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  • Staedtler Lumocolor® 356 flipchart marker Tip: wedge tip Writing color: Orange Writing fluid name: odorless ink, xylene and toluene free Barrel material: pp Clip available, refillable can be left open for a few days without drying out blocked tip, shaft and cap made of pp guarantee long life, easy refill with refueling station 488 56
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  • Refillable. Writing fluid designation: odorless ink, xylene and toluene free.Can be left open for several days without drying up. Type of tip: wedge tip.Material of the barrel: pp. Cap can be changed over. Clip available. Color of barrel: anthracite. Line width: approx. 2 or 5 mm.Writing color of pens: 2 red, 3 blue, 4 orange, 5 green, 6 violet, 9 black.Design of the content with package: staedtler box with 6 colors.
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  • Staedtler Lumocolor® Refill Station marker Color: Black Ink: lightfast, fast drying, low odor PP tank with 30ml capacity For: Lumocolor® Flipchart Marker 356
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Content: 30 Mililliter (€228.00 / 1000 Mililliter)
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Flipchart Marker: The Essential Tool for Successful Presentations

As a professional in office and shipping supplies, we at know how important a good flipchart marker is. A successful workshop or meeting relies on a clear presentation of ideas and concepts, and a high-quality marker can make a big difference. In this article, you will learn what makes a good flipchart marker and the different types available.

What makes a good flipchart marker?

There are several characteristics that make a good flipchart marker. High color intensity and even ink distribution ensure that information is readable from a distance. Quick-drying ink prevents unsightly smudges on the paper, and a stable tip allows for clear lines and different stroke widths. The choice of the right color and tip shape can also improve the quality of the presentation.

What are the types of flipchart markers?

There is a wide variety of flipchart markers on the market that differ in color, tip shape, and ink type. For example, a chisel tip is particularly suitable for writing text, while a round tip is suitable for drawing diagrams and graphics. There are also markers with an extra-fine tip that are good for detailed drawings. Some markers have water-soluble ink that is easy to remove, while others have permanent ink that cannot be removed. There are also special whiteboard markers that are particularly suitable for writable boards.

Flipchart markers at

At, you will find a wide selection of high-quality flipchart markers from renowned manufacturers such as edding or Stabilo. Our markers are characterized by particularly high color intensity, even ink distribution, and a long lifespan. We also offer markers in many different colors and tip shapes so that you always find the right marker for your needs. Our products are also suitable for environmentally conscious customers, as we also offer flipchart markers that are made on a water basis and are free of harmful solvents.

How to use a flipchart marker correctly?

To ensure that a flipchart marker can achieve its full effect, there are some tips to keep in mind. For example, shake the marker well before use and always replace the cap immediately to prevent drying out. Also, do not hold the marker on one spot for too long to avoid smudging. A clear and well-structured presentation can be achieved by using different colors and tip shapes and setting clear headings. With our high-quality flipchart markers and the right tips and tricks, you will be able to give successful presentations and clearly and effectively communicate your ideas and concepts. Order today at and see for yourself the quality of our products!

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