box / DIN A5
  • Designation: WP-30 Brown
  • Weight: 100g
  • Inner dimension: 250 x 150 x 100 mm
  • Outside dimension: 258 x 158 x 105 mm
  • Fefco type: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 250
  • max. per pallet: 2400
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€0.53*
From 100 pcs :€0.47*
From 500 pcs :€0.42*
From 1000 pcs :€0.38*
From 2400 pcs :€0.36*
From €0.36 pcs
From 2400 pcs  
Min. : 50 pcs step : 50 pcs
Total: 50 x €0.53 = €26.50*

62119 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, big
  • Type: GB-1 brown
  • Weight: 38g
  • Inner dimensions: 220 x 155 x 17 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 230 x 160 x 20 mm / DIN A5
  • Fefco standard: 0427
  • max. per parcel: 700
  • max. per pallet: 11700
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€0.41*
From 100 pcs :€0.30*
From 700 pcs :€0.19*
From 2800 pcs :€0.17*
From 11700 pcs :€0.14*
From €0.14 pcs
From 11700 pcs  
Min. : 50 pcs step : 50 pcs
Total: 50 x €0.41 = €20.50*

39273 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Calendar shipping box KV-1 brown
  • Weight: 46g
  • Inside dimensions: 243 x 192 x 15 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 245 x 195 x 20 mm
  • max. per parcel: 450
  • max. per pallet: 4400
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pc :€0.45*
From 100 pc :€0.34*
From 450 pc :€0.24*
From 1800 pc :€0.21*
From 4400 pc :€0.19*
From €0.19 pc
From 4400 pc  
Min. : 50 pc step : 50 pc
Total: 50 x €0.45 = €22.50*

32350 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

  • Letter-sized carton, maxi
  • Type: MB-1 brown
  • Weight: 34g
  • Inner dimensions: 150 x 105 x 46 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 160 x 110 x 50 mm / DIN A6
  • Fefco standard: 0426
  • max. per parcel: 900
  • max. per pallet: 12000
Bulk Prices:
From 50 pcs :€0.41*
From 100 pcs :€0.28*
From 900 pcs :€0.19*
From 3600 pcs :€0.17*
From 12000 pcs :€0.13*
From €0.13 pcs
From 12000 pcs  
Min. : 50 pcs step : 50 pcs
Total: 50 x €0.41 = €20.50*

53990 on Stock, delivery time 1-2 days

Buy small cardboard boxes and use them in many ways.

All year round for cheap shipping and packing of items, cardboard boxes small and of all kinds are practical. In addition, storing small shipping boxes saves space. Most importantly, hinged large letters, handy gift boxes and resilient folding cartons are small and environmentally friendly, allowing for quick delivery.

Small cardboard for mailing: what are our cardboard boxes made of?

Cardboard, from the French "carton", is a sturdy material made from fresh and recycled plant fibres of wood pulp and cellulose. Waste paper, glue and a little water are also added.
After rolling and drying, a mouldable mass is finally produced in the cardboard machine. The result is the flat cardboard, either uncoated or after coating with a colour. Depending on its composition, cardboard weighs 150 to 600 grams per square metre.
By processing the printable webs of cardboard, one obtains cardboard boxes made of solid board or corrugated board. These are flat or high boxes, also called cardboard boxes or cardboard crates, and cardboard envelopes.

That's why the most commonly used shipping boxes are small

Buy sturdy small boxes and protect goods from fading, shock and dust during storage and transport. The packaging is also good for labelling and advertising. In addition to the company logo, the dimensions and characteristics of the packaged goods are often printed on them. On small shipping boxes there are also often notes for transporters, such as "here on top" or "invoice inside".
You can buy small boxes cheaply and take advantage of the fact that they are also quick to stack, flexible to use and easy to carry. This makes them popular, space- and cost-saving all-rounders for shipping everywhere. It is therefore impossible to imagine modern logistics without small folding boxes. Ideal for use as storage cartons, product packaging, shipping packaging, postal cartons, maxi letter or large letter cartons and gift boxes, the shipping carton is small and not large.

Where can I order the right small shipping carton or folding carton at a reasonable price?

