Envelope C6
  • Envelope C6 white
  • Size (W x H): 114 x 162 mm
  • Package size: 100 pcs.
  • Self-adhesive, with inner printing
  • Paper weight: 75 g/m2
  • max. per parcel: 75
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From 10 pu :€3.23*
From 50 pu :€2.89*
From 75 pu :€2.71*
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At, we are committed to providing high-quality packaging and shipping materials for our European corporate business clients. One of our essential offerings is the C6 envelope, a versatile and widely used product for various business applications. You'll see that there are various features, benefits, and uses of C6 envelopes and that they can help you to make informed decisions for your business communications.

An Overview of Envelope C6

C6 envelopes are a popular choice for businesses due to their compact size and versatility. They measure 114 x 162 mm, making them suitable for holding A4 documents folded into quarters or A5 documents folded in half. These envelopes are commonly used for sending invitations, greeting cards, postcards, and smaller business correspondence, such as receipts and invoices.

Key Features of Envelope C6

Envelope C6 offers a variety of features to ensure your mailed items arrive securely and professionally. Some of the main features include:

Material Options: C6 envelopes are available in a range of materials, including standard paper, kraft paper, and Tyvek. The choice of material depends on your specific needs, budget, and the level of protection required for your documents.

Sealing Mechanisms: To secure the contents of your C6 envelope, you can choose from different sealing mechanisms, such as gummed flaps, peel-and-seal, or self-seal. Each type offers various levels of convenience and security to suit your preferences.

Printing Options: Custom printing options are available for C6 envelopes to help you reinforce your brand identity and enhance the professionalism of your mailings. You can choose to print your company logo, return address, or other relevant information on the envelope.

Benefits of Using Envelope C6

Choosing C6 envelopes for your business communications offers several advantages. Some key benefits include:

Compact Size: The smaller dimensions of C6 envelopes make them cost-effective for postage, as they typically fall within the standard letter size category for mailing rates.

Versatility: C6 envelopes are suitable for a variety of business applications, from invitations and greeting cards to invoices and receipts, making them a practical choice for businesses of all types.

Eco-Friendliness: Many C6 envelopes are available in eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper or sustainably sourced kraft paper, allowing you to reduce your business's environmental impact.

How to Select the Right Envelope C6 for Your Business

When choosing the right C6 envelope for your business needs, consider the following factors:

Material: Assess the level of protection and durability required for your documents. Standard paper envelopes may be sufficient for everyday use, while Tyvek envelopes provide added security for more sensitive or valuable items.

Sealing Mechanism: Determine the level of convenience and security you prefer. Gummed flaps require moistening for sealing, while peel-and-seal and self-seal options provide a quicker and more secure closure.

Envelope C6 is typically made of one of the following materials

Paper: The most common material used for C6 envelopes is paper, which can vary in weight, texture, and finish. Standard paper envelopes are suitable for everyday use and offer a cost-effective and professional appearance for your business correspondence. Some paper envelopes are made from recycled materials or sustainably sourced paper, providing an eco-friendly option for businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is another material option for C6 envelopes. It is a strong, durable, and eco-friendly material made from unbleached wood pulp. Kraft paper envelopes provide a more rustic and natural appearance, making them a popular choice for businesses that want to convey an environmentally-conscious image.

Tyvek: For added durability and protection, C6 envelopes can also be made from Tyvek, a synthetic material composed of high-density polyethylene fibers. Tyvek envelopes are tear-resistant, water-resistant, and lightweight, ensuring your documents remain secure and arrive in pristine condition. While they may be more expensive than paper envelopes, Tyvek envelopes are an excellent choice for mailing valuable or sensitive items.

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