Polybags ZIP-Bags
  • 100 pcs. Pressure seal bags / ZIP bags
  • Usable inner dimensions (lying flat): 70x100mm
  • Thickness / quality: approx. 50my
  • Properties: reclosable
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Pressure seal bags are a versatile packaging solution

The small plastic bags with pressure closure - often referred to as zip-bags - are excellent for packaging small items such as dowels, screws, rubber bands but also handicraft materials or jewellery. Due to the transparency of the bags, the contents are easily visible from a distance. If the clarity is to be further enhanced, a strip provided for this purpose can be labelled by the user. Write the contents or intended use of the pressure seal bag here in clear text or even print on the strip.

When to use pressure seal bags

It is not only online retailers who frequently use pressure seal bags. They have found their right to exist in various sectors of the economy. Craftsmen use them just as much as hobbyists and collectors. In shipping, pressure seal bags are especially useful when small objects are to be sent. They are also very useful for the shipping staff. The bags can be filled directly with the small items. This way they always know in time if you need new goods. Sort small items into larger quantity units for easier handling. Whether for shipping or for easier storage, pressure seal bags are a practical tool. The Euro holes, often punched out at the end, allow you to attach the bags to hooks on shelves. The bags are not sealed, but can be opened and resealed as often as you like.

Special features of pressure seal bags

Our pressure seal bags are made of PE or PP film. This makes these products particularly robust and an ideal packaging material, especially when it comes to individual parts. If you have a high commissioning workload in your company, pressure seal bags can support you well. The application is child's play and can therefore be quickly implemented by your employees. The ZIP closure saves time in practice and forgives many mistakes because it can be resealed as often as you like. Our pressure seal bags are uniformly odourless and safe for use in industry, business and private households. The contents of a pressure seal bag are permanently protected from dust and dirt as well as moisture when properly sealed.

Multiple advantages of pressure seal bags

Pressure seal bags are convincing in practice due to their versatility. Unlike many other packaging materials, they can be opened and resealed several times without any problems. Other advantages include

Time saving

Our pressure seal bags have a quick release fastener. This saves you a lot of time in practice. Employees do not have to handle the bag for a long time before it is closed, but can accomplish a greater number of tasks in the same amount of time.


Pressure seal bags from Verpacking have a high level of stability. A robust film has been used. This means that products inside can be well protected from danger. The zip-bags are waterproof and the film prevents scratches, for example.


Environmental protection is an increasingly important topic, also in the shipping and logistics industry. Especially where plastic cannot be completely avoided, it is important to at least take a sustainable approach. The possibility to use pressure seal bags permanently makes them a very environmentally friendly packaging option. The longer the bags are used, the greater the effect.


ZIP-bags are very flexible. The processed film can be moved in any direction and skilfully absorbs stresses and strains. This makes it a very space-saving packaging, because especially when unfilled, the bags take up very little space and can be stored easily.


After shipping, the recipient can easily reuse the pressure seal bag for another purpose. The function of the bag is not limited after dispatch.

Different types of pressure seal bags

In our shop you will find a large selection of pressure seal bags in different sizes. There are differences in the material of these products. As a rule, the bags are made of either PE or PP film. The thickness of this film then determines how robust, tear-resistant and hard-wearing the end product is. The format can also vary. There are either very small pressure seal bags, which are particularly suitable for small goods or technical accessories. But there are also large pressure-seal bags in which, for example, larger individual parts but also large quantities of e.g. screws can be stored.