If you want to buy a small cardboard box, you first choose between primary packaging and secondary packaging. The primary packaging, also called primary packaging material, directly surrounds the goods. It usually looks representative and contains important information about the contents. Thus, the packaging carton for pizza or detergent carton is primary packaging. Plastic sleeves, bottles and cans also count as primary packaging.
Robust secondary packaging, on the other hand, is secondary packaging. It includes one or more products with primary packaging. Companies and private individuals often choose small shipping cartons as secondary packaging. This is because a small cardboard box is excellent as stackable transport packaging and is environmentally friendly to boot!
Depending on the weight, quality and type of transport of the products, it makes sense to use small shipping cartons with different shapes, loads and closures. Ordering packaging always means choosing between different cardboard boxes! Here FELCO provides an easy overview. We are also happy to provide comprehensive advice!

What does FEFCO mean for cardboard boxes?

FEFCO in Brussels is the association of European corrugated board manufacturers. In French it is called "Fédération européenne des fabricants de carton ondulé".
FEFCO has achieved a lot since 1952. The FEFCO Code, also called the FEFCO Standard or FEFCO Catalogue, goes back to them. It is valid worldwide and easy to understand. FEFCO divides cardboard boxes into internationally standardised types of shipping packaging. This is important for buying cartons with safe shipping.
For example, the FELCO standard designates folding boxes, also called collapsible boxes, at the front with 02. They are made from one piece of corrugated cardboard. They can be closed by inserting flaps or lids. This saves material. Reliable stapling with wire staples, fixing with adhesive tape or gluing with liquid glue also give folding boxes a strong hold.

The single or multiwall folding box small 0201 has hinged lids that meet in the middle. This makes it easy to seal with parcel tape. In 0203, the flaps of the base and lid overlap completely. This makes them twice as strong. 0207 offers compartments for bottles.
Lid boxes with 03 are also called telescope boxes, telescope boxes, telescope lid boxes or telescope boxes. They consist of two or three parts. Either a bottom part with a lid turned up, or two parts with a middle part, like cake boxes. Because the lid closes even when the goods push it upwards, lidded boxes are in demand for clothing shipping. The fact that the height is variable according to the contents makes it effective and cost-saving. Besides gluing with parcel tape, strapping is also suitable for a good closure of the small shipping box.
0300 consists of a lower part with walls and an upper part with walls. They can easily be placed on top of each other.
Foldable sleeves and cardboard trays with 04 consist of a single foldable part.
This can be a T-shaped part with a folding lid, like 0400, or a cross-shaped part, like 0402. Many other shapes are possible, including with handles and air holes, see 0432. You can order the FEFCO 0426 shipping box from our shop. This folding box is available in the size 120x100x80 mm. The large letter box FEFCO 0427 is also in frequent use and is available in our shop in the size 230x160x20 mm.

Sliding boxes, also called belt boxes, start with 05. They can be pushed into each other, either by ring inserts or cuffs. A well-known example in miniature form are matchboxes. Sleeves for other types of cardboard are also included under sliding boxes.
Form-fitting boxes with 06 have two side parts. Small cardboard boxes have a middle part that is both the base and the lid.
Ready-made small cardboard boxes with 07 consist of one part. They are available as erecting boxes or folding bottom boxes. The sustainable folding boxes, which are delivered flat, can be erected with a handle.
0701 folding boxes with automatic bottoms as well as folding lids with tuck-in flaps enable lightning-fast closing or opening. A good hold is also guaranteed. The prima gift boxes unfold automatically for filling. 0703 Automatic boxes with self-adhesive lids are ready for use immediately after unfolding thanks to the pre-glued base. Since nothing has to be fixed, the self-adhesive lid allows the package to be closed without tape and strapping.
09 Interior fittings are called "interior fitments". These internal subdivisions of cartons small and removable or firmly attached to the carton. Examples are inserts, dividers, rings made of corrugated board, compartments for bottles, edge protectors and the like. The variable interior fittings provide a good overview and increased protection.

When do I buy large, small, polygonal or round folding boxes?

In a variety of shapes and sizes, order folding cartons small and large from our shop. For example, large boxes for bicycles or moving boxes, 0208 are often in use.
Buy square, rectangular small shipping boxes and use them for shipping household goods, food, medicines, textiles and appliances. A protective small shipping box is also ideal when storing and shipping paper, albums, books, pictures and calendars from large letters to cardboard boxes.
Triangular boxes are a particularly original shipping box for sweets and other gifts. Small triangular shipping boxes are also called triangles. Creative small folding boxes with three or more corners are an enrichment for every assortment.
Octagonal boxes, such as 0350, 0351 and 0352, are also called octagon. They are real eye-catchers and great as gift boxes. They are also a packaging idea for biscuits, pizza, granules, cosmetics and saw blades!

