Polybags ZIP-Bags
  • 100 pcs. Pressure seal bags / ZIP bags
  • Usable inner dimensions (lying flat): 40x60mm
  • Thickness / Quality: approx. 50my
  • Properties: reclosable
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Buy cheap high quality pressure seal bags for versatile applications

Everyone knows them and uses them in everyday life - the practical pressure seal bags. No matter whether they are classically transparent or in another color, made of thin or thick film, whether they have a labeling field or EURO hole, they are available in numerous variants. With us you can buy different transparent pressure seal bags . The pressure seal bags have a EURO hole for easy hanging and are perfect for individual use.

Reclosable, practical and compact - these are pressure seal bags

Pressure seal bags can be used in many ways as a practical packaging material and are available in countless types. Thanks to their practical closure, which can be opened and closed several times, they are particularly easy to handle and reuse. The integrated closure ensures secure opening and closing in seconds, without the need for any other tools. Nevertheless, there are major differences when it comes to the type of bag, its quality and its intended use.

Nowadays, pressure seal bags small and large can be used for many different purposes: No matter whether for airtight packaging and keeping food fresh or as storage for screws and other small parts, they are a safe and at the same time sustainable packaging. The closure system works very simply: it consists of two opposing profiles that are pressed together to interlock. The bag with a pressure seal is then hermetically sealed and nothing can fall out.

Usually, pressure seal bags are transparent, so that the contents can be seen directly at first glance. This is especially helpful if you store many small parts in several bags and want to find them quickly. As a rule, transparent sealable plastic bags are made of sturdy polyethylene - a plastic with excellent recycling properties. However, differences can also be seen in the material thickness, which is 50 my for most models - these are ideal for small parts. This allows the contents to be optimally sorted, safely stored and well organized for shipping or sales. However, there are also variants with a material thickness of 80 my or more, which gives the bags even more stability. In such bags, even pointed or sharp-edged objects can be safely stored without the material tearing through them. In addition, polyethylene is a lifelike, robust material and can withstand temperatures between -40 and 80 °C without any problems.

A labeling field can be placed separately in the form of stickers on the bag with closure, so you can easily label the plastic bags multiple times. Wondering where businesses buy high quality packaging supplies? At, companies and individuals can buy high quality packaging and shipping supplies at low prices.

Practical all-rounder: the many uses of pressure seal bags

If a pressure seal bag is small, it is particularly suitable for products such as screws, medicines, herbs and jewelry. In the practical plastic bag closable the most different things can be accommodated and stored well sorted. For this reason, the sealable plastic bags are hardly to be imagined from the trade or industry without - but also in private everyday life they fulfill many purposes. In our online store, we offer you a comprehensive range of sturdy and customizable pressure seal bags in numerous sizes and dimensions.

Especially small products that can get lost quickly can be grouped and sorted in small bags. If you have a lot of different screws, nuts, dowels or nails and want to keep them organized in your toolbox, you can use the small pressure pouch for this purpose. This way, you can find exactly what you are looking for at first glance.

Closable plastic bags are also helpful during a move: When furniture is disassembled, numerous screws and other small parts often have to be removed. Of course, these should not get lost. So you simply pack them in a plastic bag that can be sealed and label it accordingly - this way everything keeps its order and you can start assembling immediately at the new place of residence.

Hobbyists, on the other hand, use sealable plastic bags mainly to store yarn, beads, sequins or other accessories for crafting. Depending on the angularity and weight of the contents, care should be taken to ensure the appropriate thickness of the material. In general, the thicker the material, the more stable and tear-resistant the pressure seal bag.

Also advantageous for fresh products : sealable bags for a longer shelf life.

Anyone who wants to store or sell fresh products must of course ensure that they not only remain fresh, but also retain their flavor or aroma. This can be, for example, spices, legumes, nuts or other foods. In our online store you can find pressure seal bags advantageous for various purposes, which are not only stable, but also suitable for food. Closable bags are equipped with an additional lamination, which provides even more stability. If a plastic bag is resealable a wide variety of items can be stored for a long period of time. This is particularly practical when nuts or other foodstuffs are to be packed in them. Especially practical: the many different designs, material thicknesses and sizes ensure that the right packaging can be found for every type of product. Buy pressure seal bags quickly and easily at Verpacking.

Order pressure bags and pressure seal bags e.g. in the dimensions 100x150 or 40x60 cm

First-class quality and durability are our top priorities: Are you looking for high-quality pressure seal bags in a specific size? Then is the right place for you. We offer small and large pressure seal bags in a total of 15 different sizes. Popular products are for example the pressure seal bag 100x150 as a medium size variant as well as the pressure seal bag 40x60 as the smallest version. Other popular sizes are 60x80, 70x100 and 120x170 cm. When choosing the right size, you should take into account the size of the product.

The resealable closure as a sustainable solution for plastic bags

Resealable bags are more sustainable than other types of plastic bags on the market, but they are usually only suitable for one-time use. However, pressure seal bags have a clear advantage here, as they can be used as many times as you want, as long as they are intact. You can use our durable products as often as you like: The material is so robust that even heavy contents and sharp objects are no problem if the material is thick enough. Because the closure mechanism is also very durable, the bag with pressure closure can be easily stored after use and used again at another time when they are needed.

If they get dirty, cleaning them is easy: just wash them under running water and let them dry. Then they look like new and can be used again immediately. With our reusable bag with closure we make an important contribution to the avoidance of unnecessary plastic waste and thus actively support environmental protection.

