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Strapping Tape & accessories

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PP strapping in selectable thicknesses

Strapping has become an integral part of packaging technology: Tear-resistant straps made of plastic or metal help to pack goods, e.g. to secure cartons; they can be used to bundle suitable products without the risk of the bundle tearing during transport, and of course they can be used to secure huge loads on Euro pallets against slipping and loss.

Strapping tape is often seen in everyday life; for example, in the retail trade, product packaging of high-quality goods is protected with plastic straps against unauthorized opening. However, the strapping used there is too small for the industry and is not tear-resistant enough; straps with a width of 12mm and a thickness of at least 0.5mm are used there.

Metal designs are mainly seen in industry, for example when machine parts and similar heavy items need to be secured. Lighter and more flexible plastic versions are used in the mail order business, mostly made of polypropylene. This material has the great advantage that the ends of the strap do not have to be clamped together, but can be welded together. This makes it possible to use semi- or fully automatic strapping machines, which allow many packages to be handled as if on a conveyor belt, even when shipping a large number of parcels - not only in the figurative sense, but also literally.

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Strapping machine BASIC

The strapping machine Basic is the ideal helper for small and medium-sized companies with a high shipping volume. Packages with a height of up to 78cm and a weight of max. 30kg can be strapped. With a speed of approx. 25 strappings per minute, even large quantities of packages can be handled quickly. All PP straps on 200mm core of 6-16mm width can be used as strapping band; the sealing of the strap is done thermally ('welding'). Convenient handling, robust design and minimal maintenance requirements make this strapping machine the perfect packaging solution in any warehouse.

An alternative is the BASIC-2 strapping machine, which is operated from the front (narrow side of the housing). This can be useful when positioning the machine next to the packing table.

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Strapping machine BASIC-2

Strapping machines take over the often necessary, but mostly annoying "strapping" of the parcels with strapping bands in case of larger shipping volumes. Semi-automatic strapping machines like the Basic-2 are an enormous help especially in small and medium-sized companies. The semi-automatic machine achieves approx. 25 wraps per minute and thermally seals all common PP straps; no additional clamps are required. Packages with a maximum height of 75 cm and a weight of up to 30 kg can be strapped.

The BASIC-2 is practically identical to the BASIC model and differs only in the front operation (narrow side). This can be an advantage if the strapping machine is placed sideways next to the packing table, as you do not have to walk around the machine to operate it.

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COMFORT strapping machine

Quick packing of even large shipping quantities is hardly possible without machine support. Strapping machines like the COMFORT model are the ideal helper for all warehouse work. The Comfort model not only manages up to 30 strappings per minute with a load capacity of 25 kg, it also protects the back and nerves of your warehouse staff: The working height is adjustable from 750 - 830 mm; quiet and high-quality DC motors minimise noise pollution during operation. All common PP straps from 5-15 mm on 200 mm winding core can be used as packaging material; the strap is thermally sealed.

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Strapping machine PERFORMANCE

Do you send parcels like on an assembly line? Then the PERFORMANCE strapping machine should be waiting at the end of the conveyor belt to wrap the parcels quickly and professionally!

The strapping machine works fully automatically: Simply push the carton into the strapping bridge, press the button, done. The straps are welded automatically, no other parts such as clamps are necessary for this. Up to 30 strappings per minute allow for quick work; with packing dimensions of max. 85 x 60 cm and a carrying weight of 50 kg, even bulky and heavy goods are strapped safely and reliably.

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Strapping machine PERFORMANCE-PLUS

A high volume of packages requires a high-performance strapping machine like the PERFORMANCE-PLUS. It works fully automatically: After the carton has been inserted into the frame, a push-button is all that is needed and the package is securely wrapped. To avoid the need for additional parts such as staples, etc., the strapping machine reliably seals common PP straps and manages up to 30 strappings per minute. 50 kg load capacity should also meet high demands.

The special feature of the PERFORMANCE-PLUS strapping machine is the fully automatic strap threading during roll change, or the ejection of residual strap material in case of an empty roll or false release. In addition, the tension of the tape is electronically controlled in a quick and convenient way.

Frame enlargements
The standard size of the frame is 850 x 600 mm. Various frame enlargements are available for the PERFORMANCE-PLUS strapping machine. The possible combinations can be selected as options. The machines are delivered fully assembled!

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Pallet strapping machine PalletPlus FX

Without pallet strapping, few hauliers would be prepared to transport highly loaded Euro pallets: The risk of slipping, falling and damaging cargo would simply be too great. Manual strapping of pallets is possible, but very strenuous and time-consuming. Anyone who ships more than one or two Euro pallets per day will therefore turn to a pallet strapping machine such as the Palletplus FX. Due to the size of the packages, this strapping machine is designed to be semi-automatic; this means that the strapping must be pulled over the goods by hand. Everything else - tensioning, cutting and sealing the strap ends - is then done by the machine alone!

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Pallet strapping machine PalletPlus

Sending large quantities of goods on Euro pallets by forwarding agents is common practice throughout the mail order business and industry. The goods must be safely secured against slipping or even loss. In addition to the obligatory stretch film, strapping bands are often used to secure the goods on the pallet in the case of large loading heights. However, strapping highly loaded pallets is extremely laborious and time-consuming; therefore, pallet strapping machines are used for high shipping volumes.

These semi-automatic machines are equipped with a long guide rail that passes under the pallet. At its end, the strapping can be pulled out and placed vertically over the goods. At the other end is the machine where the strap is reinserted: At the push of a button, the PP strap is then tensioned, cut from the roll when the desired tension is reached, and the open ends thermally welded. Since the strapping machine can develop tensile forces of up to 70+ kg, it is recommended to use edge protectors made of solid cardboard to prevent damage to the goods being transported (e.g. crushed cartons).

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Ties everything: from cardboard boxes to Euro pallets.

Whether it's small cartons that need to be securely sealed; large cartons that are too heavy to remain stable with tape, or highly loaded Euro pallets: strapping is part of the basic equipment in every warehouse.

If you don't ship a lot of goods, you can carry out the laborious task of strapping with a classic collet; meanwhile there are also self-locking plastic seals in which the strap only has to be threaded and pulled taut. Of course, this method is unsuitable for larger numbers of packages or even Euro pallets: It would be far too tedious, and also not reliable enough.

In companies with high shipping volumes, strapping machines are therefore used. These are available in several versions: For parcels as semi-automatic and fully automatic, and for pallets.

Semi-automatic strapping machines

With semi-automatic strapping machines, the PP strapping is manually placed around the package and inserted into openings on the opposite side of the integrated packing table. The strap is then automatically tensioned and virtually welded with heat. This is already considerably quicker and more reliable than any manual method.

Fully automatic strapping machines

For high packing volumes, however, even this is too slow; this is where fully automatic machines come into play. With this type of strapping machine, the package is only inserted into the centre of the packing table; at the push of a button, the strapping is then automatically fed around the box and also sealed. The whole procedure now only takes seconds!

Pallet strapping machines

These machines are only available as semi-automatic machines for obvious reasons: they would otherwise be about 3 metres high and the pallet would have to be driven into them for strapping. Something you'd better not do with unsecured goods! Instead, a long nose is pushed under the pallet, at the end of which the strapping band is pulled out and manually placed over the pallet and the goods. Back at the machine, the strap is inserted there, tensioned with up to 70kg tensile force and sealed. This way, the Euro pallet can safely go on its journey!