Round, flat boxes are perfect for packaging records, cake plates and the like. Some goods, on the other hand, need tall, round boxes, like hat boxes. Small round shipping boxes are also perfect for rolls of satin ribbon.
Long, square tube boxes with lids are also called tube boxes. Another name is shipping tube with cap. Some have a tear strip. Square tube boxes are particularly inexpensive because they do not cost a bulky goods surcharge, unlike round transport rolls. This also applies to trapezoidal boxes with a self-adhesive closure. The robust trapezoidal packaging for films, plans, posters and X-rays is also known as a plan shipping box.
Round mailing rolls are further called cardboard rolls or document rolls. They consist of a tube with a closure for pictures, documents, wrapping paper, plans, posters, tubes, screens and rods.

Environmentally friendly production of cardboard boxes

A small shipping box is recyclable. It is made from cleaned, fresh vegetable fibres of pulp and de-inked waste paper. The pressing, rolling, sizing, drying and smoothing of this mass is done by machine. Corrugated board contains at least 80 % new wood fibres and a maximum of 20 % fibres from recycling. Cardboard boxes instead of wooden boxes thus help to save wood.

Kraft liner is high-quality, tear-resistant kraft paper. Its colour ranges from dark brown to light brown or grey-brown. The extraordinarily robust paper contains fresh, long fibres, also called primary fibres. It is used in the production of corrugated board. Such cardboard boxes are often used for longer transports as well as for high-quality and heavy goods. Stacking is made easy by the firm, printable, but at the same time slightly rough underside. Kraftliner prevents the boxes from slipping.

Waste paper, on the other hand, is made from shorter secondary fibres. They are used to make the lighter testliner paper and the greyish Schrenz paper. Testliner is multi-layered and made entirely from waste paper. This also applies to Schrenzpapier. Schrenz paper is clever filler material made from unsorted waste paper. Both types of paper are therefore cheaper, lighter, but also less stable than kraftliner. Testliner paper is available in grade T1 with the highest quality of waste paper up to T3 made from cheaper waste paper.

Is the production of white, coloured or brown packaging more sustainable?

Grey or brown cardboard, small or large, is made by recycling waste paper. It is therefore environmentally friendly. White cardboard is produced by bleaching. It is in great demand, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. However, bleaching puts some strain on the plant fibres. Therefore, white cardboard is less strong than brown cardboard. White as well as grey and brown cardboard, small or large, is suitable for single or multi-coloured imprints.
A cardboard with a marble pattern, the flamed cardboard, is made by bleaching and wax coating.

What is corrugated board?

Corrugated board is packaging material reinforced by special technology. Nevertheless, it is lightweight. This makes corrugated board ideal for the production of shipping and packaging cartons.
The popular corrugated board has at least two or three layers of cardboard. An insulating layer, the fluted "flute" or "flute web", is typical. The "liner", a top layer glued to the flute, also increases the durability of corrugated board. A liner as a top layer can be top or bottom, or top and bottom. Three-ply corrugated board also has an intermediate layer in its middle.

Flutes provide the box with more resistance, also against impacts. Therefore, the more flutes a box has, the more robust it is. Corrugations can be steeper or flatter. Steeper corrugations are more resilient to pressure and stacking.
The largest flutes start at A, the smallest end at N. Large flutes are good for stacking, small ones for printing. This is why delivery services prefer large flutes, but sellers prefer small flutes.
Corrugated boxes and cartons, meanwhile, can use paper made of different fibres as a top layer.
If corrugated boxes are mainly made of kraftliner, they are even more robust. This is good for heavy and demanding goods. Kraft liner boxes are also advantageous for stacking and printing. They are even somewhat water-repellent.