The different grip bag sizes: 60x80, 70x100, 120x170 and more

Closable bags are available in a wide range of variants. Differences can be seen mainly in the material, size or even color. If a pressure seal bag is large , it can be used for both larger and small items, because you can easily fold and roll it.

The classic variant are transparent plastic bags reclosable made of polyethylene, which are used not only in the household, but also in industry or trade. The contents can be kept in view at all times. Depending on the size and weight of the contents, the dimensions of the grip bags are chosen as well as their material thickness, which is usually between 0.05 mm (50 my) and 0.100 mm (100 my). For very light contents, such as confetti, a thin material thickness is usually sufficient. If screws or similar small parts with edges are stored in them, the material should be thicker accordingly.

Also practical and versatile are pressure seal bags that have a labeling field on one or both sides. Thanks to this, each one can be labeled by hand with a felt marker. This makes it particularly easy to find products more quickly and distinguish them from others at first glance, especially when picking or in retail. You can buy the stickers at in a set with a labeling sharpie.

Another variant are sealable bags with a so-called Euro hole. This packaging is ideal for sales. Through the transparent film, the contents are immediately visible and at the same time visually set in scene. There is a hole in the lip of the bag so that the pressure-seal bag can be easily hung on display stands or sales displays. The hole is also practical in the private sector, for example, if you want to attach the plastic bags to a tool wall with a nail or tie them together with a string.

If the contents are not visible to the outside, you will also find opaque variants in our range: the black variant provides maximum privacy, while at the same time giving the material a particularly high-quality appearance.

There are also resealable bags with an insertion pocket in which documents or instructions can be included. If the pocket is equipped with a safety flap, the papers cannot slip out easily. This is particularly practical for shipping.

Special pressure seal bags in small and large sizes - robust and securely sealable

Particularly in trade and industry, special variants are often required that must be matched to the contents. Aroma bags, for example, are used primarily in food processing and sales. Among other things, tea, nuts, spices, herbs, coffee or even dried fruit can be stored safely and airtight in them. If resealable bags are equipped with a practical pressure seal, the customer can reseal them at any time so that the contents remain fresh and protected from external influences such as moisture.

Special VCI bags with a secure pressure seal are ideal for in-house transport of small parts. These types of pressure seal bags are corrosion resistant while providing secure packaging for screws and other small metal parts.

For the safe packaging of electronics, on the other hand, we recommend so-called ESD bags. In these, small electronic parts can be optimally protected from damage due to electrostatic discharges. If you choose a bag with a pressure seal, additional sealing with clips or staples is not necessary and opening or closing is particularly convenient.

Furthermore, there are thermal bags with pressure seal, which consist of a special material combination of several layers. As a rule, resealable bags are made of PE, PET or foam film. This allows the contents to be kept warm or cool for a few hours. The pressure seal also ensures particularly easy handling and does not allow odors to escape. Buying pressure seal bags makes sense for a variety of uses and a small supply is recommended for both commercial and personal use.

What distinguishes the quality of high quality pressure seal bags

The high quality sealing bags are characterized by different positive features

Maximum protection

One of the most important functions of a good packaging is to protect the contents in the best possible way. Therefore, the safety of a package is very important - not only for the content itself, but also in terms of the material and processing of the bag. In the case of pressure-sealed bags made of plastic, for example, it is particularly important that the material does not contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals or plasticizers. It is also important that the material complies with current standards such as the EU chemicals directive REACH or RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). We guarantee that all our products are absolutely free of harmful substances and comply with applicable EU standards.

High load capacity

Particularly during transport, it is important that goods are securely protected. This is only guaranteed if the closure of a pressure seal bag remains securely closed and cannot open on its own due to impacts or other shocks. We ensure that all our products can withstand even high loads without any problems and that the contents reach the recipient safely.

Durability and sustainability

High quality pays off especially when it comes to pressure seal bags: If they are sturdy enough, they can be used many times without any problems and withstand a wide variety of stresses. Above all, this makes them sustainable, as this effectively helps to avoid plastic waste.

Convenient handling

Thanks to practical ribs over the closure, the two halves of the films are prevented from sticking together, making it easier to open or close the bag. Many bags are equipped with a colored stripe, so that the opening can be recognized directly at first glance.

It all depends on the right material

If the film is made of 100 percent virgin material, it is not only absolutely odorless, but also completely transparent. Thanks to the stable guide ribs on the closure, the bag is very easy to close and convenient to open again - even after repeated use. You can also tell the quality of a high-quality pressure seal bag by the welded seam on the sides of the bag: We pay attention to a clean processing of our products, so that even heavier contents are no problem for the seams.

However, high-quality pressure bags can only withstand as much as the material thickness allows. For this reason, it is especially important to select the appropriate material thickness for the desired contents when purchasing. We will be happy to assist you with your selection and recommend products that are ideally suited for your personal purposes.

If you want to place foodstuffs in pressure seal bags, care should be taken to ensure that they meet the requirements of the respective contents. Especially in the case of food, food-safe properties are important, so that maximum food hygiene is guaranteed. Properties such as the thickness and size of the bag are also crucial in this context.

Pressure seal bags from the packaging specialist.

Regardless of whether they are used for retail, industry or in any other sector, pressure bags are true all-rounders that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. Where to buy pressure seal bags? At you can buy pressure seal bags at a great price. You will find a wide range of different sizes of packaging all-rounders. We guarantee a product that meets even high expectations and is characterized by maximum quality, while being durable and sustainable.

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