Registers and separator sheets
  • Herlitz index/separator sheet
  • Thickness: 0,12 mm
  • Punching: Euro punching
  • Design of tab: Jan-Dec embossing.
  • Color: grey
  • Use for paper sizes: A4
  • Size (W x H): 230 x 297 mm.
  • Number of sheets: 12 pieces
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  • Separator strips white 100s.Material and paper weight: manila board, 180 gsm. Hole punching: 2 hole punching.Size (w x h): 240 x 105 mm. Certificates and approvals: Blue Angel.Color: white. Type of packaging and contents: shrink-wrapped with 100 pieces.
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Keeping order in file folders

Folders can contain several hundred pages of papers. But woe betide you if you're looking for a particular one - without neat sorting, a long search now begins!

This is exactly what indexes and dividers are designed to prevent!

The only difference between tabs and dividers is actually that tabs are pre-printed - while with dividers you can implement your own sorting method.

For example, classic indexes are A-Z for alphabetical sorting or 1-12 for calendar style; but of course there are other sorting methods.

What are Registers?

Registers are pre-printed index sheets that allow you to organize and categorize your documents. They typically feature a list of headings or categories, such as date, subject, or reference number. You can then use these headings to sort and file your documents in a way that makes sense for your business.

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