Single wall, double wall or triple wall small shipping carton
Single and double wall cartons and boxes are suitable for lighter goods.
Single-wall boxes are inexpensive, but are not used for stacking. They can hold up to five kilograms of somewhat sturdier products.
Double wall cartons can hold up to 30 kilograms. They can also withstand pressure, impacts, stacking and sharp inner edges. They therefore also offer good protection for sensitive products.
Triple-wall cartons and boxes for heavier goods can transport up to 100 kilograms. They serve as a substitute for wood, withstand changing climates and are even suitable for export.

Small folding cartons made of corrugated board are light and available in many sizes. For example, from 80 or 100 millimetres in length. Delivered flat, the small folding box is quickly unfolded and filled.
The folding box can be single-wall, double-wall or triple-wall. It is ideal for transport by parcel service, such as DHL, DPD, GLS, Hermes or UPS.
A single wall folding box small made of corrugated board with automatic bottom or semi-automatic bottom is the first choice for many. This is because it can be used quickly, sometimes with a self-adhesive closure. Double-wall small folding cartons are doubly secure, triple-wall shipping cartons even have triple protection.

Which shipping method helps to send documents cheaply?

A large cardboard letter is for brochures, documents, booklets, contracts and similar items weighing up to 500 grams. It protects them from bending. The maxi letter carries written documents, catalogues and flat items of all kinds up to 1,000 grams. Robust maxi letter boxes are also wonderful for sending books and small gift ideas.
Packing, sealing and secure mailing are quickly done with large letters like Maxibrief.

Cartons made to measure and with imprint

Cartons of exactly the right size allow optimal use of postage classes for inexpensive shipping. The more packages you buy at once, the lower the final price. Made-to-measure boxes also fit exactly on the pallets provided.
At home and abroad, all important commercial and consumer goods are shipped in cardboard product boxes. These useful cardboard boxes are therefore indispensable helpers in logistics.
We print cartons from simple to artistic on request. We also provide ideas for personalised cartons and implement printing wishes. This is how we create individual folding cartons in any desired size. Templates are also available for use and inspiration.

How can parcel contents be cushioned?

Small packages are all-rounders with an all-round carefree option! To ensure that valuable items stay intact, they can be well padded inside the boxes.
Dimpled foam made from corn starch is an environmentally friendly bio-filter. It is highly recommended for filling up storage space in the parcel. This applies, for example, when sending food packages, bottles of olive oil, books and much more.
Light-as-a-feather bubble cushions reduce larger voids, such as in boxes of shoes.
Foam profiles, meanwhile, surround delicate edges and cushion hard edges of goods in small shipping boxes.
For gentle wrapping of items, recyclable paper or protective films are 1A. Crumpled cushioning paper also guarantees non-slip and shake-proof packaging of products as a filling material.

Finally, film-fixing packaging is the first choice for sensitive goods such as tableware, electronics and measuring instruments. They cushion and fix objects in the carton by protectively tightening them with transparent protective film. Then the small carton is closed by its protective flaps with a tuck-in flap.
If you want to buy a shipping carton that offers maximum security during transport, you will be happy to choose fixation packaging! Fixing film also helps perfectly against slipping and vibrations. Fixation packaging is particularly suitable for book and merchandise shipments.
If you want even more security, you can also choose multilayer barrier paper. It offers extensive protection against moisture, grease and oil. Even some shoe boxes are packed this way.

Advantages of small boxes in summary

If the shipping boxes you choose are small, they can be quickly erected into a box, filled and sealed.
If your boxes are small and flat, this allows for easy and space-saving stacking and therefore smooth storage.
Order small boxes and use corrugated cardboard in a light, flexible and at the same time resilient way. They keep goods intact, protect against heat, wind and unauthorised handling. This is also very important for safe shipping in the pharmaceutical industry.
Cardboard small and as a sustainable raw material can be 100% recycled. Multiple use of paper fibres from the cartons contributes to climate protection, counteracts paper shortages and saves wood. Where can you buy these all-rounders? In our shop at
High-performance and at the same time inexpensive cardboard boxes are our speciality. They ensure fast and targeted delivery of goods as well as high-turnover products. Small but nice, small cardboard boxes for shipping have a big effect and offer defect-free shipping. A small box has a lot of advantages.

You should buy small cartons and thereby not only maintain the quality of goods at the best level, but also increase their value! They also reliably ensure satisfied customers through cheap shipping! Should you now ask yourself, where can you buy small boxes? We at will be happy to advise you on choosing the right small boxes, with or without gentle filling material and individual printing.

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